Mind and Body: The Theories of Their Relation

D. Appleton, 1875 - 196 páginas

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Página 196 - Bain's own theory of the connection between the mental and the bodily part in man is stated by himself to be as follows : There is ' one substance, with two sets of properties, two sides, the physical and the mental — a double-faced unity.
Página 131 - From the ingress of a sensation to the outgoing responses in action, the mental succession is not for an instant dissevered from a physical succession.
Página 137 - Asserting the union in the strongest manner, we must yet deprive it of the almost "invincible association of union in place. An extended organism is the condition of our passing into a state where there is no extension. A human being is an extended and material thing, attached to which is the power of becoming alive to feeling and thought, the extreme remove from all that is material ; a condition of trance wherein, while it lasts, the material drops out of view — so much so, that we have not the...
Página 91 - For every act of memory, every exercise of bodily aptitude, every habit, recollection, train of ideas, there is a specific grouping or co-ordination of sensations and movements, by virtue of specific growths in the cell functions.
Página 185 - It is a point which seems to me to be put out of the reach of our knowledge: and he who will give himself leave to consider freely, and look into the dark and intricate part of each hypothesis, will scarce find his reason able to determine him fixedly for or against the soul's materiality.

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