What is Electricity?

D. Appleton & Company, 1896 - 315 páginas
The standpoint of physicists -- Measurements in electricity -- Magnetism -- The electric current -- Flow of electricity in the earth -- The voltaic cell -- The galvanometer -- The dynamo machine -- Sources of electric power -- Transformations of energy -- Alternating currents -- Transmission of power by electricity -- Self-induction -- The Leyden jar -- Step-up transformers -- Lightning -- Wave motion -- Electric waves -- The electro-magnetic theory of light and the ether -- The x rays -- The sun -- What is electricity?.

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Página 302 - ... of our planet, so far as we know it; and nitrogen is very far the predominant constituent of our atmosphere. If the earth is a detached bit whirled off the mass of the sun, as cosmogonists love to tell us, how comes it that in leaving the sun we cleaned him out so completely of his nitrogen and oxygen that not a trace of these gases remains behind to be discovered even by the sensitive vision of the spectroscope...
Página 262 - In extending the researches relative to this part of the investigations, a remarkable result was obtained in regard to the distance at which inductive effects are produced by a very small quantity of electricity; a single spark from the prime conductor of the machine, of about an inch long, thrown on the end of a circuit of wire in an upper room, produced an induction sufficiently powerful to magnetize needles in a parallel circuit of wire...