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Faith in the Holy Tri- 21. Of the Authority of a Church nity.

22. Of the Authority of Ecclesias2. Of the Word, or Son of God,

tical Councils. Who was made Very Man. 23. Of the Apostate Church of 3. Of the going down of Christ

Rome. into Hades.

24. Of Ministering in the con4. Of the Resurrection, Ascen.

gregation. sion, and Second Coming of 25. Of Speaking in the CongregaChrist.

tion in such a Tongue as the 5. Of the Holy Spirit.

People Understand. 6. Of the Sufficiency of the Holy 26. Of the Two Figurative OrdiScriptures for Salvation.

nunces of Christ (commonly 7. Of the Old Testament.

called Sacraments). 8. Of Original or Birth-Sinful- 27. Of Baptism. ne 88.

28. Of the Lord's Supper. 9. Of Man's Condition by Nature. 29. Of both Kinds. 10. Of Works before Justification. 30. Of the One Oblation of Christ 11. Of the Justification of Man.

Finished upon the Cross. 12. Of Repentance and Faith. 31. Of Certuin Erroneous Doc. 13. Regeneration or the Neue

trines and Practices. Birth.

32. Of Confession and Absolution. 14. Of Good Works.

33. Of the Marriage of Ministers. 15. Of Works of Supererogation. 34. Of Church Discipline. 16. Of Foreknowledge, Predestina- 35. Of the Reunion of Christian tion, and Election,

Churches. 17. Of Salvation only in Christ. 36. Of the Observance of the and of the Completeness

Christian Sabbath, comthereof.

monly called the Lord's Day. 18. Of Sin after Conversion.

37. Of Christian Men's Goods, 19. Of Christ alone Without Sin.

which are not common. 20. Of the Church.

38. Of Civil Magistrates.

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Archbishop or Bishop.

Popish Prince, or by any King or TILL you to the utmost of Queen marrying a Papist, the

said Lords Spiritual and TemporLaws of God, the true profession al, and Commons, do further pray of the Gospel, and the PROTEST- that it may be enacted that all ANT REFORMED RELIGION ESTAB- and every person and Persons LISHED BY LAW ?

that is, are, or shall be, reconciled

to, or shall hold Communion with The Queen.

the See or Church of Rome, or

shall profess the Popish Religion, LL this I promise to do.

or shall marry a Papist, shall be

excluded, and be for ever incapAfter this the Queen, laying her hand able to inherit, possess, or enjoy upon the Holy Gospel, shall say : the Crown and Government of

this Realm and Ireland and the THE things which I have be- Dominions thereunto belonging,

or any part of the same, or to form and keep. So help me God. have, use, or exercise any Royal

Power, Authority, or Jurisdiction Then the Queen shall kiss the Book.

within the same; and in all and

every such Case or Cases the PeoN.B.-This solemn oath was

ple of these Realms shall be and taken by Her Majesty the Queen

are hereby absolved of their Alleon June 28th, 1838 :

giance, and the said Crown and ND be it further enacted

Government shall from time to that the said Oath shall

time descend to, and be enjoyed be in like manner administered

by such Person or Persons, being to every King or Queen who shall

Protestants, as should have insucceed to the Imperial Crown of

herited and enjoyed the same in this Realm at their respective

case the Person or Persons so reCoronations by one of the Arch- conciled, holding Communion, or bishops or Bishops of this Realm professing, or marrying as aforeof England for the time being, to said, were naturally dead." be thereunto appointed by such

DECLARATION King or Queen respectively and in the presence of all persons that which, under Sec. 2 of the 12th shall be attending, assisting or

and 13th W. III., c. 2, commonly otherwise present at such their called the "ACT OY SETTLEMENT,' respective Coronations; any Law, and by the law of England, every Statute or Usage to the contrary Sovereign of this country at his notwithstanding."

or her coronation must "make,

subscribe, and audibly repeat." BILL OF RIGHTS.

VICTORIA, do solemnly

and sincerely, in the preLiberries of the subject and sence of God, profess and testify settling the Succession of the and declare that I do believe that Crown. (1689. 1. W. & M., in the Sacrament of the Lord's Sess. 2, cap. 2, $ 9 and 8. Com Supper there is not any Transubmonly called the Bill of Rights.) stantiation of the Elements of

Bread and Wine into the Body ND whereas it hath been and Blood of Christ, at or after

found by experience that the consecration thereof by any it is inconsistent with th safety person whatsoever; and that the and welfare of this Protestant Invocation or Adoration of the Kingdom to be governed by a Virgin Mary or any other Saint,



and the Sacrifice of the Mass, as any hope of any such dispensation they are now used in the Church from any person or authority of Rome, are superstitious and whatsoever, or without thinking idolatrous. And I do solemnly, that I am or can be acquitted bein the presence of God, profess, fore God or man, or absolved of testify, and declare, that I do this declaration or any part theremake this declaration and every of, although the Pope or any other part thereof in the plain and or- person or persons or power whatdinary sense of the words read soever shall dispense with or anunto me, as they are commonly nul the same or declare that it understood by English Protestants, was null and void from its begin. without any Evasion, Equivoca- ning." tion, or mental Reservation, and N.B.-Her Majesty made and without any dispensation already signed this Declaration in pregranted me for this purpose by sence of the Houses of Parliament the Pope, or any other authority on the 20th day of November, or person whatsoever, or without 1 1837.






A Man may not marry his

A Woman may not marry with her
2 T
3 Husband's Grandfather.


Glandun'other's Husband,


Grandfather's Wife, 3 Wife's Grandmother.

4 Father's Sister,
5 Mother's Sister,
6 Father's Brother's Wife.

4 Father's Brother,
5 Mother's Brother,
6 Father's Sister's Husband.

7 Mother's Brother's Wife.
8 Wife's Father's Sister,
9 Wife's Mother's Sister.

7 Mother's Sister's Husband,
8 Husband's Father's Brother,
9 Husband's Mother's Brother.

10 Mother,
11 Step-Mother,
12 Wife's Mother.

10 Father,
11 Step-Father,
12 Husband's Father.

13 Daughter
14 Wife's Daughter
15 Son's Wife.

13 Son,
14 Husband's Son,
15 Daughter's Husband,
16 Brother,
17 H11sband's Brother,
18 Sister's Husbaud.

16 Sister,
17 Wife's Sister

Brother's Wife.

19 Son's Daughter,
20 Daughter's Daughter,
21 Son's Sou's Wife.

19 Sou's Sou,
20 Daughter's Son,
21 Son's Daughter's Husband.

22 Daughter's Son's Wife.
23 Wife's Son's Daughter,
24 Wife's Daughter's Daughter,

25 Brother's Daughter,
26 Sister's Daughter,
27 Brother's Son's Wife.

22 Daughter's Daughter's Hus.

23 Husband's Son's Son,
24 Husband's Daughter's Son.
25 Brother's Son,
26 Sister's Son.
27 Brother's Daughter's Husband.
28 Sister's Daughter's Husband,
29 Husband's Brother's Son,
30 Husband's Sister's Son.

28 Sister's Son's Wife,
29 Wife's Brother's Daughter,
30 Wife's Sister's Daughter.


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