Reports of the Supreme court of Canada, Volumen7


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Página 286 - Any ballot paper which has not on its back the official mark, or on which votes are given to more candidates than the voter is entitled to vote for, or on which anything, except the said number on the back, is written or marked by which the voter can be identified, shall be void and not counted.
Página 272 - Act, or any mistake in the use of the forms in the second schedule to this Act, if it appears to the tribunal having cognizance of the question that the election was conducted in accordance with the principles laid down in the body of this Act, and that such non-compliance or mistake did not affect the result of the election.
Página 555 - ... the better opinion seems to be that in no case do they amount to A complete resumption of the right of property, or in other words, to a right to rescind the contract of sale, but perhaps come nearer to the rights of a pawnee with a power of sale, than to any other common law rights. At all events, it seems that a resale by the...
Página 141 - that where one by his words or conduct wilfully causes another to believe in the existence of a certain state of things, and induces him to act on that belief, or to alter his own previous position, the former is concluded from averring against the latter a different state of things as existing at the same time.
Página 423 - That every such Action shall be for the Benefit of the Wife, Husband, Parent, and Child of the Person whose Death shall have been so caused...
Página 286 - ... and the number of such voter on the register of voters shall be marked on the counterfoil, and the voter having secretly marked his vote on the paper, and folded it up so as to conceal his vote, shall place it in a closed box in the presence of the officer presiding at the polling station (in this act called "the presiding officer") after having shown to him the official mark at the back.
Página 256 - The elector, on receiving the ballot paper, shall forthwith proceed into one of the compartments in the polling station, and there mark his paper, and fold it up so as to conceal his vote, and shall then put his ballot paper, so folded up, into the ballot box...
Página 737 - After the trial both counsel declined addressing the judge, and it was agreed that a verdict should be entered for the plaintiff with...
Página 576 - ... appropriated in conformity to them, and shall be drawn from the Treasury as other public moneys are drawn therefrom, under such instructions as may from time to time be given by the President.
Página 225 - A later definition is even more precise in its Limitations. "The only cases," said Cockburn, CJ, 42 "in which the petition of right is open to the subject are, where the land or goods or money of a subject have found their way into the possession of the Crown, and the purpose of the petition is to obtain restitution; or, if restitution cannot be given, compensation in money...

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