Recueil des principaux traités d'alliance, de paix, de trève ...: conclus par les puissances de l'Europe ... depuis 1761 jusqu'à présent ...


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Página 92 - ftate by the people thereof, under the recommendation of its legislature, for their afient and ratification and that each convention aflenting to, and ratifying, the fame fhould, give notice thereof to the United States in congrefs aflembled.
Página 331 - ART. XII. That the Creek Nation may be led to a greater degree of civilization, and to become herdfmen and cultivators, inftead of remaining in a ftate of hunters, the United States will from time to time furnifh gratuitoufly the faid nation with ufeful domeftic animals and implements of hufbandry, And further to
Página 74 - and defired, that the power of making war, peace, and treaties, that of levying money, and regulating commerce, and the correfpondent executive and judicial authorities,
Página 84 - there be more than one who have fuch majority, and have an equal number of votes, then the houfe of reprefentatives fhall immediately^ choofe by ballot' one of them for prefident; and if no perfon have a majority, then from the five higheft on the lift the faid honfe fhall in like manner choofe the
Página 77 - expiration of the fécond year; of the fécond clafs, at the expiration of the fourth year; and of the third clafs, at the expiration of the fixth year; fo that onethird may be chofen every fécond year; and if vacancies happen by refignation, or otherwife, during the recefs of the
Página 90 - of the United States and of the feveral ftates, fhall be bound by oath or affirmation to fupport this conftitution ; but no religious teft fhall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public truft under the United States. ART. VII. The ratification of the Conventions of
Página 74 - vefted in the general government of the union ; but the impropriety of delegating fuch extenfive truft to one body of men -is evident. Hence
Página 85 - on the execution of his office^ he fhall take the following oath or affirmation: "I do folemnly fwear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of prefident of the United States, and will to the beft of my ability preferve, proteft, and defend, the conftitution of the United States.
Página 87 - cafes of impeachment, fhall be by jury; and fuch trial fhall be held in the ftate where the faid crimes fhall have been \ committed; but, when not committed within any ftate, the trial fhall be at fuch place or places as the congrefs may by law have direfted. Sett. 3. Treafon againft the United States
Página 104 - liberté de confcience, conformément aux principes ! "' d'une entière tolérance qu'on y accorde à toutes les religions; ils pourront librement s'acquitter des devoirs & vaquer au culte de leur religion, tant dans leurs propres maifons, que dans les églifes publiques, qui y font établies, fans éprouver jamais la moindre difficulté à cet égard.

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