Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Volumen7

Vols. for Jan. 1896-Sept. 1930 contain a separately page section of Papers and discussions which are published later in revised form in the society's Transactions. Beginning Oct. 1930, the Proceedings are limited to technical papers and discussions, while Civil engineering contains items relating to society activities, etc.

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Página 100 - ... shall not have been previously contributed in whole or in part to any other association, nor have appeared in print prior to their publication by the Society, nor have been published in the Transactions in any previous year.
Página 104 - Guineas. All such compositions shall be invested in the names of three Trustees, and the interest alone shall be appropriated to the current expenditure of the Association, except by special direction of the Committee.
Página 32 - Louis, the following resolution was adopted : " Resolved, That a committee of seven be appointed to prepare a memorial to Congress, asking that Civil Engineers may be placed in full •charge of the works of public improvement carried on at Government expense...
Página 115 - Institution must not, as a body, be considered responsible for the facts and opinions advanced in the Papers, or in the consequent discussions; and it must be understood, that such Papers may have Medals and Premiums awarded to them, on account of the Science, Talent, or Industry displayed in the consideration of the subject, and for the good which may be expected to result from the discussion...
Página 100 - I. — Competition for the Norman Medal of the American Society of Civil Engineers shall be restricted to Members of the Society. II. — There shall be one gold medal, and only one, struck for each and every fiscal year of the Society, and awarded as hereinafter provided. The dies therefor shall be with the Superintendent of the United States Mint at Philadelphia, in trust exclusively for the above purpose. Such medal shall be of a cost equal to the annual interest received upon $1 000 of the Consolidated...
Página 33 - The professional improvement of its members, the encouragement of social intercourse among men of practical science, the advancement of Engineering in its several branches and of Architecture, and the establishment of a central point of reference and union for its members.
Página 92 - Accompanying a Plan for Laying Out that Part of the Twenty-fourth Ward, Lying West of the Riverdale Road. Reprinted in Landscape into Cityscape. 1876. . Document No. 75 of the Board of the Department of Public Parks: Report of the Landscape Architect and the Civil and Topographical Engineer, Accompanying a Plan for Local Steam Transit Routes in the Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth Wards.
Página 43 - First stone, No. 1 Pier, laid 20th July, 1854. First passenger train passed 17th December, 1859. Total length of Bridge, 9,184 feet lineal. Number of spans, 25 ; 24 of 242 feet ; one of 330 feet Height from surface of water to under side of centre tube, 60 feet Height from bed of river to top of centre tube, 108 feet. Greatest depth of water, 22 feet General rapidity of current, 7 miles an hour. Cubic feet of masonry, 3,000,000. Cubic feet of timber, in temporary work, 2,250,000. Cubic yards of clay...
Página 93 - Iron Truss Bridges for Railroads, Methods 'of Calculating Strains, with a comparison of the most prominent Truss Bridges, and New Formulas for Bridge Computations, also the Economical Angles for Struts and Ties, by WE Merrill, USA, plates, 4t0, cloth 25 o Bridges.
Página 44 - The load then being placed over both tubes, the deflection was the same in each, or three-fourths of an inch in the middle ; and on being entirely removed, both tubes resumed their original level. The large centre span, entirely disconnected from the other tubes, on being covered with the load throughout its entire length, deflected in the centre only one inch and seven-eighths, and came back to its previous level on the load being removed.

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