The Elements of Chemistry

H. Holt, 1895 - 272 páginas

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Página 124 - Avogadro's hypothesis that equal volumes of all gases under the same conditions of temperature and pressure contain the same number of molecules...
Página 14 - Very frequently the first letter of the name of the element is used as the symbol. If the names of two or more elements begin with the same letter, this letter is used, but some other letter of the name is added.
Página 63 - We have thus learned that (1) water can be decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen by means of an electric current; (2) the gases are obtained in the proportion of eight parts by weight of oxygen to one part by weight of hydrogen, or one volume of oxygen to two volumes of hydrogen; (3) when hydrogen is burned water is formed...
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Página 270 - Astronomy. By JOHN D. CHAMPLIN, Jr., Editor of Champlin's Young Folks
Página iii - ... make his own inferences. The author has written under the belief that "a rational course in chemistry, whether for younger or older pupils, is something more than a lot of statements of facts of more or less importance ; a lot of experiments of more or less beauty; or a lot of rules devised for the purpose of enabling the pupil to tell what things are made of. If the course does not to some extent help the pupil to think as well as to see it does not deserve to be called rational.
Página 15 - Scandium Sc Selenium Se Silicon Si Silver Ag Sodium Na Strontium Sr Sulphur S Tantalum Ta Tellurium Te...

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