The Naturalists' Universal Directory

Cassino Press, 1878

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Página 4 - Dawson (JW) — ACADIAN GEOLOGY. The Geologic Structure, Organic Remains, and Mineral Resources of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. By JOHN WILLIAM DAWSON, MA, LL.D., FRS, FGS, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of M'Gill College and University, Montreal, &c.
Página 9 - ELEMENTS OF GEOLOGY. A Text-book for Colleges and for the General Reader. By JOSEPH LE CONTE, LL.
Página 6 - The Naturalist's Guide in collecting and preserving Objects of Natural History. With a complete Catalogue of the Birds of Eastern Massachusetts. By CJ MAYNARD. With Illustrations by EL Weeks.
Página 9 - Nevada and California Processes of Silver and Gold Extraction, for general use,* and especially for the mining public of California and Nevada, with full explanations .and directions for all metallurgical operations connected with silver and gold, from a preliminary examination of the ore to the final casting of the ingot; also a description of the general metallurgy of silver ores.
Página 12 - On the Surface Geology of the Basin of the Great Lakes and the Valley of the Mississippi.

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