The London Medical Directory

Churchill Livingstone, 1845

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Página 124 - A History of Egyptian Mummies, and an account of the worship and embalming of the sacred animals by the Egyptians ; with remarks on the funeral ceremonies of different nations, and observations on the mummies of the Canary Islands, of the Ancient Peruvians, Burman Priests, etc.
Página 175 - By Robert Willis, MD, Member of the Royal College of Physicians. The Drawings are after Nature, and Lithographed by Arch. Henning.
Página 161 - An inquiry into the process of nature in repairing injuries of the intestines, illustrating the treatment of penetrating wounds and strangulated hernia.
Página 124 - Bibliotheca Sussexiana. A descriptive catalogue, accompanied by •historical and biographical notices of the manuscripts and printed books contained in the library of His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, KG, DCL, &c, &c.
Página 129 - Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Function of Digestion, considered with reference to Natural Theology.
Página 4 - RESEARCHES INTO THE CAUSES, NATURE, and TREATMENT of the more prevalent DISEASES of INDIA, and of WARM CLIMATES generally.
Página 176 - DISEASES OF THE SKIN : A Practical and Theoretical Treatise on the DIAGNOSIS, PATHOLOGY, and TREATMENT OF CUTANEOUS DISEASES.
Página 102 - Chamberlaine, was the founder of the Society for the Relief of the Widows and Orphans of Medical Men in London and its vicinity.* THOMAS GALLEY, MD, was born in Lancashire.
Página 167 - ... Hospital and to the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, Brompton ; late Examiner in Medicine at the University of Cambridge, and on the Conjoint Examining Board in England ; and...
Página 141 - A TREATISE ON THE NATURE AND CURE OF GOUT AND GRAVEL, with general Observations on the Morbid States of the Digestive Organs, and on Regimen. Large octavo, fourth edition, revised and improved, price 20s. AN ESSAY ON THE BLOOD...

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