The history of England from the Revolution to the death of George the second. Designed as a continuation of mr. Hume's history, Volumen4


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Página 323 - Rome, the Seat of such Person shall immediately become void ; and if any such Person shall, in any of the Cases aforesaid, presume to sit or vote as a Member of the House of Commons...
Página 343 - English troops happened to be, that officers being convinced that neither high birth nor great employments can shelter offences of such a nature, and that, seeing they are subject to censures much worse than death to a man who has any sense of honour, they may avoid the fatal consequences arising from disobedience of orders.
Página 105 - I have more motives than one for singling you out upon this occasion ; and I give you this fair warning, because the means I shall make use of are too fatal to be eluded by the power of physic. If you think this of any consequence, you will not fail to meet the author on Sunday next, at ten in the morning, or on Monday (if the weather should be rainy on Sunday), near the first tree beyond the stile in Hyde Park, in the foot-walk to Kensington.
Página 127 - ... an act for the relief of debtors, with respect to the imprisonment of their persons...
Página 302 - April next, for the sum of twenty-three thousand eight hundred pounds, eleven shillings, and eleven-pence, remaining in the office of ordnance, and not paid into the hands of the deputy of the king's remembrancer of the court of exchequer, as directed by an act made in the last session of parliament, to make compensation for...
Página 105 - Secrecy and compliance may preserve you from a double danger of this sort, as there is a certain part of the world where your death has more than been wished for upon other motives. I know the world too well to trust this secret in any breast but my own. A few days determine me your friend or enemy. " FELTON." " You will apprehend that I mean you should be alone ; and depend upon it, that a discovery of any artifice in this affair will be fatal to you. My safety is insured by my silence, for confession...
Página 229 - A plan was formed for conveying the troops farther down in boats, and landing them in the night within a league of Cape Diamond, in hopes of ascending the heights of Abraham, which rise abruptly with a steep ascent from the banks of the river, that they might take possession of the ground at the back of the city, where it was but indifferently fortified.
Página 124 - ... deemed guilty of piracy; but that, with respect to contraband merchandise, he might take it on board his own ship, with the consent of the commander of the neutral vessel, and then set her at liberty; and that no person should purloin or embezzle the said...
Página 305 - An act for granting to his majesty several duties upon malt, and for raising the sum of eight millions by way of annuities and a lottery, to be charged on the said duties ; and to prevent the fraudulent obtaining of allowances in the gauging of corn making into malt ; and for making forth duplicates of exchequer bills, tickets,, certificates, receipts, annuity orders, and other orders lost, burned, or otherwise destroyed.
Página 449 - The genius of Cervantes was transfused into the novels of Fielding, who painted the characters, and ridiculed the follies of life, with equal strength, humour, and propriety.

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