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With which is incorporated the American Literary Gazette and Publishers' Circular



Entered at the Post-Office at New York, N. Y.. as second-class matter.

VOL. XXIII., No. 1.

NEW YORK, January 6, 1883.

WHOLE NO. 572.

Funk & Wagnalls' New Publications,



MEYER'S CRITICAL AND EX- 40 cents, Paper; 75 cents, Cloth.

Thoroughly Edited especially for this Edition


This is a most learned and suggestive com-
mentary; a work that all preachers who lecture
or preach on the Sunday-school Lessons, and
all superintendents and all teachers who wish
to get at the actual meanings of Scripture,
should have. Dr. T. W. Chambers, the well-
known biblical scholar and member of the Bible
Revision Committee, commends Meyer's work
most highly, saying: "He has justly been called
the prince of exegetes, being at once acute and
learned." It is a work of great authority among
scholars throughout Europe and in this country,
as the following will make manifest:

ARTHUR BROOKS, D.D., of New York, says: "Meyer's Acts is so useful for its large learning, wise judgment, and consciousness of statement, that I am very glad to hear of its republication."

JESSE B. THOMAS, D.D., of Brooklyn, says: "I am glad you are to put within reach Meyer's Acts, and that it is to receive additional value from annotations by a hand as wise and skilful as that of Dr. Ormiston."

JOSEPH T. DURYEA, D.D., of Boston, says:
"Meyer is
always helpful in matters of Lexicography, Philology, and

CHARLES S. ROBINSON, D.D., of New York, says: "Meyer on Acts is among the very best and most needed of books for our use on this side of the water."

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ROSWELL D. HITCHCOCK, D.D., LL.D., of New York, says: Meyer's Acts is excellent."

"Is of



THOMAS ARMITAGE, D.D., of New York, says: immense value.'


GEON. By arrangement with the author. Vol. VI. Price
per vol., $2.
ternational S. S. Lessons of 1883. By Rev. W. CRAFTS.
An illustrated story-book. For children and mothers;
for teachers and preachers.

52 short story-sermons for children, by Rev. R. S. Storrs, D.D., Rev. Dr. Newton, Rev. W. F. Crafts, Rev. J. G. Merrill, and 18 others. 12mo, 454 pp., 40 illustrations. Price, in 2 vols., paper, 60 cents; I vol., cloth, handsomely bound, suitable for Christmas presents, $1.25.

THE LESSON IN THE CLOSET-1883. By CHARLES F. DEEMS, D.D. A book for all Sundayschools. 20 cents. It contains the revised version of the lesson for each Sunday of the first six months of 1883, with injected annotations, accompanied by a devout meditation on each passage. It is intended to be spiritually helpful to teachers and scholars.


Rev. W. F. Crafts. 20 cents. Best helps from the costly Teachers' Bible of BAGSTER, SPOTTISWOODE, and OXFORD, with numerous other lists and tables by Dr. Abbott, Geo. F. Pentecost, and the editor, thus giving what could otherwise not be obtained for less than $30.

AN AMERICAN EDITION OF BERTRAM'S HOMILETIC ENCYCLOPÆDIA. Being a Hand-book of Practical Divinity, containing 5094 Illustrations in Theology and Morals, and being also a Homiletical Commentary, throwing light on more than 4000 Texts of Scripture. Price reduced from $3.75 to $2.50.


A. C. ARMSTRONG & SON will publish JANUARY 10th:





Translated and Edited by WALTER ARMSTRONG, B.A., with more than 600 Illustrations (many full-page and some double-page, colored), 2 vols., imperial octavo, uniform with Muntz's "Raphael-Life and Works.' Handsomely bound in cloth, gilt top, $15.50; half calf, $22.50; tree calf, $27.50; full levant, $30.

London Saturday Review, October 14, says: "To say that this magnificent work is the best history of Egyptian Art that we possess, is to state one of the least of its titles to the admiration of all lovers of antiquity, Egyptian or other. No previous work can be compared with it for method or completeness. Not only are the best engravings from the older authorities utilized, but numerous unpublished designs have been inserted. Two artists were specially employed in making the necessary drawings from the original monuments, and particularly representing the greater part of the wonderful collection accumulated by MARIETTE, in the Boulak Museum. Mr. Chipiez has added greatly to the value of a work, in which the trained eye of the architect is everywhere visible, by his restorations of various buildings and modes of construction; and the engravings in colors of the wall paintings are a noticeable feature in a work which is in every way remarkable. The history of Egyptian Art is an invaluable treasure-house for the student. Every page is full of artistic interest."




Comprising: I. A General Introduction. II. The Special Introduction; or, The Prolegomena of Systematic Theology. Edited by PROF. Wм. S. Karr, D.D. I vol., 12mo, $1. (Uniform with "Lectures on Apologetics," by same author.)

"The work is edited by Prof. Wm. S. Karr, D.D., of the Hartford Seminary. Prof. Smith's reputation as, perhaps, the foremost exponent of philosophic theology which our country has produced, will, doubtless, secure for this volume a wide circle of readers outside of those especially interested in theological studies. He boldly claimed for theology the position of the queen of sciences, and no one understood better than he what was meant by that claim."




I vol., crown 8vo, cloth, $1.50.




I vol., crown 8vo, cloth, $1.50.

This series of volumes is specially intended for ministers and students of all denominations, and is meant to furnish them with stimulus and suggestion in the various departments of their work. The best thoughts of the best religious writers of the day are here furnished in a condensed form, and at a very moderate price.


NEW EDITION (price reduced from $1.75 to $1.25). "A New Work of Foreign Talk and Travel."



By C. F. GORDON CUMMING, author of "A Lady's Cruise in a French Man-of-War."

With map and full-page illustrations. I vol., crown 8vo, cloth, $1.25. This enchanting volume of "Foreign Talk and Travel" is printed from the 3d English Edition (published in Edinburgh and London at 25 Shillings Sterling). The London Athenæum says: "The author has an artist's eye for the details of scenes and coloring-her descriptions have a freshness which is all her own; while by the kindred power of instinctively seizing on the most effective points, she carries her readers with her through many a quaint aud picturesque scene of native life, with the ever-varying and beautiful background of sea-coast, or forest, or river-bank, and enables them to realize her keen sense of enjoyment in it all."







I vol., octavo, 500 pages, cloth, gilt top, $2.50.

"A condensed statement of authenticated facts, arranged and brought to bear upon the purpose of the author by clear and cautious reasoning tersely put, and here and there by a more elaborate argument -he has done the work thoroughly. The value of the book, both for a first reading and for reference, is also increased by its simple and lucid method. It is a book of intrinsic and lasting value."-New York Times.





I vol., square 16mo, with 6 beautifully colored maps, from original drawings. Price, 50 cents.


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Engineering," by Wm. H. Maw. This latter, will be issued in twelve monthly parts illustrated with 150 plates (two thirds of them being doublepage), representing leading types of marine engines constructed during the last ten years, etc. The work will be printed in the best style, and sold at $1 per part.



GEORGE CUMMING, 219 East 18th St., N. Y., will issue this month Berly's British, American, and Continental Electrical Directory," published in London by W. Dawson & Sons. Besides a full record of all the industries especially relating to electri. ity and magnetism, the book, it is announced, will contain the names of all persons connected, directly or indirectly in the trade, or professionally, with the science of electricity in Europe and America. The plan of the work being to furnish a convenient handbook for the use of electricians and manufacturers, has also valuable information, tables, formulæ, list of patents, libraries, societies, publishers newspapers, books, etc.-in fact, everything to aid the student and manufacturer. The volume will be royal octavo. 800 pages. Price, $2.


A. C. ARMSTRONG & SON will issue on the 10th inst., simultaneously with its publication in London, the long-expected History of Art in Ancient Egypt," by George Perrot and Chas. Chipiez, translated and edited by Walter Armstrong. The work is in two volumes, uniform with Muntz's "Raphael," published by this house, and is lavishly illustrated with more than 600 illustrations, many of them full-page and some double-page colored, the careful printing work, which will undoubtedly rank as the foreof which caused the delay of publication. The most on the subject, has had a flattering reception in England. They will issue at the same time "Introduction to Christian Theology," by Dr. Henry B. Smith, edited by Prof. Wm. S. Karr, D.D.; "Outlines of Sermons on the Old Testament;" a new edition of " Three Hundred Outlines of Sermons on the New Testament;" and a new edition (reduced in price) of C. F. Gordon-Cumming's At Home in Fiji."

J. W. BOUTON has just published the first issue of "Dumas' Art Annual," comprising an illustrated record of the exhibitions of the world for 1882. The volume contains about 250

original drawings, reproduced in fac-simile, of the most important works of art at the different annual exhibitions in the world during 1882, with critical notices of the exhibitions, signed by prominent art critics. The projectors having become aware of the difficulties of treating their work at all comprehensively, have concluded to make two volumes for 1883, to appear respectively on the 1st of June and the 1st of December. The text is in English. He has nearly ready a descriptive and historical catalogue of the works of Don Diego de Silva Velazquez, and Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, comprising a list of the paintings of these artists, classified by subjects: the name of the present owner; a description of each picture; its history from the earliest known date, with references to the earliest authors by whom it has been mentioned; the collections in which it has existed, or sales in which it has appeared; the engravings after it, and other historical notes; also, lists of lost or unidentified pictures; an account of the lives and works of the disciples of these artists, and a complete index, by Charles B. Curtis, M.A., with original etchings.


The abbreviations are usually self-explanatory. A colon after initial designates the most usual given name, as: A: Augustu: ; B: Benjamin; C: Charles: D: David; E: Edward; F: Frederic; G: George; H: Henry; 1: Isaac: 7: John: L: Louis: N: Nicholas; P: Peter; R: Richard · S: Samuel; T: Thomas; W: William.

Sizes are designated as follows: F. folio; over 30 centimeters nigh); Q. (4to: under 30 cm.); Ò. (8vo : 25 cm ); D. (12m0; 20 cm.); S. (16mo: 171⁄2 cm.); T. (24m0: 15 cm.); Tt. (32mo: 121⁄2 cm.); Fe. (48mo: 10 cm.). Sq., obl., mar., designate square, oolong, narrow books of these heights. Where figure instead of letter symbols are used, the record is from publisher's designation, and not measurement. *American (The) decisions, containing cases

of general value and authority decided in the courts of the several states from the earliest issue of the state reports to the year 1869; compiled and annotated by A. C. Freeman. V. 39 [1840-1844]. San Francisco, A. L. Bancroft & Co., 1882. 847 p. 8°. shp., $6. Angier, Mrs. Annie Lanman. Poems. Bost., A. Williams & Co., 1883 [1882]. 8+245 p. S. cl., $1.50.

"Mrs. Angier's poems are full of earnest Christian faith and moral purpose. . . Some of them are very charming."

-Boston Advertiser.

Arnold, Edwin. Pearls of the faith; or, Islam's rosary: being the ninety-nine beautiful names of Allah (Asmâ-el-husnâ); with comments in verse from various Oriental sources

(as made by an Indian Mussulman). Bost., Roberts Bros., 1883 [1882]. 16+319 p. S. cl., $1.


"Mr. Edwin Arnold has finished his Oriental trilogy. The first part is The light of Asia,' the second part is The Indian song of songs. The trilogy is completed by Pearls of the faith, in which the poet tells the beads of a pious Musdim. The Mohammedan has a chaplet of three strings, each string containing thirty-three beads, each bead representing one of the ninety-nine beautiful names of Allah.' These short poems have no connection; they vary in measure, but all are simple and without a touch of obscurity. All the legends and instructions inculcate the gentle virtues that make life lovely-courtesy, humility, hospitality, care for the poor and the ill, kindness to dumb animals, perfect manners in social intercourse. Many of the poems are suitable for Christian Sunday-schools."-Boston Advertiser. Barham, R: Harris. The Ingoldsby legends. N. Y., G: Munro, 1882. 84 p. Q. (Seaside lib., no. 1447.) pap., 20 c.

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Browne, Irving. Law and lawyers in literature. Bost., Soule & Bugbee, 1883. 16+413 p. D. cl., net. $1.50.

The design of the book is to show by extracts how the law and lawyers have been treated in literature by historians, novelists, poets, moralists, essayists and satirists; the author has gone over the field of literature from the earliest days to the present, and has formed a volume which will be interesting and instructive to laymen as well as to lawyers; among its curious points are a chapter of legal epigrams, one on imaginary trials, and another on law students; the author, editor of the Albany Law Journal and author of "Humorous phases of the law," has interspersed and connected the extracts with comments, explanations and illus

trations in his well known vein.

Buell, Walter. Joshua R. Giddings: a sketch. Cleveland, O., W: W. Williams, 1882. 5213 p. por. D. cl., $1.

Biography of a noted opponent of slavery and a prominent American statesman, b. 1795, d. 1864; was for 21 years a Member of Congress, where he was noted for his great oratorical powers; a résumé of slavery in America adds to the value and interest of the book.

Chapman, Helen C. Brighter days; or, the

story of Catherine Jans: a sequel to "Those

dark days." Phil., Presb. Bd. of Pub., [1883]. 288 p. il. S. cl., $1.

The scenes of this story are laid chiefly in Holland after tale of troublous times for Christians. the assassination of the Prince of Orange, in 1544. It is a

*Clarke, T: M. Law governing township officers: compilation of the laws governing trustees, superintendents and road-masters, defining their powers, duties and liabilities. Indianapolis, W: E. Burford, 1882. 239 p. 8°. cl., $1.50.

Clemens, Will M. Famous funny fellows: brief biographical sketches of American humorists. Cleveland, O., W: W. Williams,

1882. 214 p. por. D. cl., $1.

Thirty-four brief sketches of as many American humorists; among them will be found "Mark Twain,' "Artemus Ward," "Max Adeler," Josh Billings," "Eli Perkins, "Danbury News Man," "Yawcob Strauss," and leum V. Nasby."


*Colyer, F: Pumps and pumping machinery. N.Y., E. & F. N. Spon, 1883. 102 p., 23 folding pl., 8°. cl., $5.

*De Puy, W. J., D.D. The Methodist yearbook for 1883. N.Y., Phillips & Hunt, 1883. 88 p. 16°. pap., 10 C.

*Desty, Robert. The removal of causes from State to Federal courts, with a preliminary chapter on jurisdiction of the circuit courts of the United States. San Francisco, S. Whitney & Co., 1882. 283 p. 16°. flex. shp., $2.

*Dice, Francis M. Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of Indiana. V. 80 [Ind. rep.] cases decided at the Nov. term, 1881. Indianapolis, Carlon & Hollenbeck, 1882. 18+650 p. 8°. shp., $4.50.

Dowling, J. W., M.D. Old-school medicine
and homoeopathy: a reprint from the North
American review, June, 1882, being a reply to
Prof. Palmer's article in the March number,
entitled "The fallacies of homoeopathy."
N. Y., C. T. Hurlburt, 3 E. 19th st., 1882.
26 p. O. pap., per doz., 24 c.
Dowling, R: Last Christmas eve. N. Y., J.

S. Ogilvie & Co., 1882. 32 p. Q. (People's
lib., no. 327.) pap., 10 c.

Dumas' art annual: illustrated record of the
exhibitions of the world, 1882 (first year).
N. Y., J. W. Bouton, 1882. 15+291+300-324
P., 250 original drawings reproduced in fac-
simile, O. pap., $1.25.
Freeman, E: A. An introduction to Ameri-

can institutional history: written for this series. Balt.. Johns Hopkins University, 1882. 39 p. O. (Johns Hopkins Univ. studies in historical and political science, ed. by Herbert B. Adams.) pap.. 25 c.

The idea of this series (of which this is the initial study) is to bring together, in numbered monographs, kindred contributions to historical and political science, so that individual efforts may gain strength by combination and become more useful as well as more accessible to students. The studies in many cases will be written especially for the series

* In this list, the titles generally are verbatim transcription. (according to the ni f the American Library Association) from books received. Books not received are indicated by a prefixed asterisk, and this office cannot be held responsible for the correctness of their record. This list will be reprinted verbatim, with all the notices of the books received, in the TRADE LIST Annual.

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Hamilton, Kate W. Tangles and corners in
Kezzie Driscoll's life. Phil., Presb. Bd. of
Pub., [1883]. 335 p. 2 il. S. cl., $1.25.
A story that will interest and benefit girls especially; con-
veys wholesome lessons of life, and has a good moral.
Harris, Jos. Gardening for young and old:

the cultivation of garden vegetables in the farm garden. N. Y., Orange Judd Co., 1883 [1882]. 191 p. il. D. cl., $1.25.

The object of this work is to show how garden crops may be gown in field culture; the teachings of Mr. Harris are mainly from his own experience, presented in that familiar style so well known to those who have read his other writings; a small share of the work is devoted to the easilygrown flowers, which will add to its value in the estimation of the mothers and sisters as well as of the boys. Haynes, J: E: Pseudonyms of authors; including anonyms and initialisms. N. Y., John Edward Haynes, 78 Nassau St., 1882. 112 p. O. cl.

Contains a list of over 4200 pseudonyms and anonyms, with the real names appended, and dates of birth and death; the volume is noticeably handsome in its typography and


Haussonville, Vicomte de. The salon of Mme. Necker; from the French by H: M. Trollope. N. Y., G: Munro, 1882. 71 p. Q. (Seaside lib., no. 1472.) pap., 20 c.

*Hun, Marcus T. Reports of cases heard and determined in the Supreme Court of New York. V. 34: 1882, Hun, 27. Albany, W. C. Little & Co., [1882]. 50+698 p. 8°. shp.. $3. *Kulp, G: B. Luzerne legal register reports, containing cases decided in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and in the Court of Common Pleas, Orphans' Court, and Court of Quarter Sessions of the County of Luzerne, and the courts of the judicial districts of Pa. V. 1. Phil., Rees Welsh & Co., 1882. 8+ 556 p. 8°. shp., $3. Lee, Margaret. Divorce. N. Y., John W. Lovell Co., [1882]. 2+411 p. S. cl., 50 c. "A story that deserves a wide circulation. It is a strong, straightforward presentation of the way in which scores of modern families are separated by the cruel and incongruous laws of different States, in spite of the wrong inflicted on faithful hearts, and on innocent children."-Christian Intelligencer.

*Lewis, W: Narrow gauge railways, Ireland, Pt. 2, Light railways; or, remunerative railways for thinly-populated districts, by C. F. Green. N. Y., E. & F. N. Spon, 1883. 104 p., 4 folding pl., 8°. pap., $1. Lock, Alfred G. Gold: its occurrence and extraction; embracing the geographical and geological distribution and the mineralogical characters of gold-bearing rocks; ed. by C: G. Warnford Lock. N. Y., E. & F. N. Spon, 1883. 1227 p. il and maps, 8°. cl.. $20. Macdonald, G: Toe gifts of the child Christ, and other tales. N. Y., G. Munro, 1882. 34 p. Q. (Seaside lib., no. 1466.) pap., 10 c. Macdonald, G: Weighed and wanting: a novel. N. Y., G: Munro, 1882. 71 p. Q. (Seaside lib., no. 1498.) pap., 20 c.


Matthews, Julia A. Harry Moore's choice; with other missionary stories. Phil., Presb. Bd. of Pub., [1883]. 3-379 p. il. S. cl., $1.25. Besides "Harry Moore's choice" contains "Fred's trip to China," by Emma L. Bennett; "The story of Mohammed," by Esaik; "Tom's brown jug." by Joanna H. Mathews; "Alec's mission fields;" Little Joe's Christmas eve," by Katherine Prevost; and "What the jolly fellows did for Cairo." These stories are all designed to interest the young in missionary work. Phil.,


Miller, J. R., D.D.

Home making.

Presb. Bd. of Pub., [1883]. 310 p S. cl., $1. Contains important truths and wise counsels for every member of the household-husband, wife, parent, children, brothers and sisters. "Its aim is to mark out the duties and responsibilities of each member of the household, and to suggest how each may do a part in making the home-life what God meant it to be."

Missionary exercises for the use of Sundayschools and mission-bands: consisting of responsive readings, dialogues, selections in prose and poetry, etc, arranged by the Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc. of the Presb. Church. Phil., Presb. Bd. of Pub., [1883]. 192 p. D. pap., 30 c.

Morrow, A. C., ed. Autograph album selections. N. Y., N. Tibbals & Sons, 1883 [1882]. 190 p. D. cl., $1.

1380 quotations from 304 authors, under 221 subjects alphabetically arranged.

Mrs. Raven's temptation, by the author of " Dr. Hardy's marriage." N. Y., G: Munro, 1882. 68 p. Q. (Seaside lib., no. 1497.) pap., 20 c. Munger, G: G. Shall women vote? an argu

ment in favor of woman suffrage. N. Y., L. K. Strouse & Co., 1882. 30 p. O. pap., 10 c. *Municipal and Sanitary Engineers and Surveyors: Proceedings of the Assoc. of Municipal and Sanitary Engineers and Surveyors ; ed. by T: Cole. N. Y., E. & F. N. Spon, 1883. 228 p. 8°. cl., $3.

Murray, D: Christie. Valentine Strange: a story of the Primrose Way. N. Y., G: Munro, 1882. 67 p. Q. (Seaside lib., no. 1499.) pap., 20 c.

*Neely, Rev. T. B. The church lyceum; its organization and management. N. Y., Phillips & Hunt, 1883. 216 p. 12. cl., $1. *New York (The) condensed reports of cases decided in the Court of Appeals of New York, from Oct., 1881, to Oct., 1882. V. I. N. Y., The New York Weekly Digest Co., 1882. 7+505 p. 8°. shp., $5.

*Otto, W: Todd. United States reports, Supreme Court. V. 105: Cases argued and adjudged in the Supreme Court of the U. S., Oct. term, 1881 (Otto, v. 15). Bo-t., Little, Brown & Co., 1882. 27+816 p. 8°. shp.. net, $3.

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