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Stone, May E. A fair plebeian. Chic., H: A. Sumner & Co., 1883. 3-258 p. D. (Hammock ser.) cl., $1.

"Kitty Kaw," the fair enchantress who walks triumphantly through these pages, defying her aristocratic aunt, upon whose tender mercies her poverty has cast her, and winning the hearts of all of the male sex who come in contact with her, is a very piquant little heroine. Her story is the old one of constant love and a sudden accession to fortune, but is very nicely told, and has both a humorous and a pathetic side.

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United States. Bureau of Education.

Circulars of information, no. 1, 1883: Legal provisions respecting the examination and licensing of teachers. Wash., D. C., Government Printing Office, 1883. O. pap.

*Wait, W: The law and practice in civil actions and proceedings in justices' courts and on appeals to the county courts in the State of New York, including the principles of law relating to actions or defences; the rules of practice, of pleading, and of evidence; together with practical forms and precedents. V. 2. 5th ed., by Edwin Baylies. Albany, W: Gould & Son, 1883. 70+1012 p. O. shp., $5.50.

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*Wallis, J. C. A prodigious fool: a novel. Cheap ed. Phil., J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1883. D. pap., 40 c. Waters, Rob. How to get on in the world, as demonstrated by the life and language of William Cobbett; [also] Cobbett's English grammar, with notes by Robert Waters. N. Y., James W. Pratt [C: T. Dillingham], 1883. 14 +285+14+272 p. por. D. cl., $1.75.

William Cobbett was the author of a grammar of the Eng. printed in this country. It still holds its own as one of the lish language published in London, 1818, and afterward remost simple and most interesting grammars ever written. It is in the form of letters, and intended for the use of schools and of young persons in general, but more espe cially for the use of soldiers, sailors, apprentices, and plough-boys." Mr. Waters has appended numerous notes to the grammar, written in the plain and easy style of the author. Cobbett was an Englishman who came to this country in 1792, and was somewhat mixed up in our politics. He afterward returned to London, where he led an adventurous life, and wrote a number of books on political and social topics. A bibliographical list of his publications, taken from Edward Smith's Biography," forms a valuable addition to Mr. Water's life of Cobbett presented under the title "How to get on in the world." The biography and grammar together form an unusually interesting volume. *West Virginia. Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, by Cornelius C. Watts, exofficio reporter. V. 19 [W. Va. rep.], 1882. Wheeling, W. J. Johnston, public printer, 1882. 45+814+42 p. O. shp., $4.50. *Wood, Horatio C., M.D. Treatise on therapeutics, materia medica and toxicology, with especial reference to the application of the physiological action of drugs to clinical medicine. 5th ed., rev. and adapted to the new pharmacopoeia. Phil., J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1883. O. cl., $6; lib. shp., $6.50; hf. rus., $7.


*Worcester's new school dictionary. Phil., J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1883. 390 p. D. hf. roan, 90 c.

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2.00 Robinson, Arden (H. F. S. L., 318)......




1.00 Step, Plant-life......



WILLIAM GOULD & SON, Albany, N. Y. Wait, Civil actions, v. 2, 5th ed... $5.50

F. F. HANSELL, New Orleans. Louisiana, Reports, 4 pts......






IVISON, BLAKEMAN, TAYLOR & Co., N. Y. Chapman, Flora of the southern U. S., 2d ed., rev. and enl.



W. J. JOHNSTON, Wheeling, W. Va. West Va., Supreme Court reports, v. 19.. 4.50

HENRY C. LEA'S SON & Co., Phila. 1.75 Taylor, Medical jurisprudence, 2 v. $10; 12.00

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A. F. W. LESLIE PUB. Co., N. Y.
Brooklyn bridge...........

Bulwer, Paul Clifford (L. L., 117)................
Champney, Bourbon lilies (L. L., 119)..
Franklin, Ameline Du Bourg (L. L., 122)
Gaboriau, The Lerouge case (L. L., 116)..

Monsieur Lecoq (L. L., 114) 2 v., ea...
Other people's money (L. L., 120)..
Huntley, Spoopendyke papers (L. L., 109)
McCarthy, Outlines of Irish history (L. L.,

J. B. LIPPINCOTT & Co., Phila.
C., Leaves of spring.....
$1; $1.25
Fuller, Forever and a day, cheap ed......
Gow, Primer of politeness.
Johnston and Browne, Life of Alexander
H. Stephens, new ed., subs
Perrin, Algebra problems, teacher's ed.,
75 c.; scholar's ed....

Reade, How to write English..
Saunders, Insects injurious to fruit.
Wallis, A prodigious fool, cheap ed..
Wood, Therapeutics, 5th ed., rev...$6.50;
Worcester, New school dictionary.

Rame, Wanda (L. L., 112) 2 v., ca..
Russell, A sea queen (L. L., 123).
Smith, False hopes (L. L., 110).


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Dean, The British constitution....

JAS. R. OSGOOD & Co., Boston. 10 Carolino, New guide to the conversation.

$I; Gordon, Brook farm to Cedar Mountain..$3.0 T. B. PETERSON & BROS., Phila. 75 Burnett, Lindsay's luck, new issue....$1;












JOHN E. POTTER & Co., Phila.
Meyers, Life of Lewis Wetzel...


SHAW & SWARTS, Providence, R. I. 15 Clarke, Discourse on Prof. E. S. Greene. 20 Taylor, Sketch of Elizabeth K. Churchill.



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Goodwin, Bp. of Carlisle. Walks in the regions of
science and faith: a series of essays. Post 8°. 304 P., 7s.
Gower, Lord R. My reminiscences. 2 v., 8°. 800 p.,

Gréville, H. Leaves from the diary of Henry Gréville;
ed. by the Viscountess Enfield. 8°. 436 p., 145.


{PRESBYTERIAN BD. OF PUB., Phila. Graham, Lectures on Ephesians.

Extracts from a diary dating from 1832 to 1852.
Griffin, J. Flags-national and mercantile. 8°. (Ports-
mouth, Griffin), 7s. 6d.....


A. D. F. RANDOLPH & Co., N. Y.
Kellogg, The Jews.....
Shields, Liturgia expurgata, 4th ed..

L. K. STROUSE & Co., N. Y.
N. Y., Calman's code time-table.....

HENRY A. SUMNER & Co., Chicago. Paynter, Caleb...

Stone, A fair plebeian...







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Klock, Form for keeping record... .... 8.00


.1.00 1.00

Selected from the [London] "Publishers' Circular.”


Rodd, R. Poems in many lands. Post 8°. 132 p., 55.

Published from May 1 to 15. Armytage, Hon. Mrs. Old court customs and modern | Macquoid, Thomas and Katherine. About Yorkshire; court rule. 8°. 276 p., 10s. 6d.. ......Bentley. with 67 il. by T. K. Macquoid. Sq. 16°. 342 P., 10s. 6d. Chatto. Barclay, Bp. Joseph Barclay, third Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem: a missionary biography. 8°. 604 P., 18s. Marvin, C. The Russians at Merv and Herat, and their Partridge. power of invading India. 8°. 470 p., 24s...W. H. Allen. Batty, J. The scope and charm of antiquarian study. 8°. Mouat, F. J., and Snell, H. S. Hospital construction and management. Pt. 1. .....Redway. Demy 4°. 15S..... Churchill. 34 P., IS.... Beddome, R. H. Hand-book to the ferns of British India, Murphy, Denis. Cromwell in Ireland: a history of CromCeylon, and the Malay peninsula; with 300 il. Post 8°. well's Irish campaign; with map, plans, and il. 8°. (DubThacker. lin, Gill), 502 p., 12s. 6d... ....Simpkin. 500 p., 18s Owen, D. Marine insurance: notes and clauses. 8°. 162 Boyle's Fashionable court and country guide; corrected .Office. for April, 1883. 12°. 55...... P., 10s. 6d... Broglie, Duc de. Frederick the Great and Maria Theresa; from hitherto unpublished documents, 1740-1742; from the French by Mrs. Cashel Hoey and Mr. John Lillie. 2 v., 8°. 658 p., 30s..... Low. Brown, J. T. Photometry and gas analysis. 8°. 112 P., Scientific Pub. Co. Drummond, H. Natural law in the spiritual world. Post 8°. 420 p., 7s. 6d.. ..Hodder. Frankfurter, Dr. O. Hand-book of Pali: being an elementary grammar, a chrestomathy, and a glossary. 8°. Williams & N. Gallenga, A. Iberian reminiscences: fifteen years' travelling impressions of Spain and Portugal. 2 v., 8°. 900 Chapman. Gladstone & Co. Containing the Gladstone A B C, New gleanings from Gladstone, More gleanings from Gladstone, The liberal misleader. Sq. 16°. 28.





P., 325...

Bogue. Rossetti, Christina G. Letter and spirit: notes on the commandments. 12°. 190 p., 2s.....Christ. Knowl. Soc. Scarth, H. M. Roman Britain; with map. 12°. 284 P., 2s. 6d. (Early Britain)........... Christ. Knowl. Soc. Skobeleff and the Slavonic cause, by O. K. 8°. 430 P., ..Longmans. Smith, C. R. Retrospections, social and archæological. V. 1, 8°. 12s. 6d.. Bell. Thomas, D. The book of Psalms, exegetically and practically considered. V. 2, 8°. 504 p., 10s. Ed...Dickinson. Tichborne, C. R. C., and James, Prosser. The mineral waters of Europe; including a short description of artificial mineral waters. 12°. 220 p.. 35. 6d.......Baillière. Water-works statistics, 1883; ed. by Charles W. Hastings. 89. 30 p., sewed, 2s. 6d.. John Smith. Weiss, B. Biblical theology of the New Testament; tr. from the 3d rev. ed. by the Rev. Jas. E. Duguid. V. 2, 8°. (Edinb., Clark), 432 p., 1os. 6d. (For. Theol. Lib.). Hamilton. Weiss, B. The life of Christ; tr. by John Walter Hope. V. 1, 8°. (Edinb., Clark), 392 p., 1os. 6d. (For. Theol. Lib.).... ...Hamilton. Wheatley, H. B., and Delamotte, P. H. Art-work in gold and silver-modern. Large 8°. 2s. 6d.. Williams, M. Some London theatres: past and presPost 8°. 216 p., 7s. 6d.....








Continued from page 450, P. W., v. 23, 1883.
PROUDHON (Pierre Joseph). Les Majorats littér-
aires, etc. 2e éd. About 266 p. 12. Paris,
E. Dentu, 1863.

Same. In Euvres complètes de P.-J. Proudhon. V. 16. 12°. Paris, A. Lacroix, Verboeckhoven & ce, 1868. 2 p. 1. p. 1-124.

Same: Die literarischen Majorate. Prü fung des plans zu einem gesetze, welches die schöpfung eines ewigen monopols zum besten der erfinder, schriftsteller und künstler bezweckt. Aus dem franzosischen. 8°. Leipzig, Weber, 1863.

See also Potter (Agathon de). PRUSSIA. Das preussische gesetz gegen nachdruck und nachbildung, zum schutz des eigenthums an den werken der wissenschaft und kunst, gegeben am 11. Juni 1837. 8°. Berlin, Eichler, 1840.

Same Dargestellt in seinem entstehen. und erläutert in seinen einzelnen bestimmungen aus den amtlichen quellen durch Julius E. Hitzig. 8°. Berlin, F. Dümmler, 1838.

Same: Prussian law of copyright of [June II] 1837. [Translated by Francis Lieber.] In "The Law reporter. Edited by P. W. Chandler." v. 2. 8°. Boston, no. 5, Sept. 1839, p. 129-133.

See also Kaiser (Hermann).-Lange (Max). PUBLICATIONS on the subject of literary property. [Anon. reviews of eight works.] In "The Monthly review." v. 51. 8°. London, 1874, Aug. p. 81-94; Sept. p. 202-213; Oct. p. 272281; Nov. p. 357-360. PUBLISHERS' (The) weekly. v. 1-22, Jan. 1872Dec. 1882. 8°. New York, F: Leypoldt, editor and publisher, 1872-82.

v. 1, Jan.-June, 1872.

Int. cop.; A bill for securing to authors, in certain cases, the benefit of int. cop. In the House of Representatives, Dec. 6, 1871, p. 36-40.-Relating to cop.; Report of the Librarian of Congress for 1871, on cop. deposits, p. 42. -Editorial notice of H: C: Carey's "The international copyright question," p. 42.-Int. cop. in Germany; Int. cop. in Russia, p. 42.-Int. cop., letter by G: Tawse, New York, p. 68-69.-The Int. cop. treaty; Meeting of publishers and others in Philadelphia, p. 69-70.-Int. cop., various, p. 71.-Int. cop.; Official minutes and documents of the meeting of publishers, Feb. 6, 1872: a An act to grant cop. to foreign authors; Minority report; c Mr. Appleton's argument for the bill; d Memorial of British authors on cop. in the United States, p. 91-95.-Int. cop., letter signed Justice, New York, Feb. 1, p. 95-96.-The cop. question; Cop. association bill to be presented to the joint committee of Congress, p. 96.-The int. cop. movement in England, p. 96.-Article first of the international treaty proposed by the German "Börsenverein," p. 96.Int. cop., Philadelphia, Feb. 9, [Letter signed W: B. Evans], p. 131.-Cop. developments, various, p. 134.-The international treaty proposed by the German Börsenverein," p. 135-136.-Letter from Boston, Feb. 12, 1872, signed B., p. 138.-Int. cop. treaty, letter from Philadelphia, Feb. 24, 1872, signed J. V. W., p. 182.-Int. cop. treaty, letter from Philadelphia, Feb. 26, signed H. C. S., p. 184.-Letter by Willis P. Hazard, Philadelphia, March 2, 1872, p. 199.-Letter on Mr. Sherman's bill, New York, March 5, 1872, signed H. H., p. 199.-Int. cop. movement; Report of Mr. W. P. Hazard, chairman of the Philadelphia committee, p. 208-209.-Mr. Sherman's bill, p. 209.-Copyright national and international, letter from H: Carey Baird, Philadelphia, March 4, 1872, p. 223.-The int. cop. hearing before the joint committee of Congress, [Communi



cation from "One of the committee'], p. 231-233-A dream about cop. Not by a millionaire publisher, signed L., P. 247.-Letter by Willis P. Hazard, Philadelphia, March 23, 1872, p. 263.-The Elderkin or Sherman bill to secure int. cop.; communication from O. C., p. 295-296.The London Bookseller on int. cop. p. 393.-Letter signed R. T., Philadelphia. April 27, p. 393-The cop. question, letter signed E. C. B., London, April 25, p. 441.

v. 2, July-Dec. 1872.

Canadian cop., P. 91 and 134.-Int. cop.; Cambridge, Eng., Nov. 5, 1872, E. H. Palmer, p. 653.

v. 3, Jan.-June, 1873.

Int. cop. bill in the Senate of the United States; Report of the library committee, p. 191-195.-International copy. right. (From Appletons' Journal, March 1), p. 243.

v. 5, Jan.-June, 1874. Notes on copyright, editorial, p. 30.

v. 6, July-Dec. 1874.
The copyright amendment, editorial, p. 43.

v. 8, July-Dec. 1875.

Editorial notice of Eaton Sylvester Drone's article "Is copyright perpetual?" p. 642.-Cop. in notes, [By Rowland Cox], p. 685-686.

v. 9, Jan.-June, 1876.

Protecting reprints by cop. claim, editorial, p. 229.-Int. cop., letter by James Appleton Morgan, New York, Feb. 21, 1876, p. 254-255.-Cop. notes, (By Rowland Cox), p. 327.-Cop. notes, editorial: Italian cop. case; Case of Frances E. Tilton v. W: F. Gill, p. 476.-Cop. notes: British cop. commission; Letter from A. R. Spofford, p. 529.

v. 10, July-Dec. 1876.

A cop. question. J: H. Tomlinson and U. D. Ward, regarding collection envelopes," p. 472-473. The cop. quoted, p. 474.-Dr. J. G. Holland on cop. p. 537-538.laws; Letter from "Howard" to the Christian Weekly The facts as to cop., letter from "Howard," New York, Sept. 25, 1876, p. 569-570.-Cop. notes; Case of S: Smiles vs. Belford Brothers, p. 700.

v. 11, Jan.-July, 1877.

Dr. [C: E: C. B.] Appleton on int. cop., editorial, p. 190192.-British cop. commission, editorial, p. 323.

v. 12, July-Dec. 1877.

Theories and practice of cop. Notice of Daniel de Folleville's "De la propriété littéraire," from the Nation of Oct. II, 1877, p. 466.-Pending legislation; Cop. and trademarks, editorial, p. 579.-British cop. commission; The Athenæum quoted, p. 784-785.

v. 13, Jan.-June, 1878.

English publishers and American authors, p. 246.-Paris literary congress, p. 405, 442.-The British cop. commission, P. 509.-The international commercial relations of books, p. 526-527.-The British cop. commission report, p. 527.English comments on the American trade, p. 527-529.-Int. cop.; The British commission report, p. 554-555.-The proposed alterations in the British cop. act, p. 558a.-Letter by J: C. Nimmo, Boston, June 7, 1878, p. 631.

v. 14, July-Dec. 1878.

The Paris literary congress, editorial, p. 13.-American publishers and foreign authors; editorial comments upon G. W. Smalley's letter to the New York Tribune, p. 114115.-American publishers and foreign authors; from H: Holt & Co., a letter to the New York Tribune in answer to G. W. Smalley, p. 115.-The literary congress, Paris, from G. W. Smalley's letter to the New York Tribune, July 17, 1878, p. 119.-On perpetual cop. [Edmond About], p. 173.-Moy Thomas on the British cop. commission report, p. 214-215.-Rights in MS., a French decision, p. 237.-Henry Holt & Co.'s exhibit of translations at the Paris exposition, p. 281.-An address on international cop. by James Appleton Morgan; editorial notice with quotation, p. 299.-Stanley's new book [pirated], p. 357-Imported cop. books, editorial on the Stanley book, p. 534.C: Reade and Mrs. Frances Hodgson Burnett, editorial, p. 534.-English playwright vs. American author: C: Reade's letter to Dr. Swan M. Burnett; Mrs. Burnett's letter to C: Copyright, 1882.

Reade, p. 535-536.-The Stanley book, circular from Harper & Brothers, p. 536.-The Stanley book, letter from Robert Clarke & Co., p. 596.-The Canadian invasion; from the New York Sun, Nov. 22, 1878, p. 780-781.-Int. cop, a case in point, Mrs. Brassey's "Cruise of the Sunbeam,' reprinted by Henry Holt & Co., p. 844.

v. 17, Jan.-June, 1880.

v. 15, Jan.-June, 1879.

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[By G: Ripley], from the New York Tribune, P. 107-0021 Irving suit-The "Essentials of anatomy and Mr Unpub

lished" librettos, p. Holland Didier on int. cop., editorial, p. 426-427.-English authors and American publishers; letters from Edwin Arnold and F: W: Farrar to I. K. Funk & Co., p. 457.-Cop. notes, p. 457.Property in subscription orders; J. M. Stoddart & Co., vs. Key, Hall; & Scribner, Armstrong & Co., p. 516-517.-Editorial remarks on Wilkie Collins's "Considerations on the copyright question," p. 536.-Wilkie Collins and int. cop., from the Boston Traveller, June 5, 1880, p. 605.-Mr. Stedman on int. cop., letter to the New York Tribune, p. 605.

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v. 16, July-Dec. 1879.


A cop. omnium gatherum; notice of R. A. Macfie's "Copyright and patents for inventions,' P. 12. Cop. notes, p. 176. Int. cop., letters to Messrs. Harper, from H: C. Lea, F: R: Daldy, J. A. Morgan and James Parton, p. 220-221.-British cop. bill, p. 258-259.-The proposed British cop. bill, p. 277-281.-Mrs. [Frances Hodgson] Burnett on int. cop., P: 358.-International copyright and "Macmillan's magazine," (from the Academy), letter by S. S. Conant, New York, June 25, 1879, p. 387-388.-Cop. in titles of books, p. 474-475.-Int. cop. and American periodical literature, p. 562-563.-Editorial comment on the reprint of Irving's works, p. 805.-The "Works" of Washington Irving, letter from G. P. Putnam's Sons, Nov. 26, 1879, p. 807.-Free mailing of cop. copies, p. 807.-The cop. question. Opinions of authors and others, Oliver Wendell Holmes, C: W. Eliot, J: Hay, Justin Winsor and W: F: Poole, p. 881.

v. 18, July-Dec. 1880.

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