The Incredible Influence of a Woman

AuthorHouse, 2003 - 204 páginas

The organizing principles that underlie modern Evolution Theory, see Chapter 1, are so fundamental and inclusive that they apply equally to all forms of life, everywhere and always. So while those who study evolution will surely come up with additional insights and disagreements as fresh facts are integrated and old findings reinterpreted, the overall picture is clear. The facts are real; no fundamentally conflicting theory could be true.

Life's origin provides the point of departure for this book. After developing rules that all life must follow, we consider the incredible odds against any specific outcome such as yourself. A review of life's layered progression from bacterium to nucleated cell to multicellular organism, shows how inadvertent information transfers and accidental mergers of desperately competing life forms brought about important advances.

As we examine the efficiencies gained through cell specialization, it becomes clear why a reorganization of specialized cells into complex organ systems brought additional reproductive advantages. Our overview of human biology concludes with evolutionary insights into human sexuality and embryonic development.

The facts presented herein are up-to-date and widely accepted. They have been garnered from many scientific fields and a lifetime of personal and professional experiences. So even if you already understand a lot about human biology, my report on how evolution underlies human form and function should interest and entertain you. As for those with little previous exposure to human physiology or modern Evolution Theory, this book can help bring you up to speed.

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