The Fine Arts in Italy in Their Religious Aspect: Letters from Rome, Naples, Pisa, &c. : with an Appendix on the Iconography of the Immaculate Conception

Edward T. Whitfield, 1859 - 267 páginas

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Página 255 - And there appeared a great wonder in heaven ; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.
Página 200 - The curious result is a style in which the horizontal and vertical lines equally predominate, and which, while it wants alike the lateral extension and repose of the Grecian, and the lofty upward tendency and pyramidal majesty of the Gothic, is yet replete with many an interesting and valuable architectural lesson.
Página 91 - And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a gold cup full of abominations and of the unclean things of her immorality, 5 and upon her forehead a name was written, a mystery, "BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.
Página 144 - ... mi struggo e fiacco: Ma pur novo Soldan veggio per lei, Lo qual farà, non già quand' io vorrei, Sol una sede; e quella fia in Baldacco.
Página 91 - This symbolical woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus Christ...
Página 157 - U' son or le ricchezze? u' son gli onori E le gemme e gli scettri e le corone...
Página 20 - Gnatia lymphis Iratis exstructa dedit risusque jocosque, Dum flamma sine thura liquescere limine sacro, Persuadere cupit. Credat Judaeus Apella, Non ego...

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