Reports of Cases Determined in the Courts of Appeal of the State of California, Volumen54

Bancroft-Whitney, 1923

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Página 792 - A witness may also be impeached by evidence that he has made, at other times, statements inconsistent with his present testimony; but before this can be done the statements must be related to him, with the circumstances of times, places, and persons present, and he must be asked whether he made such statements, and if so, allowed to explain them.
Página 92 - The mere intention to acquire a new residence, without the fact of removal, avails nothing; neither does the fact of removal, without the intention.
Página 363 - The right of trial by jury shall be secured to all, and remain inviolate ; but in civil actions three-fourths of the jury may render a verdict.
Página 869 - It is the duty of the father, the mother, and the children, of any poor person who is unable to maintain himself by work, to maintain such person to the extent of their ability.
Página 66 - When a contempt is committed in the immediate view and presence...
Página 137 - The indictment or information must be set aside by the court in which the defendant is arraigned, upon his motion, in either of the following cases.
Página 144 - That plaintiff is informed and believes and upon such information and belief alleges the fact to be that...
Página 11 - If of or over the age of sixteen years, and under the age of eighteen years...
Página 336 - No law shall be revised or amended by reference to its title, but in such case the Act revised or section amended shall be reenacted and published at length as revised or amended...
Página 483 - Presentment for payment is not necessary in order to charge the person primarily liable on the instrument ; but if the instrument is, by its terms, payable at a special place, and he is able and willing to pay it there at maturity and has funds there available for that purpose, such ability and willingness are equivalent to a tender of payment upon his part. But except as herein otherwise provided, presentment for payment is necessary in order to charge the drawer and indorsers.

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