The Ballads of Scotland, Volumen1

William Edmondstoune Aytoun
W. Blackwood and sons, 1859

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Página 259 - They lighted down to tak a drink Of the spring that ran sae clear; And down the stream ran his gude heart's blood, And sair she gan to fear. 'Hold up, hold up, Lord William,' she says, 'For I fear that you are slain!
Página 353 - They hadna sailed a league, a league, A league but barely three, When the lift grew dark, and the wind blew loud, And gurly grew the sea. The ankers brak, and the topmasts lap, It was sic a deadly storm, And the waves came o'er the broken ship, Till a
Página 42 - Hame cam his gude horse, But never cam he! Out cam his auld mither Greeting fu' sair, And out cam his bonnie bride Rivin
Página 43 - As I was walking all alane, I heard twa corbies making a mane ; The tane unto the t'other say, " Where sall we gang and dine to-day...
Página 263 - ADIEU, madame, my mother dear, But and my sisters three ! Adieu, fair Robert of Orchardstane ! My heart is wae for thee. Adieu the lily and the rose, The primrose, fair to see ! Adieu, my ladye, and only joy ! For I may not stay with thee.
Página 217 - Gae dig a grave, baith wide and deep, And a grave to hald baith him and me ; But lay Christie Graeme on the sunny side, For I'm sure he wan the victorie.
Página 126 - What became of your bloodhounds, Lord Randal, my son? What became of your bloodhounds, my handsome young man?" "O they swell'd and they died; mother, make my bed soon, For I'm weary wi' hunting, and fain wald lie down.
Página 6 - They lighted on the banks of Tweed, And blew their coals sae het, And fired the Merse and Teviotdale, All in an evening late. As they fared up o'er Lammermore, They burned baith up and down, Untill they came to a darksome house ; Some call it Leader-Town.
Página 184 - Her mother died when she was young, Which gave her cause to make great moan ; Her father married the warst woman That ever lived in Christendom. She served her with foot and hand, In every thing that she could dee; Till once in an unlucky time She threw her in ower Craigy's sea.
Página 258 - He's mounted her on a milk-white steed, And himself on a dapple grey, With a bugelet horn hung down by his side, And lightly they rode away.

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