The Complete Works of Henry Fielding, Esq: The history of Tom Jones, a foundling


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Página 66 - I am, indeed, set over them for their own good only, and was created for their use, and not they for mine. Nor do I doubt, while I make their interest the great rule of my writings, they will unanimously concur in supporting my dignity, and in rendering me all the honour I shall deserve or desire.
Página 147 - Her lips were red; and one was thin Compared to that was next her chin (Some bee had stung it newly) ; But, Dick, her eyes so guard her face, I durst no more upon them gaze, Than on the sun in July.
Página 12 - I have endeavoured to laugh mankind out of their favourite follies and vices. How far I have succeeded in this good attempt, I shall submit to the candid reader, with only two requests: First, that he will not expect to find perfection in this work; and Secondly, that he will excuse some parts of it, if they fall short of that little merit which I hope may appear in others.
Página 161 - It was Mr. Western's custom every afternoon, as soon as he was drunk, to hear his daughter play on the harpsichord ; for he was a great lover of music, and perhaps, had he lived in town, might have passed for a connoisseur ; for he always excepted against the finest compositions of Mr. Handel.
Página 148 - Her pure and eloquent blood Spoke in her cheeks, and so distinctly wrought, That one might almost say her body thought.
Página 115 - When I mention religion, I mean the Christian religion; and not only the Christian religion, but the Protestant religion ; and not only the Protestant religion, but the church of England.
Página 331 - Awhile they glitter in the face of day, Then at thy nod the phantoms pass away ; No traces left of all the busy scene, But that remembrance says — The things have been.
Página 258 - Circassian beauty, drest in all the jewels of the Indies, appear to my eyes ! But why do I mention another woman? Could I think my eyes capable of looking at any other with tenderness, these hands should tear them from my head. No, my Sophia, if cruel fortune separates us for ever, my soul shall doat on thee alone.
Página 284 - And here, in defiance of all the barking critics in the world, I must and will introduce a digression concerning true wisdom, of which Mr. All worthy was in reality as great a pattern as he was of goodness. True wisdom, then, notwithstanding all which Mr. Hogarth's poor poet may have writ against riches, and in spite of all which any rich well-fed divine may have preached against pleasure, consists not in the contempt of either of these. A man may have as much wisdom in the possession of an affluent...
Página 22 - Reader, I think proper, before we proceed any farther together, to acquaint thee, that I intend to digress, through this whole history, as often as I see occasion : of which I am myself a better judge than any pitiful critic whatever.

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