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Página 30 - VI. REPORTS ON ATTENDANCE AND WORK — Beneficiaries come under an obligation to submit to the Executive Committee at the end of each session particulars as to their attendance and work, any distinctions they may have gained, and any graduation examinations they may have passed.
Página 432 - I will exercise my profession, to the best of my knowledge and ability, for the good of all persons whose health may be placed in my care, and for the public weal; that I will hold in due regard the honourable traditions and obligations of the medical profession, and will do nothing inconsistent therewith ; and that I will be loyal to the University and endeavour to promote its welfare and maintain its reputation.
Página 30 - DEGREE EXAMINATIONS. — Applicants must have passed the graduation examinations belonging to the previous stage of their curriculum before becoming eligible for assistance in the payment of fees of classes belonging to a further stage.
Página 434 - Andrews, and is of the age of twenty-four years or upwards, and has produced a certificate showing that, after having received the Degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, he has been engaged for at least one year in attending the...
Página 332 - A Degree in Arts, or in Science (not being a degree honoris causA tantum), in any of the Universities of the United Kingdom, or in any Colonial or Foreign University specially recognised for the purpose by the University Court, shall exempt from the Preliminary Examination ; and the Joint Board of Examiners appointed under the provisions of Ordinance No.
Página 167 - The Curriculum for the ordinary Degree shall consist of five subjects, of which two subjects shall each be studied for two Academical years ; and the Degree Examinations in these two subjects shall be on a higher standard than the Degree Examinations in the other three subjects ; provided that it shall be in the power of the Senatus with the approval of the University Court, to reckon courses in two cognate subjects (and, wherever so determined by the Senatus and University Court, studied in separate...
Página 30 - Department, provided that it bears evidence of such preliminary education as is required by the Universities for their respective graduating curricula, or, if it does not, provided that it has been supplemented by such passes, either in the Scottish Universities Preliminary or other Examination, as will satisfy the above requirement of the Universities.
Página 34 - Professors to Regulations as to the mode of Teaching, and other duties imposed on the Professors. "4. To fix and regulate, from time to time, the fees in the several Classes. ' ' 5. Upon sufficient cause shown, and after due investigation, to censure...
Página 323 - Engineering shall not be deemed to have attended a class as part of the curriculum for that degree who does not present a certificate bearing not only that he has given regular attendance, but also that he has duly performed the work of the class.
Página 42 - Promoting, Advancing, Teaching, and Diffusing the study of Natural Theology," in the widest sense of that term, in other words, "The Knowledge of God, the Infinite, the All, the First and Only Cause, the One and the Sole Substance, the Sole Being, the Sole Reality, and the Sole Existence, the Knowledge of His Nature and Attributes, the Knowledge of the Relations which men and the whole universe bear to Him, the Knowledge of the Nature and Foundation of Ethics or Morals, and of all Obligations and...

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