Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire for the Year ..., Volumen3;Volumen15

Pedigrees and arms of various families of Lancashire and Cheshire are included in many of the volumes.

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Página 181 - Highness being informed that several bridges have been pulled down in this county, he has given orders to repair them forthwith, particularly that at Crossford, which is to be done this night by his own troops, though his Royal Highness does not propose to make use of it for his own army, but believes it will be of service to the country ; and if any forces that were with General Wade be coming this road, they may have the benefit of it!
Página 33 - All false appearance as became a Queen. The worst of me is known, and I can say. That I am better than the fame I bear.
Página 184 - I heard three sensible middle-aged men, when the Scotch were said to be at Stamford, and actually were at Derby, talking of hiring a chaise to go to Caxton (a place in the high-road) to see the Pretender and Highlanders as they passed.
Página 36 - ... take A word of honest counsel from thy wife ? I boast to be the noble Iberg's child, A man of wide experience. Many a time, As we sat spinning in the winter nights, My sisters and myself, the people's chiefs Were wont to gather round our father's hearth, To read the old imperial charters, and To hold sage converse on the country's weaL Then heedfully I listened, marking well What now the wise man thought, the good man wished, And garner'd up their wisdom in my heart.
Página 3 - ... continuo in silvis magna vi flexa domatur in burim et curvi formam accipit ulmus aratri. 170 huic ab stirpe pedes temo protentus in octo, binae aures, duplici aptantur dentalia dorso. caeditur et tilia ante iugo levis altaque fagus stivaque, quae currus a tergo torqueat imos, et suspensa focis explorat robora fumus.
Página 176 - The Galliard to Nithsdale is gane, To steal Sim Crichton's winsome dun ; The Galliard is unto the stable gane, But instead of the dun, the blind he has ta'en. " Now Simmy, Simmy of the Side, Come out and see a Johnstone ride ! Here's the bonniest horse in a' Nithside, And a gentle Johnstone aboon his hide.
Página 179 - ... alive or dead. Dickson presented his blunderbuss, which was charged with slugs, threatening to blow out the brains of those who first dared to lay hands on himself or the two who accompanied him ; and by turning round continually, facing in all directions, and behaving like a lion, he soon enlarged the circle which a crowd of people had formed round them.
Página 190 - At a ball given at Dublin Castle on the anniversary of the battle of the Boyne, when she appeared with an orange lily at her breast, the lord lieutenant improvised the lines : Say, lovely Tory, where's the jest Of wearing orange in thy breast, When that same breast uncovered shows The whiteness of the rebel rose?
Página 198 - ... forward became brief, cold, and constrained. At the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, the French Court, though willing to relinquish Charles's cause, and to stipulate his exclusion from their territories, were not wholly unmindful of his interests nor of their promises.
Página 134 - DESCRIPTIVE ACCOUNT OF A NEW METHOD of PLANTING and MANAGING the ROOTS of GRAPE VINES. By CLEMENT HOARE, Author of " A Treatise on the Cultivation of the Grape Vine on Open Walls.

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