Stellar Evolution and Its Relations to Geological Time

Appleton, 1889 - 118 páginas

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Página 85 - The recent researches of Henry Ste. -Claire Deville and others go far to show that this breaking up of compounds, or dissociation of elements by intense heat, is a principle of .universal application ; so that we may suppose that all the elements which make up the sun or our planet would, when so intensely heated as to be in...
Página 28 - ... diameters of each. Suppose now, still choosing a particular case to fix the ideas, that twenty-nine million cold, solid globes, each of about the same mass as the moon, and amounting in all to a total mass equal to the sun's, are scattered as uniformly as possible on a spherical surface of radius equal to one hundred times the radius of the earth's orbit, and that they are left absolutely at rest in that position. They will all commence falling towards the centre of the sphere, and will meet...
Página 67 - Consequently, if the theory be true, it is indisputable that before the lowest Cambrian stratum was deposited long periods elapsed, as long as, or probably far longer than, the whole interval from the Cambrian age to the present day ; and that during these vast periods the world swarmed with living creatures.
Página 35 - Tait probably overestimated the time when he aftinns that 10,000,000 years is about the utmost that can be allowed, from the physical point of view, for all the changes that have taken place in the earth's surface since vegetable life of the lowest known form was capable of existing there.
Página 7 - To fix the ideas, think of two cool solid globes, each of the same mean density as the earth, and of half the sun's diameter, given at rest, or nearly at rest, at a distance asunder equal to twice the earth's distance from the sun. They will fall together and collide in half a year.
Página 83 - The supposition that the different elements may be resolved into simple constituents, or into a single one, has long been a favourite speculation with chemists ; but however probable this hypothesis may appear a priori, it must be acknowledged that the facts derived from the most powerful method of analytical investigation yet devised give it scant support LJ.D.] Fig.
Página 91 - This building up, or evolution, is above all things not fortuitous: the variation and development which we recognize in the universe run along certain fixed lines which have been preconceived and fore-ordained. To the careless and hasty eye design and evolution seem antagonistic; the more careful inquirer sees that evolution steadily proceeding along an ascending scale of excellence, is the strongest argument...

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