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923. Give the formulæ for the chlorides of copper and describe their preparation. What is the action of cuprous chloride on carbon monoxide ?

924. How is copper sulphate obtained commercially? What occurs (a) when it is heated, (6) when ammonia is added to a solution of it?

925. What is the composition of each of the following bodies ? (a) malachite, (6) atacamite, (c) verdigris, (d) chrysocolla, (e) Scheele's green.

926. What happens when potassium iodide is added to a solution of copper sulphate ?


927. How does mercury occur in nature, and how is it extracted by (a) the Almaden process, (b) the Idrian process, (c) the Palatinate process ? Describe the methods employed for assaying mercury ores.

928. How is mercury freed from other metals and obtained pure ? At what temperatures does it freeze and boil ?

929. How did Faraday prove that mercury is volatile at ordinary temperatures ?

930. Starting with mercury, how may the oxides and chlorides of mercury be prepared ?

931. How may calomel be prepa.ed from corrosive sublimate, and what is the antidote to poisoning with the latter ?



932. How is antimony prepared from the sulphide, and what are the chief uses of the metal ?

933. How is amorphous antimony obtained, and what are its properties ?

934. Give different methods for the preparation of antimoniuretted hydrogen (stibine).

935. What happens when stibine is passed (a) into silver nitrate solution, (6) over sulphur exposed to light, (c) into solution of potassium permanganate, (d) through a red-hot tube?

936. Give an equation to represent the action of stibine on sulphur, and state how the reaction was used to ascertain the composition of the gas.

937. Give all the reactions you know for distinguishing stibine from arsine.

938. How are the trichloride, pentachloride and oxychloride of antimony prepared ? What is the action of water on each ?

939. Compare the compounds of antimony with those cf arsenic and phosphorus, and point out the analogies between them.

940. What is the composition of tartar emetic ? How is the salt prepared ?

941. How has the combining weight of antimony been determined ? What is the result of the most recent determinations?

942. What is the action of strong hydrochloric acid on antimony trisulphide, and of the products on each other? Give equations.

943. What volume of sulphuretted hydrogen at N.T.P. is required to precipitate completely 7.89 grammes of tartar emetic ?


944. How is bismuth obtained in well-defined crystals, and what is its crystalline form ?

945. Describe the liquation process for obtaining bis. muth, and also the process by reduction with iron.

946. What are the constituents of “fusible metal”? At what temperature does it melt, and what are its uses?

947. What are the properties of bismuth, and how is a solution of it most easily made?

948. Give equations for the reactions which when phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, bismuth, and tin are treated with nitric acid.

949. Suggest methods for preparing a compound of bismuth with hydrogen.

950. Give two methods for obtaining bismuth chloride. What is its formulæ, and what is its action on water ?

951. What are the most characteristic tests for bismuth salts? How could you distinguish the oxychlorides of bismuth and antimony?


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