A Treatise on the Laws Concerning the Election of the Different Representatives Sent from Scotland to the Parliament of Great Britain: With a Preliminary View of the Constitution of the Parliaments of England and Scotland, Before the Union of the Two Kingdoms

Balfour & Smellie, 1773 - 397 páginas

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Página 305 - or indi* re&ly, any fum or fums of money, office, * place, or employment, gift or reward, or * any promife or fecurity for any money, * office, employment, or gift, in order to ' give my vote at this election, and that I * have not before been polled at this elec* tion
Página 108 - princes excommunicated, or deprived by the pope, or ' any authority of the fee of Rome, may be depofed or
Página 109 - whatfoever, or without thinking that I am or can « be acquitted, before God or man, or abfolved of this de* claration, or any part thereof, although the pope or any
Página 284 - agents for regiments, governors of plantations and their deputies, officers of Minorca or Gibraltar, officers of the excife and cuftoms, clerks or deputies in the feveral offices of the treafury, exchequer, navy, victualling, admiralty, pay of the army or navy, fecretaries of ftate, fait, ftamps, appeals, wine licences,
Página 246 - or fictitious, created or referved in •* me, in order to enable me to vote for a * member to ferve in parliament ; but that * the fame is a true and real eftate in me, for * my own ufe and benefit, and for the ufe < of no other perfon whatfoever. And that * is the truth, as I
Página 108 - and de« clare, that I do make this declaration, and every part « thereof, in the plain and ordinary
Página 366 - or indirectly, by * way of loan, or other device whatfoever, * received any fum or fums of money, office, * place, employment, gratuity, or reward, or * any bond, bill, or note, or any promife of
Página 271 - himfelf, or any perfon employed by him, doth, or ihall, by any gift or reward, or by any promife, agreement, or fecurity for any gift or reward, corrupt, or procure any perfon to give his vote, or
Página 107 - written word of God: and I do from my heart deny, • difown, and difclaim the faid doctrines and tenets of the • church of Rome, as in the prefence of God, without any ' equivocation, or mental refervation, but according to « the known and plain meaning of the words, as to me
Página 104 - of Great Britain after the union, * and who now fits in the parliament of ' Great Britain, had no right to vote in the * election of the fixteen peers who are to

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