U.S. Government Printing Office, 1887

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Página 68 - SOCIETY and proceedings of the Entomological Section of the Academy of Natural Sciences (beginning with 1868; 14 volumes published up to 1887.
Página 73 - Reports of observations and experiments in the practical work of the division, made under the direction of the Entomologist, together with extracts from correspondence on miscellaneous insecte.
Página 75 - Canada, reported at the meeting of the Entomological Club of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at...
Página 40 - Heat the solution of soap, and add it boiling hot to the kerosene. Churn the mixture by means of a force pump and spray nozzle for five or ten minutes. The emulsion, if perfect, forms a cream, which thickens on cooling, and should adhere without oiliness to the surface of glass. Dilute before using one part of the emulsion with nine parts of hot water. The above formula gives three gallons of emulsion, and makes, when diluted, thirty gallons of wash.
Página 14 - After the second molt [Fig. 5,/] the head and thorax are quite dusky and the abdomen duller red, but the pale transverse band is still distinct ; the wing-pads become apparent, the members are more dusky, there is a...
Página 74 - No. 17. — The Chinch Bug. A general Summary of its History, Habits, Enemies, and of the Remedies and Preventives to be used against it.
Página 35 - But the great majority of planters can not wait for the disappearance of the pest, and have to resort to other defensive means. Various external applications have been used to this effect: Decoctions of alder leaves, tobacco, pennyroyal, and other herbs, have been tried with a view of preventing gnats from biting mules while at work; but all of them have proven ineffective. At a time when small swarms of turkey-gnats were tormenting mules plowing in the field one side of the animal was moistened...
Página 12 - Guide to the Study of Insects, and a Treatise on those Injurious and Beneficial to Crops.
Página 72 - No. 3. — The Cotton Worm. Summary of its Natural History, with an Account of its Enemies, and the best Means of controlling it; being a Report of Progress of the Work of the Commission.
Página 26 - On the low grounds the young chinch bugs are all dead from the disease above alluded to, and the same disease is spreading rapidly on the hills and high prairies.

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