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The abbreviations are usually self-explanatory. A colon after initial designates the most usual given name, as: A: Augustus; B: Benjamin C: Charles: D: David: E: Edward; F: Frederic; G: George; H: Henry: 1: Isaac: 7: John; L: Louis: N: Nicholas; P: Peter; R: Richard S: Samuel; T: Thomas; W: William.


Sizes are designated as follows: F. folio: over 30 centimeters high); Q. (4to: under 30 cm.); O. (8vo: 25 cm.)b D. (12mo: 20 cm.): S. (16m0: 17 cm.): T. (24mo: 15 cm.); Tt. (32mo: 12 cm.); Fe. (48mo: 10 cm.). Sq., 006., mar., designate square, oblong, narrow books of these heights. Where figure instead of letter symbols are used, the record is from publisher's designation, and not measurement.

*Abbott, Austin. New cases, selected chiefly from decisions of the courts of the State of New York. V. 11 [1880-1882]. N. Y., G: S. Diossy, 1882 [1883]. 33+557 p. O. shp., $6. Abbott, Lyman, D.D., ed. For family worship. Pt. 1: Scripture readings; Pt. 2: Family prayers. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., [1883]. 455 p. D. cl., $1.50.

A large portion of the "Scripture readings" consists of the lives of Moses, David, Daniel, Christ and Paul. The principal incidents in these lives have been selected and so arranged that when the course is completed the household, from oldest to youngest, will have an accurate and comprehensive idea of the complete life. In the life of Christ much of his teachings have been interwoven; in the life of David many of the Psalms are introduced in connection with incidents which are supposed to have given rise to them. About seventy-five other readings are added of practical counsel or spiritual experience, chiefly from psalms and epistles. In all cases the readings are in the words of the English Bible, and they generally consist of executive passages. They are of suitable length, and to each is given an appropriate topical heading. Pt. 2 contains prayers for the family. It has been made by a selection from the literature of prayer, ancient and modern.

Aldrich, T: Bailey. From Ponkapog to Pesth. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1883. 267 p.

D. cl., $1.25.

Reminiscences of foreign travel, presented in the half-humorous style, characteristic of Mr. Aldrich. "Ponkapog,' he explains, is the Indian name of a little New England village from which he sallied forth upon a foreign pilgrimage, and "Pesth" the farthest point east to which his wanderings led him. The one place he thinks scarcely merits a description, while the other has been too often described"he is thus happily relieved of the onus of making strictly good the title of these papers, whose chief merit, indeed, is that they treat of neither Pesth nor Ponkapog." The papers are nine in number relating to national or personal traits of the Italians, Spaniards and other Europeans. Their


names are, "Days with the dead," " Beggars, professionals and amateurs,' ""Ways and manners," and "A visit to a certain old gentlemen" (Pope Pius IX.)," On a balcony," "Smith," A day in Africa," "On getting back again.' *Alexander, Mrs. [Mrs. Annie Alexander Hector.] Her dearest foe: a novel. N. Y., H: Holt & Co., 1883. S. (Leisure moment ser., no. 6.) pap., 35 c. *Anderson, J. Wallace, M.D. Lectures on medical nursing. 2d ed. N. Y., Macmillan, 1883. 10+224 p. S. cl., $1. Authors and publishers: a manual of suggestions for beginners in literature. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 1883. 4+96 p. O. cl., $1. Comprising a description of publishing methods and arrangements, directions for the preparation of MSS. for the press, explanations of the details of book-manufacturing, with instructions for proof-reading and specimens of typography, the text of the United States copyright law and information concerning international copyrights, together with general hints for authors.

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Bancroft, Hubert Howe. The early American chroniclers. San Francisco, A. L. Bancroft & Co., 1883. 2+45 p. O. pap.

An answer to an article in the North American Review for April, 1876, by Lewis H. Morgan, entitled "Montezuma's dinner," to which some prominence has been given, notably and of late by T. Wentworth Higginson in Harper's Magazine for August, 1882, in an article entitled "The first Americans." Mr. Morgan's text was the second volume of the author's "Native races of the Pacific states,' which treats of the aboriginal civilization of the Mexican and Central American table-lands. Dr. Brinton, author of "The myths of the New World," writing of this pamphlet


to Mr. Bancroft, says: Accept my congratulations on the triumphant refutations which it contains of the malicious charges made against you. Your views as to Maya and Aztec civilization are correct beyond all question." Bartlett, J: Catalogue of books on angling, including ichthyology, pisciculture, fisheries and fishing laws; from the library of a practitioner of more than fifty years' experience in the art of angling. [Anon.] Cambridge [Bost., Little, Brown & Co.], 1882. 2+80 p.

sq. O. bds., $2.

"A list of some five hundred or more books on the noble art from the library of a Cambridge gentleman whose literary accomplishments are even better known than his piscatory ones. The work is gotten out in a charming style in a thin quarto, with a meadow of margin' and a neat and quiet gray binding, and it catalogues many rare books, including some seven or eight pages of editions of the Compleat angler.'"-Boston Advertiser.

Bennett, Emerson. The prairie flower, and its sequel," Leni Leoti": being adventures in the far West. New ed., rev. and corr. Phil., T. B. Peterson & Bros., [1883]. 5-464 p. sq. S. cl., $; pap., 75 c.

These two stories are for the first time included in one volume.

Berry, A. Moore. Cases determined in the

St. Louis Court of Appeals of the State of Missouri, from July 5, 1881, to March 21, 1882. V. II. St. Louis, Nixon-Jones Printing Co., 1883. 22+638 p. O. shp., $5. *Bible. Cambridge Bible for schools, ed. by J. J. S. Perowne: Acts of the Apostles, with introduction and notes, by J. Rawson Lumby. N. Y., Macmillan, 1883. 39+387 p. maps, S. cl., $1.25.

*Bible. Cambridge Bible for schools, ed. by J. J. S. Perowne: Epistle of Paul to the He. brews, with notes and introduction, by Rev. F: W: Farrar. N. Y., Macmillan, 1883. 196 p. S. cl., 90 c. Bird, Isabella L. [Mrs. Bishop.] The golden Chersonese, and the way thither. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 1883. 16+483 p. maps and il., D. cl., $2.25.

Sketches of travel in the Malayan Peninsula-the Aurea Chersonesus of Ptolemy and the "Golden Chersonese" of Milton. Miss Bird went through the western portion only of this beautiful and little-travelled region in 1879, under official auspices, and was entertained at the houses of officials everywhere. She describes with her usual accuracy and fulness the chief features of the people and country, and offers some graphic accounts of her adventures. The introductory chapter, and the explanatory chapters on Sungei, Ujong, Selangor, and Pêrak, contain information of a more solid character than is given in the sketches of travel and are intended to make the letters more intelligible and useful. The map by Mr. Daly is the result of the most recent surveys, and is published in this volume by permission of the Royal Geographical Society. Miss Bird (now Mrs. Bishop) is the author of "Unbeaten tracks in Japan" and other well-known works of travel.

Blake, Mrs. Lillie Devereux. Woman's place

to-day: four lectures in reply to the Lenten lectures on "Woman," by the Rev. Morgan Dix, D.D. N.Y., John W. Lovell Co., [1883]. 4+173 p. S. flex. cl., 50 c.; pap., 20 c. These lectures, four in number, are entitled: Woman in Paganism and Christianity; Home; The cause of divorce; Woman's true mission. They are not only witty and enter

In this list, the titles generally are verbatim transcriptions (according to the rule of the American Library Association) from books received. Books not received are indicated by a prefixed asterisk, and this office cannot be held responsible for the correctness of their record. This list will be reprinted, verbatim, with all the notices of the books received, in the TRADE LIST ANNUAL.

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taining, but present an array of facts on the other side, well worthy the perusal of all thinking, progressive persons. Boardman, G: Dana. The shrewd steward. Rev. ed. Phil., American Sunday-School Union, 1883. 28 p. T. pap., 15 c. A parable and its application. Boardman, G: Dana. Titles of a pastor's Wednesday evening lectures on the New Testament, delivered before the First Baptist Church, Phil., from Oct. 5, 1864, to April 5, 1882. Phil., American Sunday School Union, 1883. 28 p. T. pap., 15 c.

The writer prints these titles for several reasons; "partly as an analytical bird's-eye view of the New Testament; partly as a reservoir of themes from which to draw topics for definite meditation; but mainly as a possible source of cheer to our younger pastors in their efforts to study the New Testament systematically." Boardman, G: Nye, Curtiss, S: Ives, and Scott, Hugh McDonald. Current discussions in theology. V. 1: Introductory. Chic., F. H. Revell, 1883. 12+217 p. D. cl., $1.

"The aim of this work, which is intended as the first of a series, is to aid ministers and theological students in keeping themselves abreast of the thinking and investigations of our times in the various departments of theology. It is proposed to give an annual digest of the most important contributions in exegetical, historical, systematic and practical theology, in a popular yet accurate way. The present volume,which is mainly the fruit of independent reading and study, is introductory, although forming a complete treatise by itself. It was necessary in order to pursue the subjects suggested with profit to take a general survey of the field, and determine the bearings of theological inquiry.". ."—Pref.


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Bovet, Felix. Egypt, Palestine and Phoenicia :

a visit to sacred lands; tr. by W. H. Lyttelton; with a biographical sketch of the author by F. Godet, D.D. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1883. 10+416 p. maps, D. cl., $2.50. Translated from the 8th French edition. The work was written in 1858, and has been translated into German, Swedish, Dutch and Italian. Prof. Godet says of it: "M. Bovet's book has a character all its own. It is a flower gathered in Palestine, and brought away in all its freshness and fragrance. Every reader will say to himself, I cannot doubt, Here is the friend I should choose to accompany on such a journey.' Brainard, C: Rollin. of writs and all civil processes issued by the courts or required by any legal procedure; to which is appended an abstract of the decisions of the courts bearing on the subject; also, a list of all the officers in the commonwealth qualified to serve civil process. Bost., published by the author [C: R. Brainard], 1883. 110 p. T. cl., $1.


Officers' fees for service

A compilation of the statutes and rules of the State of Massachusetts in the matter of officers' fees for the service of legal process; arranged in tables for ready reference. *Brinton, Daniel G., M.D., ed.

The Maya chronicles. Phil., D. G. Brinton, 1882. 279 p. O. (Library of aboriginal American literature, no. r. cl., $3.50; pap., $3. *Bruce, Alex. B. The Galilean gospel.

A book for

N.Y., Macmillan, 1883. 8+232 p. S. (Household library of exposition.) cl., $1.25. Butts, Mrs. M. F. Frolic at Uncle Will's; or, Deb's relations. N. Y., American Tract Soc., [1883]. 136 p. il. S. cl., 70 c. A continuation of "Frolic and her friends.' very young children. *Chalmers, M. D. Local government. N. Y., Macmillan, 1883. 8+160 p. D. (Citizen ser.) cl., $1. *Clay, C: M. [pseud. for Mrs. Charlotte M. Clarke.] The modern Hagar: a novel. [New issue.] N. Y., Fords, Howard & Hulbert, 1883. 764 p. D. cl., $1.50. Corbett, A. The poultry-yard and market: a practical treatise on gallinoculture, and description of a new process for hatching eggs

and raising poultry. Brentano Bros., 1883.

[New issue.] N. Y., 12+96 p. por. S. pap.,

50 C.

A former publication of the Orange Judd Co., Low issued with a new title on cover How to make $500 yearly profit with 12 hens," but with old title-page unchanged. It is a raising chickens by means of horse manure. description of Prof. Corbett's process of hatching eggs and Cousin Ella. The full nest. N. Y., American

Tract Soc., [1883]. 379 p. il. D. cl., $1.50. A new version of the "oft-told story of the characteristics, circumstances, trials and temptations of a large family of small children, living in San Francisco, who go to an uncle's ranch to spend their vacation. A love of animals, fruit and flowers and a strong religious sentiment are shown by the eight little heroes, but there is some variety in their tempers and troubles, which furnishes their mother with the many useful lessons she inculcates in a rather morbid man


*Democracy: a novel. N. Y., H: Holt & Co., 1883. S. (Leisure moment ser., no. 1.) pap., 30 c.

Doane, W. Howard, and Johnson, E. H., D.D., eds. The Baptist hymnal for use in the church and home. Phil., American Baptist Pub. Soc., [1883]. 6+394 p. D. cl., $1.25.

The special features of the hymnal are: 1, a collection of hymns shown by experience to be useful; 2, a larger provision of popular melodies than is usual in books of this character; 3, a choice, subject to few exceptions, between tunes generally known and newer or more elaborate melodies.

Eliot, George [Mrs. J. W. Cross]. The essays of George Eliot complete; collected and arranged, with an introduction on her' Analysis of motives," by Nathan Sheppard. N. Y., Funk & Wagnalls, [1883]. 288 p. D. (Standard lib., no. 87.) pap.. 25 C.

These essays are now collected for the first time, they never before having been published in book-form in either England or America. They consist of ten papers on: Carlyle's Life of Sterling; Woman in France; Evangelical teaching; German wit; Natural history of German life; Silly novels by lady novelists; Worldliness and other-worldliness; The influence of rationalism; The grammar of ors nament; Felix Holt's address to workingmen. Introduced by Prof. Sheppard's essay on the author's" Analysis of motives."

Ewell, Marshall D. Essentials of the law. V. 2 comprising the essential parts of Stephen "On pleading," Smith "On contracts,' Adams' " Equity" (including pleading and procedure); for the use of students at law. Bost., Soule & Bugbee, 1883. 20+329 p. S. leatherette, net, $2.50; shp. or hf. cf., net, $3. In this volume the matter is probably more condensed than in the first volume, but without omitting anything. which it is essential for the student to know. The subjects treated are among the most important in the course of studies usually pursued by students at law. The works. selected for condensation are well and favorably known to the profession. Mr. Ewell's experience as an instructor leads him to hope that his work will prove useful in economizing the time and lightening the labors of those for whose use it has been prepared, namely, students at law. Faber, Christine. An ugly heroine: a novel of domestic life. Phil., J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1883. 336 p. D. cl., $1.50. Ugly refers to character. A beautiful woman, engaged to one man marries another, startles him into a fit by confessing her history on the wedding-day, becomes a scheming, ambitious widow, who resorts to very low tricks to win her former lover. She is unsuccessful, and dies after marrying a rich mill-owner who makes her insane by seeing visions of a dead wife and father, of whose death he has been the cause. Two or three of the characters are well drawn.

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Stone; with introduction including the battle of Oriskany and the life of Sir John Johnson by Rev. John Watts de Peyster. Albany, Joel Munsell's Sons, 1833. 470 p. por. and

il. bds., $4.


N.Y., W: Wood & Co., 1883. I12 p. O. cl., $1.25. Gilmore, Ernest.

Golden threads. N. Y., National Temp. Soc. and Pub. House, 1883. 265 p. I il. S. cl., $1.

It portrays the life of a well-ordered Christian family contrasted with another of a worldly, selfish type, and tells the story of the results of practical Christian benevolence in rescuing victims of intemperance, and in helping them upward to useful, noble lives.

*Globe readings from standard authors. N. Y., Macmillan, 1883. ea. S. cl.

Contents: Vicar of Wakefield, by Oliver Goldsmith; with memoir by Prof. Masson, 130 p., 30 c.-Marmion, and The lord of the isles, by Sir Walter Scott; with introd. and notes by Francis Turner Palgrave, 168 p., 30 c.-Song of the last minstrel, and Lady of the lake, by Sir Walter Scott, with introduction and notes, by F. T. Palgrave, 133 p., 30c. -The task: poem in six books, by W: Cowper, to which are added an Epistle to Joseph Hill, Tirocinium; or, a review of the schools, and The history of John Gilpin; with notes by W: Benham, 138 p., 30 c.-The children's garland, from the best poets, selected and arranged by Patmore Coventry, 16+341 p., 60 c.-Tales from Shakespeare, by C: and Mary Lamb; ed. with introd. by Rev. Alfred Ainger, 19+368 p., 60 c.-Golden deeds of all times and all lands, gathered and arranged by the author of "The heir of Redclyffe" [Charlotte M. Yonge], 11+454 P., 60 c. Griswold, W. M. [Q. P. Index."] The Q. P. Index annual for 1882. Bangor, Me., Q. P. Index, 1883. 51 p. O. (Q. P. Indexes, no. 12.) pap., $1. "An index to the American, Art Amateur, Atlantic Monthly, Californian, Century, Deutsche Rundschau, Eclectic, Education, Harper's, Independent, International Review, Lippincott's, Living Age, Longman's, Magazine of Art, Nation, New Englander, North American Review, Our Continent. Penn, Potter's, Unitarian Review for 1882." Hallowell, R: P. The Quaker invasion of Massachusetts. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1883. 6+227 p. D. cl., $1.25. "The object of this little volume is to correct popular fallacies and to assign to the Quakers their true place in the early history of Massachusetts. Any one who consults it with the expectation of finding a detailed and harrowing recital of every case of suffering by the Friends, will be disappointed. This branch of the subject is treated only so far as is necessary to illustrate the mode of persecution resorted to by the Colonial authorities, and the spirit in which it was resisted by the Quakers. In addition to Puritan laws and other documents already published by the State, the appendix contains some very interesting evidence never before published, and much material which, while it may be familiar to students who have made the subject one of special inquiry, will be both new and instructive to the general reader."-Prefatory note.

Hare, A: J. C. Cities of Southern Italy and Sicily. N. Y., G: Routledge & Sons, [1883]. 8+535 p. il. D. cl., $2.50.

The well-known author of "Walks in Rome," etc., has written another of his exhaustive works of travel and description, which contains interesting chapters on the country between Rome and Naples, Naples itself, excursions west and east of Naples, Nola, Avellius, and Beneventum, in the Abruzzi, in Apulia, in Magna Græcia and the Basilicata, Sicily, Girgenti and the Southern coast, and Palermo and the Northern coast. There are many extracts from books, old and new, relating to the places described, and much historical lore. Numerous woodcuts and an index give the work added completeness. *Haven, Erastus O., D.D. Autobiography; ed. by Rev. C. C. Stratton, D.D.; introduction by Rev. J. M. Buckley, D.D. N. Y., Phillips & Hunt, 1883. 329 p. D. cl., $1.50. Henry, Mary H. ["Howe Benning."] Finding her place. N. Y., American Tract Soc., [1883]. 368 p. il. D. cl., $1.50. The heroine of this story is a self-educated young lady whose energy and industry have raised her to the position of teacher in a large seminary. Her many personal attractions make her a great favorite, and many temptations beset her to indulge in extravagant dress and neglect her duties for social enjoyment. The results are debts she cannot pay, the loss of friends whose esteem she values, and the temporary endangerment of her situation. The young girl, however, comes to a sudden sense of her duties through all these trials, and the book ends happily. *Johnson, Sir J: Orderly book of Sir John Johnson during the Oriskany campaign against Fort Stanwix in 1777; annotated from valuable original manuscript letters by W: L.


Judson, E: The life of Adoniram Judson. by his son. N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph & Co., [1883]. 12+601 p. pors. and maps, O. cl., $2.


Among all the missionaries who have gone to the East to make known the gospel of salvation to the perishing heathen, none have had more of the apostolic character than Adoniram Judson. The story of his life has been told in many forms, and its chief incidents are familiar to all who know anything of the origin and progress of the great work of evangelization which has been carried on in Burmah, but it was very fitting that it should be re-told by his son, who is now the efficient head of the Berean Baptist mission in this city. It is not an editing of former memoirs, but a new biography which he has prepared, and it contains much that is new, and all will be interesting to the present generation of readers. The personal and social life of Dr. Judson are presented with greater fulness than before in this volume,

which contains numerous extracts from his own correspond. ence and from the reminiscences of Emily Chulbuck Judson."-New York Observer.

Kennedy, W: Sloane. Oliver Wendell Holmes: poet, litterateur, scientist. Bost., S. E. Cassino & Co., 1883. 3-356 p. por. D. cl., $1.50. Mr. Kennedy says this work does not profess to be a biography in the strictly technical sense, and quotes in its defence a sentence from Dr. Holmes himself, "It is an ungenerous silence which leaves all the fair words of honestly-earned praise to the writer of obituary notices and the marble-worker." As a treasury of information, concerning the ancestry, childhood, college life, professional and literary career and social surroundings of him of whom it treats, as well as a careful critical study of his works, the numerous readers and admirers of Dr. Holmes will find it both valuable and attractive. A full bibliography of the writings of Dr. Holmes to date, including his contributions to periodical literature, is a very important feature of the book. *Knobloch, Arthur F. The Louisiana civil and criminal justice, containing numerous forms for justices of the peace, constables, young men just entering upon the practice of the law, and business men in general; with an appen dix containing the parish officer's guide, by E: R. Olcott and H: M. Spofford. Rev.. corr. and enl. ed. New Orleans, F. F. Hansell, 1883. 4+263+32 p. O. shp., $3.

*Lamb, C: Essays of Elia; with introd. and notes by Alfred Ainger. N. Y., Macmillan, 1883. 26+424 p. D. cl., $1.75.

La Rame, Louise de. [Ouida."] Wanda, Countess von Szalras: a novel. Phil., J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1883. 3-566 p. D. cl., $1.25; pap. 40 c.

The natural son of a Russian prince is the hero of this story. At his father's death he is left penniless, and lives a life of adventure for several years, getting finally to Mexico, where he falls in with a French nobleman, whose grandson, Réné de Sabran, is the last of his r ce. The marquis and the grandson both dying, Vassia Kazán carries off the papers establishing their identity, and is enabled to pass himself off in Paris as the Marquis de Sabran. Here his accomplishments and good look make him very popular. In a hunting expedition in Austria an accident

brings him under the roof of a high-born and noble woman,

Countess Wanda von Szalras, with whom he falls in love and succeeds in winning for a wife. His secret fills him with remorse, but he is able to preserve it for several years which his wife spurns him from her feet with loathing and conare filled with happiness, when an enemy betrays him and tempt. Her love does not leave her, however, and when he is dying she goes to him again and forgives him. It will be seen that the motive of the story is unobjectionable. It is told with all the wealth of words and detail, and all the gorgeousness of coloring with which "Ouida's" readers are familiar.


Lea, H: C. Studies in church history: the rise

of the temporal power; benefit of clergy; excommunication; the early church and slavery. 2d rev. ed. Phil., H: C. Lea's Son & Co., 1883. 16+13-603 p. D. cl., $2.50. The subjects embraced in this volume enable the author to give, within a moderate compass, a tolerably complete view of ecclesiastical history, especially as regards the relations between the church and the populations subjected to

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its guidance. This brings into view many curious details, not elsewhere easily accessible, with regard to the foundation and growth of modern institutions and the progress of civilization. In this edition much illustrative matter has been introduced, and an additional essay has been appended on the relations of the early church with slavery-relations which eventually led to emancipation. The book is recognized as of standard authority by the Protestant world."

Maine, Sir H: Sumner. Dissertations on early law and custom; chiefly selected from lectures delivered at Oxford. N. Y., H: Holt & Co., 1883. 8+402 p. O. cl., $3.50.


The author continues in these pages the line of investigation which he has followed in former works-" The early history of institutions" and "Village communities." He endeavors to connect a portion of existing institutions with a part of the primitive or very ancient usages of mankind, and of the ideas associated with these usages. In his first four chapters he attempts, with the help of the invaluable series of "Sacred books of the East," translated under the superintendence of Prof. Max Müller, to throw some light on that close implication of early law with ancient religion which meets the inquirer on the threshold of the legal systems of several societies which have contributed greatly to modern civilization. In the chapters which follow, he treats of another influence which has acted strongly on early law, the authority of the king. In the later portions of the book he examines certain forms of property and tenure, and certain legal conceptions and legal classifications, which have survived to our day, but which appear to have had their origin in remote antiquity. Index. Mozley, J. B., D.D. A review of the baptismal controversy. 2d ed. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1883. 8+430 p. D. cl., $2.

The author confines himself in this treatise to two positions-one, that the doctrine of the regeneration of all infants in baptism is not an article of the faith of the Church of England; the other, that the formularies of the Church, do not impose it. Munger, Theodore T. The freedom of faith. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1883. 6+397 p. D. cl., $1.50.


A book of sermons with a prefatory essay, "The new theology, which describes some of the main features of the present popular phase of religious thought. The discourses, though progressive and liberal are also full of faith and reverence. By the author of "On the threshold." *Nicoll, W. R. The Lamb of God: expositions

in the writings of St. John. N. Y., Macmillan, 1883. 8+124 p. S. (Household library of exposition.) cl., 90 c.

Norris, W. E. No new thing: a novel. N. Y., H: Holt & Co., 1883. 4+441 p. S. (Leisure hour ser., no. 148.) cl., $1.

The same bright, but somewhat cynical humor that characterizes Mr. Norris' former novels-" Matrimony "and "Heaps of money "-will be found in this-a more than usually attractive and clever novel of English fashionable life. Although the author modestly disclaims anything new in the way of plot or character, he has succeeded in making a story that cannot fail to please, so lifelike are his people and so natural their actions, and so cleverly and yet so charitably described.

Norris, W. E. No new thing: a novel. N.Y., Harper, 1883. 98 p. Q. (Harper's Franklin sq. lib., no. 309.) pap., 25 c.

Pittenger, Rev. W: Extempore speech: how to acquire and practise it. Phil., National School of Elocution and Oratory, 1883. 275 p. D. cl., $1.50. While the different modes of speech are fully described, and the special merits of other forms of address are clearly pointed out, the particular object of the book is to show how a man of average ability may learn to speak extemporaneously with ease and certainty. Mere generalities are discarded, while all those little details of practical work which the theorist overlooks are made prominent. Some parts of the work are simple enough to be comprehended by a school-boy, and may be applied by him in his first efforts; other parts may be read with profit by the orator already in the maturity of his powers. Popular detective stories, no. I. N. Y., J. S. Ogilvie & Co., [1883]. 19-136+5-141+9-116

p. D. cl., $1.

Contents: Phil. Scott, the Indian detective: Fritz, the German detective; Donald Dyke, the Yankee detective. Roe, E: P. An unexpected result, and other

stories. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., [1883]. 5-134 p. S. cl., 75 c.


Three stories: "An unexpected result," "Christmas-eve in war times," "Three Thanksgiving kisses," in the best vein of the author of "Barriers burnt away.' Sime, W: King Capital. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 1883. 4+412 p. sq. S. (Transatlantic ser., no. 18.) cl., $1; pap., 50 c.


King Capital' is described on the title-page as a tale of provincial ambition. The framework of the story is quite familiar; the wealthy, self-made man of unsatisfied ambition, vulgar to the last degree, and utterly unscrupulous, his suppressed wife, the family of pretty daughters who fall in love with men beneath them, the strike, the final crashall these things have been used often before. But Mr. Sime has not done at all amiss to use them again. He has described his characters with much precision, and told his story with a good deal of racy vigor. The merits of Mr. Sime's book lie so much in the style of his narration and the many clever little touches of description in it, that complete justice could only be done to it by a great deal of quotation. The book may be safely recommended."-The Athenæum.

Smiley, Sarah F. among my flowers. F. Randolph & Co., $I.

Garden graith; or, talks [New ed.] N. Y., A. D. [1883]. 6+195 p. S. cl.,

Thoughts and suggestions regarding life and immortality. *Smith, Ellison G. Reports of cases argued

and determined in the Supreme Court of the Territory of Dakota, from the Dec. term, 1878, to the Oct. term, 1882. V. 2 [Dak. rep.] Yankton, Bowen & Kingsbury, 1883. 6+562 p. O. shp.. $5. Thompson, W. T. ["Major Joseph Jones."] Major Jones' courtship; detailed with humorous scenes, incidents, and adventures. [New issue.] Phil., T. B. Peterson & Bros., [1883]. 3-190 p. il. sq. S. pap., 75 c. Thompson, W. T. ["Major Joseph Jones."] Major Jones' travels; detailing his adventures, humorous scenes and incidents, while on his tour from Georgia to Canada. [New issue.] Phil., T. B. Peterson & Bros., [1883]. 15-206 p. il. sq. S. pap., 75 c. Thompson, W. T. ["Major Joseph Jones."] Rancy Cottem's courtship; detailed with other humorous sketches and adventures. [New issue]. Phil., T. B. Peterson & Bros., [1883]. 15-128 p. il. sq. S. pap., 50 c. Towne, Belle Kellogg. Around the ranch. Bost., D. Lothrop & Co., [1883]. 477 p. D. (V. I. F. ser.) cl., $1.25.

The scene is laid in the rough mining district of some Western territory. Dorman Deering, who has gone to make his fortune, takes his little brother Dan to live with him after their mother's death, and the story of the sufferings of a sensitive, poetic child among such uncongenial surroundings is well told. The heroine, Deb," is an original creation. It is a truthful, rather sad story, told in a fresh manner. Calculated to interest experienced readers as well as the younger ones, for whom it is written.


W., E. A. St. Ulrich; or, resting on the king's word. Phil., American Sunday-School Union, [1883] 3-93 p. il. D. cl., 75 c.

This is a very sweet and attractive little book. The religious teaching is remarkably clear. The scene is laid in a Swiss valley, and the interest of the book lies in the power exercised by the simple truths of Scripture to comfort and Waterston, Mrs. R. C. Adelaide Phillipps: a enlighten those who listen to them."-Episcopal Recorder.

record. Bost., A. Williams & Co., [Cupples, Upham & Co.] 1883. 4+170 p. D. cl., $1. A loving and appreciative sketch, by an intimate friend, of the private and professional life of the celebrated American singer, Adelaide Phillipps, who died in Germany, Oct. 3, 1882. Mrs. Waterston is the sister of the late Josiah Quincy. Williams, Helen B. Dorothy Dorchester.

Phil., Presb. Bd. of Pub., [1883]. 396 p. il.
S. cl., $1.25.

"Is a delightfully realistic and readable book for the young, by Helen B. Williams, whose 'Sprag boy' is one of the most popular of Sunday-school books of the day. We have rarely seen a thoroughly religious book made so fascinating for the young."-Christian Intelligencer.

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Lea, Studies in church history, 2d rev. ed. 2.50 Haven, Autobiography...

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