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And happy. Nurse of art! the city rear'd'
In beauteous pride her tower-encircled head;
And, stretching street on street, by thousands drew,
From twining woody haunts, or the tough yew
To bows strong-straining, her aspiring sons.

Then Commerce brought into the public walk The busy merchant; the big warehouse built; Rais'd the strong crane ; chok'd up the loaded

street With foreign plenty; and thy stream, O Thames, Large, gentle, deep, majestic, king of floods ! Chose for his grand resort. On either hand, Like a long wintry forest, groves of masts Shot up their spires; the bellying sheet between Possess'd the breezy void ; the sooty hulk Steer'd sluggish on; the splendid barge along Row'd, regular, to harmony; around, The boat, light-skimming, stretch'd its oary wings ; While deep the various voice of fervent toil [oak, From bank to bank increas'd; whence ribb’d with To bear the British thunder, black, and bold, The roaring vessel rush'd into the main.

Then too the pillar'd dome, magnific, heav'd
Its ample roof; and Luxury within
Pourd out her glittering stores: the canvass smooth,
With glowing life protuberant, to the view
Embodied rose; the statue seem'd to breathe,
And soften into flesh, beneath the touch
Of forming art, imagination-flush'd.

All is the gift of Industry ; whate'er
Exalts, embellishes, and renders life
Delightful. Pensive Winter cheer'd by him
Sits at the social fire, and happy hears
The excluded tempest idly rave along;

His harden'd fingers deck the gaudy Spring ;
Without him Summer were an arid waste;
Nor to the Autumpal months could thus transmit
Those full, mature, immeasurable stores,
That, waving roond, recal my wandering song.

Soon as the morning trembles o'er the sky,
And, unperceiv'd, unfolds the spreading day;
Before the ripen'd field the reapers stand,
In fair array, each by the lass he loves,
To bear the rougher part, and mitigate
By nameless gentle offices her toil.
At once they stoop and swell the lusty sheaves;
While through their cheerful band the rural talk,
The rural scandal, and the rural jest,
Fly harmless, to deceive the tedious time,
And steal unfelt the sultry hours away.
Behind the master walks, builds up the shocks;
And, conscious, glancing oft on every side
His sated eye, feels his heart heave with joy.
The gleaners spread around, and here and there,
Spike after spike, their scanty harvest pick.
Be not too narrow, husbandmen! but fling
From the full sheaf, with charitable stealth,
The liberal handful. Think, oh grateful think!
How good the God of Harvest is to you;
Who pours abundance o'er your flowing fields;
While these unhappy partners of your kind
Wide-hover round you, like the fowls of heaven,
And ask their humble dole. The various turns
Of fortnne ponder; that your sons may want
What now,

with hard reluctance, faint, ye give. The lovely young Lavinia once had friends; And Fortune smil'd, deceitful, on her birth. For, in her helpless years depriv'd of all,

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Vart. Annen ...


Zaland by 7:11. Tomkins

Published: Jamros, bv John Sharpe;

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