Rudimentary and Practical Instructions on the Science of Railway Construction for the Use of Beginners and Those who Have Commenced Practice ...

Virtue brothers & Company, 1866 - 229 páginas

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Página 123 - For salaries of president, treasurer, superintendent, law expenses, office expenses of the above offices, and all other expenses not included in any of the foregoing items, Income during the Year.
Página 35 - To three times the square of the radius of the base, add the square of the height ; multiply the sum by the height, and the product again by •5236.
Página 123 - For waste and other material for cleaning, . For salaries, wages and incidental expenses, chargeable to passenger department, . For salaries, wages and incidental expenses, chargeable to freight department, . For gratuities and damages, .... For taxes and insurance...
Página 17 - Find also the area of the triangle, formed by the chord of the segment and the two radii of the sector.
Página 30 - To the length of the edge add twice the length of the back or base, and reserve the sum; multiply the height of the wedge by the breadth of the base; then multiply this product by the reserved sum, and onesixth of the last product will be the contents.
Página 122 - For repairs of locomotives, For new locomotives, to cover depreciation, For repairs of passenger cars, For new passenger cars, to cover depreciation, For repairs of merchandise cars, For new merchandise cars, to cover depreciation...
Página 8 - Add the three sides together, and take half the sum ; from the half sum subtract each side separately ; multiply the half sum and the three remainders continually together ; and the square root of the last product will be the area of the triangle.
Página 20 - To find the area of an elliptical segment, the chord of which is parallel to one of the axes. (See last figure.} RULE. — Divide the height of the segment by that axis of the ellipse of which it is a part ; and find in the Table a circular segment having the same versed sine as the quotient.
Página 17 - Take out the corresponding area in the next column on the right hand ; and multiply it by the square of the circle's diameter, for the area of the segment*.
Página 122 - EXPENDITURES FOR WORKING THE ROAD. For repairs of road, maintenance of way, exclusive of wooden bridges and renewals of iron, . . . For repairs of wooden bridges, For renewals of iron, including laying down, For wages of switchmen...

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