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Página 232 - Benedicti, salutem et apostolicam benedictionem. Cum a nobis petitur quod justum est et honestum, tam vigor equitatis quam ordo exigit rationis ut id per sollicitudinem officii nostri ad debitum perducatur effectum ; eapropter...
Página 439 - The ornamental designs upon this cup belong to the Celtic school of Art, which, according to Dr. Petrie, reached its highest perfection as regards metal- work in this country in the tenth and eleventh centuries. Of these designs there are about forty different varieties, all showing a freedom of inventive power and play of fancy only to be equalled by the work upon the so-called Tara brooch.
Página 156 - Andrew arrived, but which were subsequently usurped, he restored to their possession, with the professed object and understanding that a religious society should be established in that church for the maintenance of divine worship. Because hitherto there had been no provision for the service at the altar of the blessed Apostle, nor used mass to be celebrated there, except upon the rare occasions that the king or bishop visited the place: for the Keledei were wont to say their office after their own...
Página 170 - Chelede, as well as the books which constituted their library.'42 This was followed by a charter by King David, in which he declared ' that he had given and granted to the canons of St. Andrews the island of Lochleven, that they might establish canonical order there; and the Keledei who shall be found there, if they consent to live as regulars, shall be permitted to remain in society with and subject to the others; but, should any of them be disposed to offer resistance, his will and pleasure was...
Página 120 - ... borne by hermits, sometimes by conventuals ; in one situation implying the condition of celibacy, in another understood of married men ; here denoting regulars, there seculars ; some of the name bound by obligations of poverty, others free to accumulate property ; at one period high in honour, as implying self-denial, at another regarded with contempt, as the designation of the loose and worldly-minded.
Página 372 - Matters, that may be brought to Terms of Number, Weight and Measure, and consequently be made demonstrable; And when I find Things of vast and general Concernment, which may be discuss'd in a few Words : I willingly ingage upon such Undertakings, especially when they tend to your Majesty's Glory and Greatness, and the Happiness of your People, being one of them myself, and Your Majesty's most Faithful and Obedient Subject Wm.
Página 186 - Manain, whilks sometime, as auld historiographers sayes, was wont to be the seat first ordynit by Fynan king of Scottis to the priest and the philosophers called in Latine Druides, in English Culdeis and Kildeis, that is, worshippers of God, in Erish Leid Draiche, quhilks were the first teachers of religion in Albion, quherinto is the cathedrall of the bishop of Man and Isles dedicate, in the honour of St.
Página 227 - Andreae dederat, et postea ablata fuerat, ex integro instituit, eo nimirum obtentu et conditione ut in ipsa Ecclesia constitueretur religio ad Deo deserviendum. Non enim erat qui beati Apostoli altari deserviret, nec ibi missa celebrabatur nisi cum Rex vel Episcopus illo advenerat, quod raro contingebat.
Página 157 - There were now two rival ecclesiastical bodies in existence at St Andrews — one the old corporation of secular priests, who were completely thrown into the shade, and shorn of many of their privileges and possessions ; and the other, that of the regular canons, who virtually represented the secularised portion of the old institution, and entered on the enjoyment of their estates.
Página 112 - In his will the following occurs : " I value my three chests of original maps and field-books, the copies of the Down Survey, with the barony maps, and the chest of distribution books, with two chests of loose papers relating to the survey, the two great barony books, and the Book of the History of the Down Survey, altogether, at £3000.

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