Lives of the Italian Poets: With Twenty Medallion Portraits, Volumen1


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Página 280 - Lasso a me, quando io son la dove sia Quell' angelico, altero, e dolce volto, II freddo sangue intorno al core accolto Lascia senza color la faccia mia : Poi mirando la sua, mi par si pia, Ch'io prendo ardire, e torna il valor tolto Amor ne
Página 313 - The facility with which he turned from subjects of the highest importance to those of amusement and levity, suggested to his countrymen the idea that he had two distinct souls combined in one body. Even his moral character seems to have partaken in some degree of the same diversity, and his devotional poems are as ardent as his lighter pieces are licentious. On all sides, he touched the extremes of human character, and the powers of his mind were only bounded by that impenetrable circle which prescribes...
Página 68 - This sublimity, it is true, is far from being constantly sustained, and the verse not unfrequently falls off into a style as cold and harsh as it is obscure and unaffecting. But in the first place, it was not possible that he should be always alike elevated ; and in the next, both the object of his poem, the learning which filled his mind, and the literary taste of the age, would lead him into most of the faults which disfigure the Commedia in the eye of a modern reader.
Página 312 - ... human estimation. The facility with which he turned from subjects of the highest importance to those of amusement and levity, suggested to his countrymen the idea that he had two distinct souls combined in one body.
Página 313 - To be absorbed in one pursuit, however important, is not the characteristic of the higher class of genius, which, piercing through the various combinations and relations of surrounding circumstances, sees all things in their just dimensions, and attributes to each its due. Of the various occupations in which Lorenzo engaged, there is not one in which he was not eminently successful ; but he was most particularly distinguished in those which justly hold the first rank in human estimation. The facility...
Página 279 - Her sentiments were always just and striking, and have furnished materials for some of my sonnets ; she always spoke at the proper time, and always to the purpose, so that nothing could be added, nothing taken away. Though her remarks were often keen and pointed, yet they were so tempered as not to give offence.
Página 69 - ... is audible ; but the sensible perception of these things is overpowered by the sublimer spiritual feeling which the moral grandeur of his sentiments never fails to inspire. Dante equalled Milton in the one respect, but not in the other, which gave to the English bard a diviner character than was ever attained by any other mortal poet.
Página 275 - ... full enjoyment of those gifts of fortune which have often intoxicated men of high expectation and great virtue, have never yet been able to impel you beyond the just bounds of moderation; yet, both you and that republic which you are shortly to direct, or rather which now in a great measure reposes...
Página 66 - ... under circumstances which would have rendered it, if the obstacles we have alluded to had not opposed, a regular epic poem. It had its origin, like other sublime works of genius, in that desire, which is continually felt by the greatest minds, of giving to their age a copy of their own souls, and embodied the vague but universal spirit of the times when it was written. Its foundations were the popular creed of all Christendom ; its supports, the deep reasonings and curious subtilties of countless...
Página 145 - And in the same city, in the same month, on the same day of the month, and at the same hour, but in the year 1348, she was taken from this world, while I, alas!

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