Christianity in India: An Essay on the Duty, Means, and Consequences, of Introducing the Christian Religion Among the Native Inhabitants of the British Dominions in the East

J. Hatchard, 1808 - 199 páginas

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Página 142 - ISAIAH, as are indisputably Evangelical, together with one of the Gospels, and a plain prefatory discourse containing full evidence of the very distant ages, in which the predictions themselves, and the history of the divine person predicted, were severally made public ; and then quietly to disperse the work among the well-educated...
Página 101 - Vedanti school consisted, not in denying the existence of matter, that is, of solidity, impenetrability, and extended figure, (to deny which would be lunacy) but in correcting the popular notion of it, and in contending, that it has no essence independent of mental perception, that existence and perceptibility are convertible terms, that external appearances and sensations are illusory, and would vanish into nothing, if the divine energy, which alone sustains them, were suspended but for a moment...
Página 50 - A man, both day and night, must keep his wife so much in subjection that she by no means be mistress of her own actions. If the wife have her own free will, notwithstanding she be of a superior caste, she will behave amiss.
Página 33 - We can truly aver, that during almost five years that we presided in the judicial cutcherry court of Calcutta, never any murder or other atrocious crime came before us, but it was proved in the end, a brahmin was at the bottom of it.
Página 22 - This description of it is not the office we wish to execute ; the experience we have already had, in the province of Burdwan, convinces us how unfit an Englishman is to conduct the collection of the revenues, and follow the subtle native through all his arts to conceal the real value of his country, to perplex and to elude the payments.
Página 18 - Whenever a true evidence would deprive a man of his life, in that case, if a false testimony would be the preservation of his life, it is allowable to give such false testimony ; and for ablution of the guilt of false witness, he shall perform the...
Página 170 - But their ill-founded, ridiculous principles must be shaken to the very foundation by the communication of such liberal knowledge as a Christian can instil into the minds of youth, and fix there by means of English books ; and all this without making any- alarming attack directly on the religion of the Hindoos.
Página 22 - Venaiitjr. people, and which is known to be openly exercised, or tacitly allowed by government, without drawing any shame or discredit on the guilty, or being thought auy peculiar hardship on the injured.
Página 43 - ... the house of the brothers, in their absence, and carried off forty rupees. On their return, they were informed of the theft by their mother. They immediately led her out to an adjacent rivulet, and one of them severed his mother's head from her body, with the professed view, as entertained by both parent and sons, that the mother's spirit, excited by the beating of a drum during forty days, might for ever haunt, torment, and pursue to death Gowrie and the others concerned with him. The last words...
Página 49 - He is fire and air ; he, both sun and moon; he, the god of criminal justice; he, the genius of wealth ; he, the regent of waters ; he, the lord of the firmament.

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