Sir Walter Scott's Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, Volumen2

W. Blackwood and sons, 1902

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Página 178 - I've got what lang I sought, And I may not stay with thee. " Adieu, Drumlanrig, false wert aye, And Closeburn in a band ! The Laird of Lag, frae my father that fled, When the Johnston struck aff his hand.
Página 416 - Downe there comes a fallow doe, As great with yong as she might goe. She lift up his bloudy hed, And kist his wounds that were so red. She got him up upon her backe, And carried him to earthen lake. She buried him before the prime, She was dead herselfe ere even-song time. God send every gentleman, Such haukes, such hounds, and such a leman.
Página 7 - Alack for wae!" quoth the gude auld lord, "And ever my heart is wae for thee! But fye gar cry on Willie, my son, And see that he come to me speedilie! "Gar warn the water, braid and wide, Gar warn it sune and hastilie! They that winna ride for Telfer's kye, Let them never look in the face o
Página 59 - My hands are tied, but my tongue is free, And whae will dare this deed avow? Or answer by the Border law? Or answer to the bauld Buccleuch?" "Now baud thy tongue, thou rank reiver ! There's never a Scot shall set thee free : Before ye cross my castle yate, I trow ye shall take farewell o' me.
Página 58 - Had Willie had but twenty men, But twenty men as stout as he, Fause Sakelde had never the Kinmont ta'en, Wi
Página 253 - Advocate MacKenyie, who, for his worldly wit and wisdom, had been to the rest as a god. And there was Claverhouse, as beautiful as when he lived, with his long dark, curled locks, streaming down over his laced buff-coat, and his left hand always on his right spule-blade, to hide the wound that the silver bullet had made.
Página 65 - Kinmont he did lie. And when we cam to the lower prison, Where Willie o' Kinmont he did lie — " O sleep ye, wake ye, Kinmont Willie, Upon the morn that thou's to die ? " " OI sleep saft, and I wake aft, It's lang since sleeping was fley'd frae me ; Gie my service back to my wife and bairns, And a' gude fellows that spier for me.
Página 63 - And when we left the Staneshaw-bank, The wind began full loud to blaw ; But 'twas wind and weet, and fire and sleet, When we came beneath the castle wa'.
Página 58 - They band his legs beneath the steed, They tied his hands behind his back; They guarded him, fivesome on each side, And they brought him ower the Liddel-rack. They led him thro...
Página 279 - So Earlstoun rose in the morning, An' mounted by the break o' day ; An' he has joined our Scottish lads, As they were marching out the way. " Now, farewell father, and farewell mother, " An' fare ye weel my sisters three ;

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