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Dresden Edition.

Arguments cannot be answered with insults. Kindaess is

strength ; anger blows out the lamp of the mind. In the
examination of a great and important question, every
one should be serene, slow-pulsed and calm.

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(1881.) 1. Col. Ingersoll's Opening Paper-Statement of the Fundamental Truths of Christianity-Reasons for Thinking that Portions of the Old Testament are the Product of a Barbarous People-Passages upholding Slavery, Polygamy, War, and Religious Persecution not Evidences of Inspiration-If the Words are not Inspired, What Is ?Commands of Jehovah compared with the Precepts of Pagans and Stoics-Epictetus, Cicero, Zeno, Seneca, Brahma-Il. The New Testament-Why were Four Gospels Necessary?-Salvation by Belies-The Doctrine of the Atonement-The Jewish System Culminating in the Sacrifice of Christ-Except for the Crucifixion of her Son, the Virgin Mary would be among the Lost-What Christ must have Known would Follow the Acceptance of His Teachings—The Wars of Sects, the Inquisition, the fields of Death-Why did he not Forbid it All ?- The Little that he Revealed–The Dogma of Eternal Punishment-Upon Love's Breast the Church has placed the Eternal AspIII. The “Inspired” Writers-Why did not God furnish Every Nation with a Bible?

3-28 II. Judge Black's Reply-His Duty that of a Policeman—The Church not in Danger-Classes who Break out into Articulate Blasphemy-The Sciolist-Personal Remarks about Col. Ingersoll-ChiefJustice Gibson of Pennsylvania Quoted-We have no jurisdiction or Capacity to Rejudge the Justice of God-The Moral Code of the Bible--Civil Government of the Jews-No Standard of Justice without Belief in a God-Punishments for Blasphemy and Idolatry Defended Wars of Conquest-Allusion to Col. Ingersoll's War Record-Slavery among the Jews-Polygamy Discouraged by the Mosaic Constitution-Jesus of Nazareth and the Establishment of his ReligionAcceptance of Christianity and Adjudication upon its Divinity-The Evangelists and their Depositions-The Fundamental Truths of Christianity-Persecution and Triumph of the Church-Ingersoll's Propositions Compressed and the Compressions Answered--Salva. tion as a Reward of Belief- Punishment of Unbelief—The Second Birth, Atonement, Redemption, Non-resistance, Excessive Punishment of Sinners, Christ and Persecution, Christianity and Freedom of Thought, Sufficiency of the Gospel, Miracles, Moral Effect of Christianity,

111. Col. Ingersoll's Rejoinder-How this Discussion Came About - Natural Law–The Design Argument–The Right to Rejudge the Justice even of a God-Violation of the Commandments by Jehovah


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