The Nautical Magazine: A Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected with Maritime Affairs

Brown, Son and Ferguson, 1833

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This volume is actually 1834 not 1833. A very good series.

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Página 13 - ... the depth, and divide this last product by 95, the quotient whereof shall be deemed the true contents or tonnage of such ship or vessel ; and if such ship or vessel be single-decked, take the length and breadth, as above directed, deduct from the said length...
Página 149 - If the vessel have a poop or half-deck, or a break in the upper deck, measure the inside mean length, breadth, and height of such part thereof as may be included within the bulkhead; multiply these three measurements together, and, dividing the product by 92.4, the quotient will be the number of tons to be added to the result as above found.
Página 317 - Officer of such Station until he shall have received some Order directly from, or be acting in...
Página 317 - Flag when he shall actually have received some Order from, or be acting in the Execution of some Order issued by, a Flag Officer, whether he be or be not within the Limits of...
Página 772 - Nor is it of much importance to us, to know the manner in which nature executes her laws; it is enough if we know the laws themselves. It is of real use to know that china left in the air unsupported will fall and break; but how it comes to fall, and why it breaks, are matters of speculation. It is a pleasure indeed to know them, but we can preserve our china without it.
Página 278 - An Act for giving a public Reward to such Person or Persons, being His Majesty's Subject or Subjects, as shall discover a Northern Passage for Vessels by Sea between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and also unto such as shall first approach by Sea . within One Degree of the Northern Pole...
Página 317 - We do now make known to all our loving subjects, and all others whom it may concern, by this Our Proclamation, by and with the advice and consent of Our Privy Council, that Our Royal will and pleasure is, and We do hereby direct, that the distribution of such proceeds and rewards shall be made in the following manner, viz.
Página 671 - ... it cometh to pass upon the loss or perishing of any ship, there followeth not the undoing of any man, but the loss lighteth rather easily upon many than heavily upon few, and rather upon them that adventure not than those that do adventure, whereby all merchants, especially of the younger sort, are allured to venture more willingly and more freely...
Página 353 - Method," insists upon the duty of carefully ascertaining facts in the iirst place, nud then reasoning upon them towards conclusions. "Man," he says, "who is the servant and interpreter of nature, can act and understand no further than he has, either in operation or in contempla,tion, observed of the method and order of nature.
Página 540 - ... all such protection as His Majesty can grant to a friendly Power at so remote a distance from his own kingdoms.

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