The Law and Practice of Distresses and Replevin

his Majesty's Law-Printers, 1780 - 286 páginas

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Página 230 - T. as he doth above fuppofe by his writ aforefaid ; and this he prays may be inquired of by the country ; and the faid R.
Página 226 - ... is commanded, that by the oath of good and lawful men of the county aforefaid...
Página 190 - Nicholas above thereof complains : and this he prays may be inquired of by the country, and the faid Samuel like wife, &c.
Página 224 - G. is not under any neceffity, nor is he bound by the law of the land in any manner to anfwer; and this he is ready to verify; wherefore for want of a fufficient plea in this behalf, the faid G.
Página 26 - A distress was anciently no more than a pledge in the hands of the lord, to compel the tenant to pay the [*315] service, or *perform the duty for which it was taken...
Página 248 - Britain, at the two moft ufual feafts or terms in the year, to wit, on the feaft of St. Michael the Archangel and the annunciation of the Blefled Virgin Mary, by even and equal portions to be paid : by virtue of which demife the fame Matthew G.
Página 233 - ... according to the form of the statute in such case made and provided, to be adjudged to him, &c.
Página 196 - Charles may rejoin to the errors aforefaid, and that the court of the faid lord the king here may proceed to the examination as well of the record and procefs aforefaid, as of the matter aforefaid above for error afligned. &ift the faid Charles Rr3r;nJn s faith, that neither in the record and procefs aforefaid, nor in the aiv...
Página 46 - ... and judgment was given for the plaintiff: but that appeared upon the face of...
Página 234 - Ursula his Wife, for the Term of their Lives, and the Life of the longer Liver of them, the Remainder to the...

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