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shepherd of the Catholic Church which is over all the earth.

XX. Whereas therefore ye desired that we would at large declare to you what was done; we have for the present given you a summary account of it by our brother Marcus: having therefore yourselves read this Epistle, you may do well to send it forward to the brethren that are farther off, that they also may glorify God, who makes such choice of his own servants, and is able to bring all of us, by his grace and help, to his eternal kingdom, through his only-begotten Son Jesus Christ; to whom be glory, and honour, and power, and majesty, for ever and ever. Amen.-. Salute all the saints; they that are with us salute you; and Evarestus, who wrote this Epistle, with his whole house.

XXI. Now the suffering of the blessed Polycarp was the second day of the present month Xanthicus; viz. the seventh of the calends of May'; being the great sabbath, about the eighth hour. He was taken by Herod, Philip the Trallian being high-priest”; Statius Quadratus, proconsul; but our Saviour Christ reigning for evermore: to him be honour, glory, 'majesty, and an eternal throne, from generation to generation. Amen.

XXII. We wish you, Brethren, all happiness, by living according to the rule of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: with whom, glory be to God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, for the salvation of his chosen saints. After whose example the blessed' Polycarp suffered; at whose feet may we be found in the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Rather of April.-See Annot. Usser. n. 105. et Pearson Chron. Diss. 11. c. 18. n. 4. Asiarch.

* As the blessed, &c.

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This Epistle was transcribed by Caius' out of the copy of Irenæus the disciple of POLYCARP; who also lived and conversed with Irenæus. And 1, Socrates, transcribed it at Corinth, out of the copy .

of the said Caius. Grace be with all. After which I, Pionius, again wrote it from the copy before mentioned; having searched it out by the revelation of Polycarp, who directed me to it; as also I shall declare in what follows: Having gathered these things together, now almost corrupted through process of time, that Jesus Christ our Lord may also gather me together with his elect; to whom, with the Father, and the Holy Ghost, be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

* Ad finem Exempl. Usser. p. 30.




Part II.


1. The Epistle of St. BARNABAS.
II. The Shepherd of HERMAS.


III. Part of the Second Epistle of St. Clement to


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The Salutation, and Preface to the following Epistle. II, III. That God has alolished the legal Sacrifices, to intro

duce the Spiritual Righteousness of the Gospel. IV. The Prophecies of Daniel concerning the Ten Kings, and

the Coming of Christ. V, VI. That Christ was to suffer; proved from the Prophecies

concerning him. VII. The Scape-goat, an evident Type of this. VIII. The Red Heifer, another Type of Christ. IX. Of the Circumcision of the Ears; and how, in the first

Institution of Circumcision, ABRAHAM mystically foretold

Christ by Name. X. That the Commands of Moses, concerning Clean and Unclean

Beasts, cc. were all designed for a Spiritual Signification. XI, XII. Baptism and the Cross of Christ, foretold in Figures

under the Law, XIII. The Promise of God not made to the Jews only, but to

the Gentiles also: XIV. And fulfilled to us by Jesus Christ. XV. That the Sabbath of the Jews was but a figure of a more

Glorious Sabbath to come. XVI. Their Temple; of the Spiritual Temples of God. XVII. The Conclusion of the former part of this Epistle. XVIII. He goes on to the other Part, which relates to Practice :

this he divides into two considerations; the former, of the

Way of Light; the latter, of the Way of Darkness. XIX. Of the Way of Light; being a summary of what a

Christian is to do, that he may be happy for ever. XX. Of the Way of Darkness; that is, what kind of Persons

shall be for ever cast out of the Kingdom of God. XXI. The Close of all; being an earnest Exhortation to them

to live so that they may be blessed to all Eternity.

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