Memoirs of an American Lady: With Sketches of Manners and Scenes in America as They Existed Previous to the Revolution. With Unpublished Letters and a Memoir of Mrs. Grant by James Grant Wilson


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Colonel Schuyler and the Sachems Literary Acquisitions Manners of the Settlers
State of Religion among the Settlers Sketch of the State of Society at New York
Description of Albany Manner of Living there
Gentle Treatment of Slaves among the Albanians Reflections on Servitude
Education and Early Habits of the Albanians
First Adventures of the Indian Traders X Marriages Amusements Rural Excursions
Winter Amusements
LayBrothers Miss Schuyler Detached Indians
Progress of Knowledge Indian Manners
The House and Rural Economy of the Flats PAGE Birds and Insects
Description of Colonel Schuylers Barn
Military Preparations Fidelity of the Mohawks
A Refractory Warrior The Spirit pervading the New England Provinces
Distinguishing Characteristics of the New York Colonists Huguenots and Palatines
Adoption of Children Common in the Province Madames Visit to New York
Colonel Schuylers Military Partiality Indian Character falsely charged with Idleness
Progress of Civilization in Europe
Independence of the Indians how first diminished
Attractions of the Indian Mode of Life Ac count of a Settler among them
Indians attached by Conversion Expedition of Mons Barre Ironical Sketch of an Indian
Christian Indians Their Influence with the Mohawks
Madames Adopted Children Sister Susan
Death of Young Peter Schuyler Society at the Flats
Hospitality Achievements by the Negroes
Resources of Madame Provincial Customs
Followers of the ArmyResulting Inconveniences
Arrival of a New Regiment Domine Frieling huysen
Plays Acted Displeasure of the Domine
Domine Frielinghuysen leaves his People
Death of Colonel Philip Schuyler
Mrs Schuylers Arrangements and Conduct after

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Página xxxv - Her literary works, although composed amidst misfortune and privation, are written at once with simplicity and force ; and uniformly bear the stamp of a virtuous and courageous mind, recommending to the reader that patience and fortitude which the writer herself practised in such an eminent degree.
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