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“ Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, -nailing it to His Cross."'-Col. ii. 14. 58 SING, my tongue, the Saviour's glory,

Tell His triumph far and wide,
Tell aloud the famous story

Of His Body crucified ;
How upon the Cross a Victim,

Vanquishing in death, He died. 2. Eating of the tree forbidden,

Man had sunk in Satan's snare,
When our pitying Creator

Did this second Tree prepare;
Destin'd, many ages later,

That first evil to repair.
3. So when now at length the fulness

Of the sacred time drew nigh,
Then the Son, the world's Creator,

Left His Father's throne on high ;
From a Virgin's womb appearing

Cloth'd in our mortality.
4. Thus did Christ to perfect manhood

In our mortal flesh attain,
Then of His free choice He goeth

To a death of bitter pain ;
And for us upon the altar

Of the Cross the Lamb is slain.
5. Lo, with gall they mock His thirsting!

See the thorns upon His brow!
Nails His tender Flesh are rending;

See, His side is open now !
Whence, to cleanse the whole creation,

Streams of Blood and Water flow.

6. When, 0 Judge of this world, coming

In Thy glory all divine,
Thou shalt cause Thy Sign in heaven

Bright above the stars to shine;
Be the Light and sure Salvation

Of the people that are Thine. 7. To the everlasting Father,

To the Son, Who came to die,
To the Holy Ghost proceeding

Forth from Both eternally,
Be all honour, might, dominion,

Praise and benediction high! Amen.

“ It is finished."-S. John, xix. 30. 59 SEE the destin’d day arise ;

See, a willing sacrifice,
Jesus, to redeem our loss,

Hangs upon the shameful Cross.
2. Jesu! Who but Thou had borne,
Lifted on that tree of

scorn, Every pang and bitter throe,

Finishing Thy life of woe?
3. Who but Thou had dar'd to drain,

Drop by drop, the Cup of pain ;
And with tender Body bear

Thorns, and nails, and piercing spear? 4. From Thy side the Water flow'd,

Mingled with Thy precious - Blood;
Sign to all attesting eyes

Of the finish'd Sacrifice ! 5. Hely Jesu, grant us grace

In that Sacrifice to place



All our trust for life renew'd,
Pardon’d sin, and promis'd good. Amen.

THURSDAY BEFORE EASTER. “ The Lord Jesus, the same night in which He was betrayed, took bread; and when He had given thanks, He brake it, and said, Take, eat: This is My Body Which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of Me."-1 Cor. xi. 23, 24. 60 SING; my tongue, the mystery glorious,

Of that wondrous Body sing;
And the Blood all-meritorious,
Which the nations' mighty King, Pg. lxxii

. Sprung from Royal line victorious, Rev. xxii.

Shed for this world's ransoming. 2. For us giv'n, and condescending

Of a Virgin to proceed,
Man, with man in converse blending, S. John,

Scatter'd He the Gospel seed;- S. Matt.
Then, His earthly sojourn ending,

Wrought that last and wondrous deed. 3. He, at that last Supper lying

Mid the Apostolic band,
With the Law's commands complying,

Metes the food the Law had plann'd,
To His own the gift supplying

Of Himself, with His own hand. xxvi. 26. 4. Word made Flesh, by word He willeth Very Bread His Flesh to be; S.John,

vi. 51, With His Blood our souls He filleth From the Cup of mystery.

S. John, Question vain the true heart stilleth,

Simple faith from doubt sets free. 5. Unto that His presence veiled

Draw we nigh with heads bow'd low,

xiii. 37.

S. Matt.


vi. 54.

All that ancient rites entailed

Yields to higher blessings now;
Sense to pierce that veil hath failed,

Faith believes, nor questions how. 6. To the everlasting Father,

To the Son, Who came to die,
To the Holy Ghost proceeding

Forth from Both eternally,
Be all honour, might, dominion,

Praise and benediction high! Amen

61 AN

“I saw in the night visions, and behold one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought Him near before Him.'Dan. vii. 13.

“A little while, and ye shall not see Me; and again, a little while, and ye shall see Me, because I go to the Father.' --S. John, xvi. 16.

NCIENT of days, Thy throne on high

One like the Son of Man draws nigh; Ye everlasting gates, unfold,

The King, the Lord of hosts, behold ! 2. He comes array'd in garments red,

Captivity His captive led,
Before the Mercy-Seat to show

His Blood pour'd forth for all below. 3. His sacred Blood that ever speaks,

But on His foes no vengeance seeks,
Things better far than Abel's pleads,

And for His murd'rers intercedes. 4. And with His heav'nly Offering one, Ma! 1,11.

From east to west beneath the sun

The pure Oblation see arise, 1 Cor. xi. 26.

The great, mysterious Sacrifice.
5. Though o'er the waterflood His seat,

And all things plac'd beneath His feet,
For human woe He still can feel,

And sends His balm our wounds to heal. 6. In ev'ry want, in ev'ry fear

We surely know that He is near;
The mother from her babe may part,

But we are graven in His heart.
7. Lord, from the deep to Thee we cail,

To Thee Who art our All in All;
O Lord, remember all Thy pain,
Nor let it prove for us in vain. Amen.

For Hymns for Easter-Eve, Vide Nos. 67 & 142.

“The Lord is risen indeed."-S. Luke, xxiv. 34.
62 JESUS CHRIST is risen to-day,

Alleluia !
Our triumphant holy-day,

Alleluia !
Who did once upon the Cross,

Alleluia !
Suffer to redeem our loss.

Alleluia! 2. Hymns of praise, then, let us sing,

Alleluia !
Unto Christ our heav'nly King,

Alleluia !

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