Westley's tourist guide to Torquay and its neighbourhood

Westley's Library, 1884 - 284 páginas

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Página 12 - Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow, Nor ever wind blows loudly ; but it lies Deep-meadow'd, happy, fair with orchard lawns And bowery hollows crown'd with summer sea, Where I will heal me of my grievous wound.
Página 101 - These appear to have belonged to a " magnificent structure," commenced, says Prince,* by the Seymours, at an expence of 20,0001. but " never brought to perfection ; for the west side of the mansion was never begun : what was finished may be thus described. Before the door of the Great Hall was a noble walk, whose length was the breadth of the court, arched over with curiously carved free-stone, supported in the fore part by several stately pillars of the same stone, of great dimensions, after the...
Página 148 - I OFT have heard of Lydford law, How in the morn they hang and draw, And sit in judgment after : At first I wondered at it much ; But since I find the reason such, As it deserves no laughter.
Página 102 - tis now demolished, and all this glory lieth in the dust, buried in its own ruins; there being nothing standing but a few broken walls, which seem to mourn their own approaching funerals.
Página 4 - ... the chapel to sing Te Deum for the arrival of their forces. But being soon undeceived on our landing, we found the benefit of their provisions ; and instead of " Votre serviteur, Monsieur," they were entertained with '<yeen mynheer, can ye Dutch spraken ?" upon which they all ran away from the house, but the Lady Gary and a few old servants.
Página 65 - there is such havock made thereof that I am ashamed to write " what spoyles I see. And though I have spoken and written to " Sir John Gilbert to understand of his proceedings and of what ' is becum of all the wynes I left in his custody...
Página 152 - Town, situate on the south side of a very steep hill which runneth from east to west a considerable length of near a mile, whereby the houses as you pass on the Water seem pensil and to hang along in rows, like...
Página 102 - The apartments," he continues, " were very splendid, especially the dining-room, which was adorned, besides paint, with statues and figures cut in alabaster with elaborate art and labour; but the chimney-piece, of polished marble curiously engraven, was of great cost and value. The number of apartments of the whole may be collected hence, if report be true, that it was a good day's work for a servant but to open and shut the casements belonging to them. Notwithstanding which, 'tis now demolished,...
Página 102 - ... might repose themselves. The apartments within were very splendid, especially the diningroom, which was adorned, besides paint, with statues and figures cut in alabaster with elaborate art and labour ; but the chimney-piece of polished marble, curiously engraven, was of great cost and value. Many other of the rooms...
Página 77 - Picnics supplied with hot water and tea At a nice little house down by the sea ; Fresh Crabs and Lobsters every day, Salmon Peel sometimes, Red Mullet and Grey ; The neatest of...

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