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For George A. Coe,

3,345 votes, Geo. A. Coe,

72 George Coe,

221 The above abstract exhibits all the votes that can be claimed by either party for himself.

The sitting member to sustain his right to retain his seat produced the affidavit (with notice to the opposite party) of the deputy clerk of the township of Albion, in the county of Calhoun, in said district and one of the bourd of county canvassers of said county, tending to show that 94 votes were cast for himself in said township of Albion, although they were returned, counted and allowed in the county canvass to Ephraim Danforth instead of Ephraim B. Danforth.

Also the affidavit of 12 residents of Eaton county, in said district, deposing that they voted for George Coe and thus intended to vote and some one or two of them, that there was no George Coe, save petitioner in said district, to their knowledge and belief. These were also taken ex parte, without notice.

No evidence was submitted to your committee, as to the fortyeight votes cast for Ephraim B. Danford.

With the above exception, no evidence was adduced affirming or denying the existence of any persons in said district, designated and known as Ephraim B. Danford, Ephraim Danforth, Geo. A, Coe, or George Coe. All of which is respectfully submitted.



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Communication from Acting Commissioner.


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Detroit, January 31, 1846. To the Senate:

The undersigned has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the following resolution :

Resolved, That the Board of Commissioners of Internal Improvement be requested to furnish for the use of the Senate, a statement showing the number of tons and size of all the railroad iron purchased by the state for the Central and Southern Railroads, and the cost of the same, including transportation; also to info:m the Senate what contract has been entered into for the purchase of iron during the last year, to complete the Central road to Kalamazoo, and the Palmyra and Jacksonburg road; also the amount due and to to become due upon iron contracts.”

In the purchase of the Detroit and St. Joseph R. R. Co., $66,548 32 was allowed for iron and spike. Out of this lot, the state authorized the sale of eight miles of iron to the Detroit and Pontiac R. R. Co., for $5,293 00, leaving the balance upon the Central road, which is valued at $61,255 32. This iron is one-half by two and a quarter inches. The price per ton, and the amount paid for transportation, does not appear by the records of this office,

The first purchase of iron made by the board of commissioners of internal improvement was authorized by Joint Resolution No. 22, 1838, and is supposed to have been carried out in accordance therewith. Gen. L. S. Humphrey, Acting Commissioner of the S. R. R., was directed by resolution of the board of internal improvement, to proceed to New York, and contract for the delivery at Monroe and Detroit, of one hundred miles of railroad iron. In consequence of the Southern road demanding the whole attention of the cemmissioner, he secured the services of the then Governor, who was about to go to New York, in negotiating the purchase of iron. This was done, but how many tons of iron was actually received in this state

under the contract, does not definitely appear; but from the fact that there was paid under this resolution, as appears by the books of the Auditor General, the sum of $203,709 36, the inference is fair that it did not fall much short of one hundred miles, as contemplated by the law. This iron was also one-half by two and a quarter inches. The amount paid for transportation does not clearly appear by the books of this office. It is due to the first Boards of internal improvement to say, that at the time the “Special Committee" of investigation, appointed by the legislature of 1840, made their examinations in the office of internal improvement, the papers were so generally disarranged, that it has been ever since extremely difficult to nd all which were at that time on file Of the statistical accuracy of the books there is little question; but without the details contained in the vouchers to which they refer, a full bill of particulars cannot be made out. The iron purchased prior to that made under the law of 1843, was used upon the following roads : Central road from Detroit to Jackson,

80 miles. Southern road from Monroe to 7 miles W. of Adrian, 42 Detroit and Pontiac road,



To this should be added for side tracks, &c.,


Whole number of miles purchased,

140 The total cost of the above, including spike, connecting plates, transportation, insurance, commissions, &c., is $270,257 68. The particulars of purchases under the law of 1843, are as follows, to wit:

Bars. Tons. Cwt. Qrs. lbs. H. Bigelow, 1541 71

437 48 $3,448 35 J. Mattison, 14883 681

715 48 33,756 64 J. A. Stockton, 2268 100


6,000 00 A. McN. Semple, 1324 61 10 3 10 60

3,692 50 Chas. Bradbury, 4535 198 11 3 10 60 11,915 41 Utica & S.R.R.Co., 6257 249 13 1 27 55 13,778 93 do do, 10083 400

2 18 62,3

25,073 75 Whole number of bars, 1 by 24 inches, is,

50,841 00 Whole number of net tons; is



1,871 2005 Average cost per net ton,

52 18 Whole sum paid for iron under the law of 1843, is 97,665 58 Average price of transportation, per net ton, is

15 68 Whole sum paid for transportation,

13,21945 The iron purchased under the law of 1843, was used in completing the Southern rail-road to Hillsdale, and extending the Central road to Marshall.

The following purchases have been made under the law of 1844 and 1845 :

Bars. Tons. Cwt. Qrs. lbs.
Memphis & La., Gr. R.
R. Co.,

5842 200

15 $50 $10,000 00 Boorman & Johnston, 3752 191 6 1 10 771 14,827 05 Tonawanda R.R. Co., 794 40

15 75

3,000 00 Auburn & R. R. R. Co., 546 14 2 15 75 *41,004 87 do do do

16 002 2 11 79 *1,273 99 Horace Gray & Co.,


65 *25,350 00 Whole number of 4 by 21 inch bars, less amount purchased of the A. & R. R. R. Co., is

10,388 The iron purchased of H. Gray & Co., is $ by 24 inch, and is principally designed for repairs and side tracks. Whole number of net tons, is

1,550 Average cost per net ton, is

$61 58 Whole amount paid and to be paid on iron purchases of 1844 and 1845,

95,455 91 The average price of transportation is

9 08 Whole sum paid for transportion on above purchase, is,

$14,083 68


One hundred and twenty-five tons of the above iron has been used upon the Tecumseh branch of te Southern Railroad, and the transportation charges have been paid at Monroe, and do not appear on the books of this office.

The balance of this purchase, except a large surplus now on hand for repairs, has been used in completing the Central road to Kalamazoo, an event which transpired this day. *Not all arrived.

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