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In memory of the Saviour... 415 Rev. T. Cotterill St. Peter
In the cross of Christ I glory 119 Sir J. Bowring

In the hour of trial.

257 J. Montgomery

It came upon the midnight 88 Rev. E. H. Sears Carol
It is finished-all the pain.. 117 Rev. S. A. Brooke

It is not death to die... 428 Rev. H. A. C. Malan Greenwood
I've found a friend; O such 249 Rev. J. G. Small Constance

A. R. Reinagle
1. Conkey
S. Lane
R. S. Willis
R. H. Woodman
J. E. Sweetser
Sir A. Sullivan

Jerusalem the golden........ 394 Bernard of Cluny

S Ewing 1

Urbs Beata 2
Jesus, and shall it ever be ...247 Rev. J. Grigg Federal Street
Jesus calls us; o'er the tumult 188 C. F. Alexander Galilee (Jude)
Jesus Christ is passing by... 172 Rev. J. D. Smith Lonsdale
Jesus Christ is risen to-day.. 126 Tate and Brady

Jesus, I my cross have taken 338 Rev. H. F. Lyte Ellesdie
Jesus, I will trust Thee..... 223 M. J. Walker Trusting
Jesus, keep me near the cross 178 F.J. VanAlstyne

Near the Cross
Jesus, lover of my soul...... 210 Rev. C. Wesley

s Refuge 1

Martyn 2
Jesus, my Lord, my God... 290 Rev. H. Collins St. Chrysostem
Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.. 224 Rev. E. Hopper

Jesus shall reign where'er... 386 Rev. I. Watts Missionary Chant
Jesus, the very thought. 254 Tr. E. Caswell Holy Trinity
Jesus, Thou joy of loving. 424 Tr. Rev. R. Palmer Quebec
Jesus, Thy name I love..... 284 Rev. J. G. Deck Bethel
Jesus, where'er Thy people.. 274 W. Cowper


Antioch 1
Joy to the world! the Lord is 90 Rev. I. Watts

Wallhead 2

Just as I am 1
Just as I am, without one plea 196 C. Elliott

Woodworth 2

A. Ewing
G. F. LeJeune
H. K. Oliver
W. H. Jude
F. A. G. Hervey
Lyra Davidica
W. A. Mozart
J. Adcock
W. H. Doane
J. P. Holbrook
s. B. Marsh
Sir J. Barnby
J. E. Gould
H. O. Zeuner
Sir J. Barnby
H. Baker
J. H. Cornell
Ger. Melody
G. F. Handel
T. Wallhead
Sir J. Barnby
W. B. Bradbury

Lead, kindly Light, amid.... 293 Rev. J. H. Newman Lux Benigna Rev. J. B. Dykes
Lead on, o King eternal.... 339 Rev. E. M. Shurtleff Salve Domine

L. W. Watson
Lead us, O Father, in the.... 294 W. H. Burleigh Longwood

Sir J. Barnby
Let our choir, new anthems.. 266 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale St. Joseph

Sir J. Barnby
Let saints below in concert.. 268 Rev. C Wesley Wallhead

T. Wallhead
Let the song go round the... 385 s. G. Stock Eternity

L. J. Hutton
Let us brothers, let us gladly 350 H. Bateman Carmel

H. F. Hemy
Let us with a gladsome mind 11 J. Milton


J. B. Wilkes
Light of Light, enlighten me 45 B. Schmolck


U. C. Burnap
Light of the lonely Pilgrim's 142 Sir E. Denny Eagley

J. Walch
Lo! He comes with clouds.. 141 Rev. J. Cennick Holywood

S. Webbe
Look from the sphere.

336 W. O. Bryant Federal Street H. K. Oliver
Look, ye saints, the sight is.. 132 Rev. T. Kelly Coroane

W. H. Monk
Lord, as to Thy dear cross.. 260 Rev. J. H. Gurney Mt. Calvary Sir R. P. Stewart

J. Tilleard
Lord, dismiss us with Thy.. 16 Anon.

Sicilian 2 Sicilian Melody
Lord God of hosts, by all.... 70 Rev. T. Cotterill Church Triumphant J. W. Elliott
Lord, I believe; Thy power.. 212 Rev. J. R. Wreford Lambeth

W. Schulthes
Lord, I hear of showers.. 280 E. Codner

Even Me

W. B. Bradbury
Lord, in the morning Thou.. 26 Rev. I. Watts Dalehurst

A. Cottman
Lord, lead the way the.. 332 Rev. W. Crosswell St. Agnes

Rev. J. B. Dykes
Lord of all being, throned.. 57|0. W. Holmes Louvan

V. C. Taylor
Lord of all power and might 168 Rev. H. Stowell Dorchester

Lord of our life, and God.... 367 Von Löwenstern Cloisters

Sir J. Barnby
Lord, speak to me, that I.... 3161F. R. Havergal Holley

G. Hews
Lord, we come before Thee... 84 Rev. W. Hammond St. Bees

Rev. J. B. Dykes
Lord, while for all mankind 415 Rev. J. R. Wreford Dalehurst

A. Cottman
Lord, with glowing heart I'd. 76 F. S. Key


J. H. Wilcox
Loud let the anthem ring.... 384 s. K. Bourne Festal Song W. H. Walter






320 Rev. T. Shepherd { Fingal 2

Love divine, all love excelling 302 Rev. C. Wesley Beecher

J. Zundel Love for all! and can it be... 197 Rev. S. Longfellow St. Hugh

A. Patton
Love thyself last, look near.. 354 Anon.

Strength and Stay Rev. J. B. Dykes
Fingal 1

J. S. Anderson Majestic sweetness sits...... 240 Rev. S. Stennett

Ortonville 2 T. Hastings Master, no offering costly.. 305 Rev. E. P. Parker Love's Offering Rev. E. P. Parker May the grace of Christ our.. 19 Rev. J. Newton Sardis

Arr. fr. Beethoven More love to Thee, O Christ.. 300 E. P. Prentiss More Love to Thee W. H. Doane

Maitland 1 G. N. Allen Must Jesus bear the cross.

J. S. Anderson My country, 'tis of thee.. 446 Rev. S. F. Smith America

H. Carey My days are gliding swiftly.. 291 Rev. D. Nelson Shining Shore G. F. Root My dear Redeemer, and my... 112 Rev. I. Watts Rockingham New L. Mason

Bethel 1

J. H. Cornell My faith looks up to Thee.. 215 Rev. R. Palmer


Olivet 2

L. Mason My God, how endless is Thy 21 Rev. I. Watts St. Polycarp Arr. fr. I. Pleyel My God! how wonderful Thou 55 Rev. F. W. Faber St. Fulbert

H. J. Gauntlett My God! I thank Thee, who. 243 A. A. Procter Wentworth

F. C. Maker Hanford 1

Sir A. Sullivan My God, and Father, while.. 263 C. Elliott

Troyte's Chant 2 A. H. D. Troyte My hope is built..... 169 Rev. E. Mote Solid Rock

W. B. Bradbury My Jesus, as Thou wilt. 220 B. Schmolck Jewett

Arr. fr. Von Weber My Jesus, I love Thee.

My Jesus, I Love A. J. Gordon My soul, be on thy guard.... 345 Rev. G. Heath Laban

L. Mason

248 Anon.

O come,

Kedron 1

A. B. Spratt Nearer, my God, to Thee.... 211 S. F. Adams

Bethany 2 L. Mason New every morning is the love 24 Rev. J. Keble


S. Webbe No shadows yonder...

395 Rev. H. Bonar

Holy City

Arr. fr. A. R. Gaul Not worthy Lord, to gather.. 420 E. H. Bickersteth Morecambe

F. C. Atkinson Now thank we all our God... 449 Rev. M. Rinkart Nun Danket

J. Crüger Now the day is over. 42 S. Baring-Gould Merrial

Sir J. Barnby Now the laborer's task is o'er 430 Rev. J. Ellerton


Rev. J. B. Dykes O beautiful for spacious skies 437 K. L. Bates Am. the Beautiful C. S. Brown O bless the Lord, my soul... 60 J. Montgomery St. Thomas

A. Williams O blessed Son of God..

353 Rev. H. L. Crain


G. F. Root O brother man, fold to thy .. 355 J. G. Whittier


W. C. T. Morson all ye faithful..

92 Anon. 17th Cent. Adeste Fideles Anon. O come, and mourn with me.. 114 Rev. F. W. Faber

St. Cross

Rev. J. B. Dykes O come, O come, Emmanuel.. 94 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale S Veni Emmanuel 1 Plain Song

Veni Emmanuel 2 O. Gounod O could I speak the matchless 244 Rev. S. Medley Ariel

Arr. L. Mason Aurelia 1

S. S. Wesley O day of rest and gladness.. 47 Bp. C. Wordsworth

Mendebas 2 Arr. by L. Mason O Father, hear my morning.. 27 F. A. Percy Eversley

A. Cottman O for a closer walk with God 298 W. Cowper


W. Gardiner O for a heart to praise my God 299 Rev. C. Wesley Brown

W. B. Bradbury O for a thousand tongues.... 255 Rev. C. Wesley Hummel

H. C. Zeuner O God, beneath Thy guiding.. 444 Rev. L. Bacon Duke Street

J. Hatton O God, our help in ages. 54 Rev. I. Watts St. Anne

W. Croft O God, the Rock of Ages. 64 E. H. Bickersteth Miriam

J. P. Holbrook O God, we praise Thee, and.. 5 Tr. N. Tate


J. H. Crossley O happy day, that fixed..... 409 Rev. P. Doddridge Happy Day

E. F. Rimbault O happy home, where Thou.. 455 Rev. C. J. P. Spitta Versalius

E. C. Perry O Holy Saviour!...

213 C. Elliott


F. F. Flemming O Jesus, I have promised. 306 Rev. J. E. Bode Angel's Story A. H. Mann O Jesus, Thou art standing.. 183 Bp. W. W. How St. Hilda

J. H. Knecht O Jesus, when I think of Thee 251 Rev. G. W. Bethune Childhood

C. J. Dickinson O Lamb of God! still keep me 217 Rev. J. G. Deck St. Christopher F. O. Maker







St. Louis I

L. H. Redner O little town of Bethlehem.. 95 Bp. P. Brooks

Bethlehem 2 Sir J. Barnby O Love divine, that stooped.. 259 O. W. Holmes Quebec

H. Baker O Love that wilt not let me.. 242 Rev. G. Matheson St. Margaret

A. L. Peace O Master, let me walk with.. 312 Rev. W. Gladden Maryton

Rev. H. P. Smith O Mother dear, Jerusalem... 402 Founded on F. B. P. Materna

S. A. Ward

s Paradise 1 Sir J. Barnby O Paradise! O Paradise !.... 404 Rev. F. W. Faber

Golden 2

J. H. Gower O perfect love, all human.. 453 D. F. Blomfield Perfect Love Sir. J. Barnby 0 Rock of Ages..... 337 Rev. H. A. Martin Ingarsby

C. J. Dickinson O Sacred Head, now wounded 121 Tr. P. Gerhardt Gerhardt

J. P. Holbrook O safe to the Rock that is... 239 Rev. W. O. Cushing Hiding in Thee I. D. Sankey O say, can you see by the... 447 F. S. Key

Spangled Banner J. S. Smith O Saviour, precious Saviour. 81 F. R. Havergal Westwood

R. H. McCartney O still in accents sweet. 329 Rev. S. Longfellow St. Marguerite Rev. E. C. Walker O the bitter shame and. 195 Rev. T. Monod

St. Jude

C. Vincent 0 Thou, from Whom all. 261 Rev. T. Haweis Dalehurst

A. Cottman O Thou great Friend to all.. 156 Rev. T. Parker Cassidy

H. P. Main O Thou who in Jordan.. 407 Rev. G. W. Bethune Goshen

German O Thou, whose own... 373 W. C. Bryant St. James

R. Courteville O where are kings and. 371 Bp. A. C. Coxe St. Anne

W. Croft
O Who like Thee, so calm
See, How beauteous.. 110 Bp. A. C. Coxe Brookfield

T. B. Southgate O word of God incarnate. 159 Bp. W. W. How S. Anselm

Sir. J. Barnby O worship the King.. 77 Sir Robert Grant Hanover

W. Croft 0 Zion, haste, thy mission 381 M. A. Thomson Tidings

J. Walch Oft in danger, oft in woe. 348 H. K. White University College H. J. Gauntlett On our way rejoicing. 340 J. S. B. Monsell David

T. Morley On the mountain top.. 377 Rev. T. Kelly


T. Hastings Once in royal David's city. 459 C. F. Alexander Irby

H. J. Gauntlett One by one the sands.. 333 A. A. Procter Whatley

C. W. Pearce One sweetly solemn thought. 427 P. Cary

Dolce Domum R. S. Ambrose One there is above all others. 176 M. Nunn


T. B. Southgate Onward, brothers, march.... 356 H. H. Ellis


Sir. J. Barnby Onward, Christian soldiers... 346 S. Baring-Gould St. Gertrude

Sir. A. Sullivan Our blest Redeemer, ere He. 152 H. Auber

St. Cuthbert

Rev. J. B. Dykes Our day of praise is done.... 33 Rev. J. Ellerton Garden City

H. W. Parker

{ Byefield 2

Part in peace! is day..

18 S. F. Adams


T. A. Willis Peace, perfect peace. 417 E. H. Biskersteth Pax Tecum

C. T. Caldbeck Praise, my soul, the King. 12 Rev. H. F. Lyte Dulce Carmen J. M. Haydn Praise, O praise our God.... 451 Rev. H. W. Baker Monkland

J. B. Wilkes Praise the Lord, ye heavens.. 75 Chapel Coll. St. Asaph

W. S. Bambridge Praise to God, immortal.. 450 A. L. Barbauld Nuremberg

J. R. Ahle

Pr. of Peace I W. D. Maclagan Prayer is the soul's sincere... 281 J. Montgomery

T. Hastings Purer yet and purer........ 289 Anon.


Anon. Rejoice, all ye believers.... 145 Tr. fr. L. Laurenti Lancashire

H. Smart Rejoice, the Lord is King.... 133 Rev. C. Wesley Arthur's Seat Arr. fr. J. Goss Rejoice, ye pure in heart.. 1 Rev. E. H. Plumptre Marion

A. H. Messiter Rescue the perishing.. 307 F. J. Van Alstyne Rescue

W. H. Doane Revive Thy work, O Lord... 216 A. Midlane


W. H. Havergal Rise, glorious Conqueror, rise 135 M. Bridges


R. Jackson Rise, my soul, and stretch thy 288 Rev. R. Seagrave Amsterdam

Arr. by J. Nares Rise up, ( men of God...... 359 Rev. W. P. Merrill Festal Song W. H. Walter Rock of Ages, cleft for me.. 173 Rev. A. M. Toplady {Toplady z

Illuminatio 1 Sir. G. J. Elvey

T. Hastings Safe home, safe home in port 406 Rev. J. M. Neale Safe Home

Sir A. Sullivan

Bread of Heaven 1 W. D. Maclagan Safely through another week. 2 Rev. J. Newton

Sabbath 2

L. Mason







14 Rev. J. Ellerton
Saviour, again to Thy dear..

E. J. Hopkins
Saviour, blessed Saviour.. 68 Rev. G. Thring Erling

G. E. Stubbs
Saviour, breathe an evening..

37 J. Edmeston Evening Prayer G. C. Stebbins
Saviour, like a shepherd lead 465 D. A. Thrupp Bradbury

W. B. Bradbury
Saviour, source of every.

82 Rev. R. Robinson

St. Oswald

Rev. J. B. Dykes

Saviour, teach me day by day 246J. E. Leeson

F. A. J. Hervey
Saviour, Thy dying love.... 204 Rev. S. D. Phelps Something for Thee Rev. R. Lowry

Spanish Hymn 1 Spanish Melody
Saviour! when in dust to Thee 194 Sir R. Grant

Litany Hymn 2 C. W. Parker
Shine Thou upon us, Lord... 160 Rev. J. Ellerton Supplication

G. F. Vincent
Since Jesus is my friend.. 236 Rev. P. Gerhardt Greenwood

J. E. Sweetser


97 Anon.
Sing ye the songs of praise..

G. A. Burdett
Sleep Thy last sleep..
429 Rev. E. A. Dayman Requiem

Sir J. Barnby
So let our lips and lives. 323 Rev. I. Watts Hamburg

Arr. by L. Mason
Softly now the light of day.. 35 Bp. G. W. Doane Seymour

O. M. von Weber
Softly the silent night.. 13 A. N. Blatchford Blatchford

Soldiers of Christ, arise. 347 Rev. 0. Wesley


G. H. Loud

Soldiers of the cross, arise.. 388 Bp. W. W. How

R. Redhead
Sons of labor, dear to Jesus. 361 Dean 8. R. Hole Everton

H. Smart
Souls of men! why will ye.. 185 Rev. F. W. Faber Ilsey

F. G. Ilsey
Brecon 1

N. Heins
Spirit divine, attend our.... 153 Rev. A. Reed

Dedham 2

W. Gardiner
Spirit of God, descend upon 158 Rev. G. Croly Longwood

Sir J. Barnby


85 J. Montgomery
Stand up, and bless the Lord.

G. H. Loud
Webb 1

G. W. Webb
Stand up, stand up for Jesus 344 Rev. G. Duffield

Stand up 2

A. Geibel
Standing at the portal... 434F. R. Havergal New Year

F. A. Mann
Still, still with Thee..

228 H. B. Stowe


Sir J. Barnby
Summer suns are glowing. 65 Bp. W. W. How Ruth

S. Smith
Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour 39 Rev. J. Keble Hursley

P. Ritter
Sweet feast of love divine.. 414 Sir E. Denny Newland

H. J. Gauntlett
Sweet hour of prayer..
279 Rev. W. W. Walford Consolation

W. B. Bradbury
Sweet is the work, my God.. 50 Rev. I. Watts Canonbury

R. Schumann

St. Andrew
Sweet is Thy mercy, Lord... 277 J. S. B. Monsell

Sir J. Barnby
Sweet Saviour, bless us.

15 Rev. F. W. Faber St. Matthias W. H. Monk
Sweet the moments, rich in... 423 Rev. J. Allen Brocklesbury C. A. Barnard

Take me, O my Father...... 177 Rev. R. Palmer Oakland
Take my life and let it be.. 214 F. R. Havergal Ellingham
Teach me, O Lord...

311 Rev. W. T. Matson Foel Fras
Tell me the old, old story. 469 K. Hankey

old Story
Ten thousand times ten.. 403 Rev. H. Alford Alford
The Church's one foundation. 369 Rev. S. J. Stone Aurelia
The day is gently sinking.. 32 Bp. C. Wordsworth Nachtlied
The day is past and over. 30 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale St. Antolius
The day of Resurrection.. 122 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale Rotterdam
The day Thou gavest, Lord.. 38 Rev. J. Ellerton St. Clement
The first Noel the angel did. 461 Traditional

The First Noel
The God of Abraham praise. 66 Rev. T. Olivers Covenant
The head that once..

137 Rev. T. Kelly

St. Magnus
The heav'ns declare Thy glory 162 Rev. I. Watts

The Homeland! O the.. 405 Rev. H. R. Haweis Homeland
The King of love my.

234 Rev. H. W. Baker Regit Me
The Lord be with us.

20 Rev. J. Ellerton Beatitudo
The Lord is my Shepherd.

470 J. Montgomery

The Lord is King! lift up..

72J. Conder

The Lord my Shepherd is. 237 Rev. I. Watts Franconia
The morning light is breaking 379 Rev. S. F. Smith Webb
The sands of time are sinking 393 A. R. Cousin Rutherford

F. S. Hunnewell
N. S. Godfrey
H. A. Harding
W. H. Doane
Rev. J. B. Dykes
S. S. Wesley
H. Smart
A, H. Brown
B. Tours
C. C. Scholefield
Sir J. Stainer
J. Clark
L. Mason
Sir A. Sullivan
Rev. J. B. Dykes
Rev. J. B. Dykes
T. Koschat
R. Jackson
J. G. Ebeling
G. J. Webb
C. D. Urhan






H. Hiles
H. S. Cutler
F. J. Haydn
J. Booth

Fr. Palestrina
Rev. J. H. Hopkins
A. Patton
T. Tallis
B. Tours
L. Mason
J. H. Gower
J. H. McNaughton

E. P. Crawford
J. C. H. Rink
W. B. Bradbury

The shadows of the evening.. 29 A. A. Procter St. Leonard

All Saints New
The Son of God goes forth.. 343 Bp. R. Heber
The spacious firmament.. 53 J. Addison

The Spirit breathes upon.

165 W. Cowper

The strife is o'er

See, Alleluia! Alleluia!.. 131 Tr. Rev. F. Pott Victory
The sun is sinking fast.. 40 Tr. Rev. E. Caswell Hopkins
The world is very evil.

397 Bernard of Cluny St. Cosmas
The year is gone..

435 Rev. F. Pott

Thee we adore, eternal Lord. 71 J. Gambold

There is a fountain filled... 170 W. Cowper Cowper
There is a green hill far.... 116 C. F. Alexander Meditation
There is beauty all around.. 454 J. H. McNaughton Love at Home
There's not a grief...

202 J. Crewdson

There is a land of pure..

398 Rev. I. Watts Varina
There is no name so sweet... 464 Rev. G. W. Bethune Sweetest Name
There's a wideness in

See, Souls of men,... 185 Rev. F. W. Faber Ilsley
They who seek the throne... 275 0. Holden Seymour
Thine forever! God of love.. 206 M. F. Maude Glebefield
Think gently of the erring... 357 Miss Fletcher St. Marguerite
This is the day the Lord hath 48 Rev. I. Watts Downs
Thou art the Way.

171 Bp. G. W. Doane St. Magnus
Thou didst leave Thy throne. 108 E. E. S. Elliott Margaret
Thou Gracious Power.. 457 O. W. Holmes Foel Fras
Thou hast said, exalted... 408 John E. Giles Disciple
Thou Lord of life, our saving 310 Rev. S. Longfellow St. Polycarp
Thou must be true thyself.. 334 Rev. H. Bonar Truth
Thou to Whom the sick and. 304 Rev. G. Thring Motherhood
Thou who roll'st the year...

432 Rev. R. Palmer Tichfield
Through the love of God, our 175 Mary Peters Ar Hyd Y Nos
Through the night of doubt.. 271 B. S. Ingerman St. Asaph
Thy way, not mine, O Lord.. 262 Rev. H. Bonar St. Denys
To Him who for our sins.. 253 Rev. A. T. Russell St. Botolt
To Thee O Lord, our hearts.. 452 W. C. Dix

Golden Sheaves
To Thy Temple I repair.

7 J. Montgomery Springfield
To-day Thy mercy calls me... 1820. Allen


F. G. Ilsley
Arr. fr. Weber
Rev. J. B. Dykes
Rev. E. O. Walker
L, Mason
J. Clark
T. R. Matthews
H. A. Harding
Arr. fr. I. Pleyel
E. J. Troup
L. M. White
R. W. Beaty
Welsh Melody
W. S. Bambridge
F. Spinney
J. H. Gower
Sir A. Sullivan
E. Minshall
Rev. J. B. Dykes

Uprouse you! Soldiers of the. 390 Dean F. Patridge
Upward where the stars are.. 392 Rev. H. Bonar


A. Macdonald
J. B. Calkin

Was there ever kindest
See, Souls of men..

185 Rev. F. W. Faber Iisley
Watchman, tell us of the. 391 Sir J. Bowring St. George's
We are watching...

144 Rev. W. 0. Cushing Advent
We bid Thee welcome.

364 J. Montgomery Keble
We give immortal praise. . 9 Rev. I. Watts Unity
We give Thee but Thine own. 327 Bp. W. W. How Schumann
We march, we march.. 473 Rev. G. Moultrie March to Victory
We may not climb

J. G. Whittier

S Beatitudo 1
See, Immortal Love forever 104

Serenity 2
We three Kings of Orient... 460 Rev. J. H. Hopkins We Three Kings
We would see Jesus... 285 A. B. Warner Raynolds
Weary of earth and laden.. 198 Rev. S. J. Stone Langran
Welcome, delightful morn. 51 Hayward

Welcome, happy morning. 127 V. Fortunatus Fortunatus
What a Friend we have in.. 184 J. Scriven

What grace, O Lord, and.... 109 E. Denny

St. Francis


F. G. Ilsley
Sir G. J. Elvey
G. F. Root
Rev. J. B. Dykes
R. H. Woodman
R. Schumann
Sir J. Barnby
Rev. J. B. Dykes
W. V. Wallace
Rev. J. H. Hopkins
J. Langran
F. Schneider
Sir A. Sullivan
C. 0. Converse
IG. A. Lohr

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