Manual for Engineer Troops ...

D. Van Nostrand, 1864 - 275 páginas

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Página 23 - The axis of the bridge should be as nearly as possible perpendicular to the direction of the current of the stream.
Página 30 - Two strong lines are extended and lashed, the one over the bows, the other over the sterns of all the pontons; these lines should be considerably longer than the bridge, and the ends coiled on the platform. The bridge is then allowed to float down to within fifteen yards of the first abutment. The material for the first abutment and bay is brought down in a ponton, two strong pickets are planted...
Página 41 - The upstream end of each log should be drawn on shore and beveled to a whistle shape, so as to present less obstruction to the action of the current. Arrange the timber in the position it is to have in the raft the butts alternately up and down stream, the up-stream ends forming a right angle, salient up stream.

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