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(Successor to BICKNELL & COMSTOCK,)






678 Broadway, New York,

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General Printing and
Publishing Material
Bought and Sold.


Miscellaneous Woodcuts and Electrotypes, JOSEPH GILLOTT'S

STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 1878. His Celebrated Numbers, 303-404-170-604-332,

Prop'r Publishers' Warehouse,


And Dealer in Drawing Instruments, Artists' Materials, etc.,

No. 6 Astor Place,

New York.


285 B

6245 252 H

PERFORATED LIBRARY NUMBERS Printed consecutively on gummed paper and sold in even hundreds, viz.: Size 21, per 100, 30c.; Size " 285," per


100, 20c.; Size"

252," per 100, 1oc.;6245." per 100, 8c. Sizes 21 " and " 285 " also on white card-board, at same price. Letters size "S," I alfabet, 5c.; "B," a alfabets, 5c.; "H," 4 alfabets, 5c. Send for full list and free samples.

P. F. VAN EVEREN, 116 Nassau St., N. Y.


and his other styles may be had of all dealers throughout the world. Joseph Gillott & Sons,

New York.

J. & J. CASH,

Tape Manufacturers,



The undersigned would respectfully in-
form Publishers, Authors, Manufactur-

ers, Tradesmen, and all others in want of Cash's Coventry Tapes for Stationers' Use.
Illustrations, that he will make a specialty
of supplying Electrotypes of Engravings
from foreign and home markets, on the most
favorable terms. Correspondence solicited. Send for Samples and Prices to

Colors-White, Pink, Blue, Cardinal,
and Fancies.

Strands-13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 25.

DE WITT C. LENT, Publishers' Agent,

J. & J. CASH,

30 PARK PLACE (Cor. of Church St.), NEW YORK. 69 Mercer St.,

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Henry Carey Baird & Co.,

Industrial Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers, 810 WALNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, HAVE JUST PUBLISHED:

Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught. Comprising Instructions in the Selection and Preparation of Drawing Instruments, Elementary Instruction in Practical Mechanical Drawing; together with Examples in Simple Geometry and Elementary Mechanism, including Screw-Threads, Gear-Wheels, Mechanical Motions, Engines, and Boilers. By Joshua Rose, M.E, author of The Complete Practical Machinist," "The Slide Valve," etc. Illustrated by 330 Engravings. In 1 vol., 8vo, 313 pages. $4.

"The best elementary mechanical drawing course ever addressed to the inmates of the workshop."-AMERICAN ENGINEER.


The Assayer's Manual. An Abridged Treatise on the Docimastic Examination of Ores, and Furnace and other Artificial Products. By Bruno Kerl, Prof. in the Royal School of Mines; Member of the Royal Technical Commission for the Industries, and of the Imperial Patent-Office, Berlin. Translated from the German by William T. Brannt, Graduate of the Royal Agricultural College of Eldena, Prussia. Edited by William H. Wahl, Ph.D., Secretary of the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. Illustrated by 65 engravings. 8vo, 301 pages. 3.


New Theorems, Tables, and Diagrams for the Computation of Earthwork. The whole illustrated by numerous engravings, comprising explanatory cuts for Definitions and Problems, Stereometric Scales and Diagrams. With Drawings from Models; showing all the combinations of solid forms which occur in Railroads, Excavations, and Embankments. By John Warner, Engineer. A new, revised, and improved edition. 8vo, $4.

A Practical Treatise on Caoutchouc and Gutta-Percha.

Comprising the Properties of the Raw Materials and the Manner of Mixing and Working them; with the Fabrication of Vulcanized and Hard Rubbers, Caoutchouc and Gutta-Percha Compositions, Waterproof Substances, Elastic Tissues, Utilization of Waste, etc. From the German of Raimund Hoffer. By Wm. T. Brannt. Illustrated, 12mo, $2.50. The American Practical Dyer's Companion. Comprising a Description of the Principal Dyestuffs and Chemicals used in Dyeing; their Natures and Uses; Mordants, and how made. With the best American, English, French,and German Processes for Bleaching and Dyeing Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen, Flannel, Felt, Dress Goods, Mixed and Hosiery Yarns, Feathers, Grass. Felt, Fur, Wool, and Straw Hats, Jute Yarn, Vegetable Ivory, Mats, Skins, Leather, etc., etc., by Wood, Aniline, and other Processes; together with Remarks on Finishing Agents and Instructions in the Finishing of Fabrics, Substitutes for Indigo, Waterproofing of Materials, Tests and Purification of Water, Manufacture of Aniline and other new Dye-Wares, Harmonizing Colors, etc., etc. Embracing in all over 800 Receipts for Colors and Shades, accompanied by 170 Dyed Samples of Raw Materials and Fabrics. By F. J. Bird, Practical Dyer. 8vo, 388 pages, $10.

The Practical Steam Engineer's Guide in the Design, Construction, and Management of American Stationary, Portable, and Steam Fire. Engines, Steam Pumps, Boilers, Injectors, Governors, Pistons, and Rings, Safety Valves and Steam Gauges. By Emory Edwards. 119 engravings. 12mo, 420 pages, $2.50. A Catechism of the Marine Steam Engine. For the Use of Engineers, Firemen,

and Mechanics. By Emory Edwards. 63 illustrations. 4th edition, revised. 12mo, $2. Modern Marine Engines, Boilers, and Screw Propellers, their Design and

Construction. Showing the Present Practice of the most eminent Engineers and Engine Builders in the United States. By Emory Edwards. 30 large and elaborate plates of American Engines, Boilers, and Propellers. 4to, $5.. A Practical Treatise on the Fabrication of Volatile and Fat Varnishes, Lacquers, Siccatives, ana Sealing Waxes. From the German of Andres, Winckler, and Andes. Edited by Wm. T. Brannt. Illustrated. 12mo, $2.50.

The Theory and Practice of the Preparation of Malt and Fabrication of Beer. By Julius E. Thausing. Translated by W. T. Brannt, thoroughly edited by A. Schwarz and Dr. A. H Bauer. 140 engravings. 8vo, 815 pages. $10.

The Complete Practical Machinist. By Joshua Rose. 196 engravings.

8th edi

tion, revised and enlarged. 12mo, 441 pages, $2.50.

A Technical Treatise on Soap and Candles. With a Glance at the Industry of

Fats and Oils. By R S. Cristiani, Chemist. 176 engravings. 8vo, 581 pages, $7.50.

A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Starch, Glucose, Starch
Sugar, and Dextrine. Based on the German of L. Von Wagner. By Julius Frankel. Edited by Robert Hutter,
Chemist, Practical Manufacturer of Starch Sugar. 58 engravings. 8vo, 344 pages, $3.50.
Conversations on the Principal Subjects of Political Economy. By Wm.

Elder. 8vo, $2.50.

Dr. Elder is an eminent disciple of Henry C. Carey, the founder of the American School of Political Economy. Worked Examination Questions in Plane Geometrical Drawing. By F. Illustrated by 61 plates. 8vo, $3.75.

E. Hulme.

A School Course on Heat. By W. Larden, M. A. Illustrated by numerous engravings.. 12mo, 321 pages, $2.

IN ACTIVE PREPARATION: Modern American Locomotive Engines. By Emory Edwards. Illustrated, 12mo. Galvanoplastic Manipulations. A Practical Guide for the Gold and Silver Electro

Plater and Galvanoplastic Operator. From the fourth revised French edition, with extensive and important additions, bringing the whole up to the most advanced practice of the present day. By Wm. H. Wahl, Ph.D., Secretary of the Franklin Institute. Illustrated by about 200 engravings. 8vo.

Mineralogy Simplified. Easy Methods of Determining and Classifying Minerals, including Ores, by Means of the Blowpipe, and by Humid Chemical Analysis. By Henri Erni, M.D. Second edition, rewritten, enlarged, and improved. 12mo.

The Techno-Chemical Receipt-Book. Containing several thousand receipts, comprising the latest and most useful discoveries in Chemical Technology and Industry. Edited from the German of Drs. E. Winckler, Heintze, and Mierzinski; with additions by Wm. T. Brannt.

A Practical Treatise on the Fabrication of Glue, Gelatine, Cements, Pastes, Mucilages, etc. Comprising a popular description of these industries, based upon practical experience. By F. Dawidowsky, Technical Chemist. Translated from the German, with additions, by William T. Brannt. The Elements of the Metallurgy of Iron. By Dr. Hermann Wedding. Royal Privy Counsellor of Mines, Berlin. Translated from the second German revised and rewritten edition of William T. Brannt, and edited by Wm. H. Wahl, Ph.D., Secretary of the Franklin Institute. Illustrated by about 250 engravings, 8vo. (To be issued in the fall of 1883.)

Our Catalogue of Practical and Scientific Books, 96 pages, 8vo, sent free and free of postage to any one in any part of the world who will furnish his address.

HENRY CAREY BAIRD & CO., Industrial Booksellers, Publishers, and Importers, 810 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


With which is incorporated the American Literary Gazette and Publishers' Circular [ESTABLISHED 1852]

Entered at the Post-Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter.

NEW YORK, May 5, 1883.

VOL. XXIII., No. 18.






WHOLE NO. 589.

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This will be an agreeable surprise to all. The manuscript of above, after the author's decease, was held by his daughter, Mrs. M. A. Wade, and the publisher congratulates himself on having secured Col. Thompson's last and what has already been pronounced his best book.

Besides the story which gives the title ("John's Alive; or, The Bride of a Ghost"), the book contains Recollections of the Florida Campaign against the Seminole Indians, in which he participated. Here his humor shows to good advantage the funny fellows, Patrick Fagan and Phelim O'Brien, often making the reader laugh outright, even when his sympathies are with the soldiers in their hardships.

The book will undoubtedly have a large sale, and, as the first edition is already more than half sold, the trade is requested to send in orders as early as possible.

Paper, 75 cents; Cloth, $1.25.

DAVID MCKAY, Publisher, 23 South 9th Street, PHILADELPHIA.


Publish Saturday, May 5:





By SIDNEY LANIER, author of "The Science of English Verse," The Boys' Froissart," etc. I vol. crown 8vo, $2.

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Mr. Lanier inquires, "What is that special relation of the novel to modern man, by virtue of which it has become a paramount literary form?" In answering the query, he traces the growth of human personality from schylus, through Plato, Socrates, the contemporary Greek mind, through the Renaissance, Shakspere, Richardson, and Fielding, down to Dickens and to George Eliot, in whom the numerous threads are gathered into one. The portion of the work directly concerned with the modern novel is very largely devoted to a critical, yet loving, study of the last-named author and her works, accompanied by copious extracts. The book is in all respects fresh and enjoyable, and discusses the latest problems of literature as presented in the writings of Zola and Whitman, and other topics of present interest, that have a bearing upon the more general subject.



With Special Relation to the Usages of the Pulpit. By Prof. AUSTIN PHELPS, D.D., author of "The Theory of Preaching,' Men and Books," etc. I vol. 12mo, $2.



Although Professor Phelps' books were all originally composed with a view to a clerical audience, they are too large in their scope to be confined to any one class of readers. "English Style" is especially broad and comprehensive, and it is particularly fascinating from its stories of happy illustrations, and its frequent discussions of matters that every one is interested in, but which few are competent to decide for themselves; such as the comparative value and distinguishing excellences of the great dictionaries, the use of certain words and idioms, and a thousand kindred topics. By far the greater part of the volume relates to English style in its widest acceptation, and the entire work is the most systematic treatise upon the subject ever made by an American writer.



I vol. 12mo, $1.50.

Mr. Wilkinson's volume of collected poems is characterized by variety in form and in tone. The domestic affections, friendship, the relation of teacher and pupil, descriptions of nature, patriotism, narrative, and religion, form some of the classes under which the poems included might appropriately be distributed. Several of the poems included have found their way into different popular poetical anthologies.

Recently Published:

OLD TESTAMENT REVISION. A Handbook for English Readers. By ALEXANDER ROBERTS, D.D., author of "Companion to the Revised Version of the English New Testament." I vol. 12mo, $1.

A CRITIQUE OF DESIGN-ARGUMENTS. A Historical Review and Free Examination of the Methods of Reasoning in Natural Theology. By L. E. HICKS, Professor of Geology in Denison University, Granville, Ohio. I vol., crown 8vo, $2.

IN THE SHADOW OF THE PYRENEES. From Basque-Land to Carcasonne.
MARVIN R. VINCENT, D.D. I vol. 12mo, with etchings and maps, $2.


A NEW AND CHEAPER AUTHORIZED EDITION OF THE LETTERS AND MEMORIALS OF JANE WELSH CARLYLE. Two volumes in one. Crown 8vo, with an etched portrait, $1.50; Library Edition, 2 vols. 8vo, $4.


I vol. 12mo,


These essays of literary criticism relate to some of the most typical of modern poets and novelists-Victor Hugo, Swinburne, George Eliot, Daudet, Charles Reade, Longfellow, Whittier, Henry James, Jr., and others.

New Edition, Revised for 1883.

THE INDEX-GUIDE TO TRAVEL AND ART-STUDY IN EUROPE. By LAFAYETTE C. LOOMIS, A.M. With Plans and Catalogues of the Chief Art Galleries, Maps, Tables of Routes, and 160 illustrations. I vol. 16mo, 600 pages, $3.50.

Part I.-Scenery, Art, History, Legends, and Myths. Part II. Plans and Catalogues of the Art Galleries of Europe. Part III.-Maps, Tables, and Directions for all Leading Routes of Travel.

These books are for sale by all booksellers, or will be sent, postpaid, by

CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, 743 and 745 Broadway, New York.

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Topical Cues, Feb. 17, April 7.
U. S. Government Publications, March 17, April 21.



Annual Summary Number, Jan. 27.

Index to Annual Summaries (detached), Feb. 10.
Educational (Supplementary) Number, Feb. 24.
Spring Announcement Number, March 24.
Index to November Books, Jan. 6.—December Books, Jan.
13.-January Books, Feb. 10.-February Books, March
10.-March Books, April 14.

List of New English Books, Jan. 27, Feb. 10, March 3,
March 17, March 24, April 28.
Literary Property (Bibliography), Jan. 13, Feb. 3, April 7,
April 14.

American Sunday-School Union..
Appleton (D.) & Co...........
Blair (J. C.).........
Books Wanted, etc....
Crosscup & West.........
Esterbrook Steel Pen Co...
Guide-Books for Summer Travel..
Henkels & Tripple.............

Holman (A. J.) & Co....
Holt (Henry) & Co.....
Houghton, Mifflin & Co................
Leypoldt (F)...

Literary News (The).....
McKay (David)..

Macmillan & Co..




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... ....

Mastery Co........

N. Y. Silicate Book Slate Co.. Potter (J. E.) & Co.. Putnam's (G. P.) Sons.... Raynor (Samuel) & Co..... Scribner's (Charles) Sons.. Trade Cards....

Wiley (John) & Sons..

$18 00

10 00 6 00 4 00


$3 20

I 00


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531 527

528 534


CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS publish to-day Sidney Lanier's lectures on "The English Novel, and the Principle of its Development." The author in determining the special relation of the novel to modern man, by virtue of which it has become a paramount literary form, traces the growth of human personality from Eschylus,. through Plato, Socrates, to contemporary Greek: 532 mind, through the Renaissance, Shakespeare, 529 Richardson, and Fielding down to Dickens and 534 George Eliot in whom the numerous threads are 526 gathered into one. The portion of the work di534 rectly concerned with the modern novel is very 534 largely devoted to a critical, yet loving study of 535 George Eliot and her works, accompanied by 530 copious extracts. The book is in all respects fresh and enjoyable and cannot fail of a warm welcome. They also publish an interesting, not to say valuable work in Professor Austin Phelps' English Style in Public Discourse, with Special Relation to the Usages of the Pulpit ;" also a vol-、 ume of the poems of William Cleaver Wilkinson. G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS have just published Isabella L. Bird's (Mrs. Bishop) new book of travels entitled "The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither." This volume forms the last 536 instalment of Mrs. Bishop's travels in the Far East in 1879, and treats only of the western 514 portion of Malacca, "for the very sufficient reason, as the author states in her preface, "that the interior is unexplored by Europeans, half of it being actually so little known that the latest map gives only the position of its under British rule. The volume is quite as incoast line," notwithstanding that it is practically teresting as her previous ones, and is also fully illustrated. They have also just ready "King. series, by William Sime; a curious speculation Capital,' a new novel in the Trans-Atlantic



531 534

534 530






"The Possibility of Not Dying," by Hyland C. Kirk; and the practical manual entitled "Authors and Publishers," comprising ments, directions for the preparation of Ms. for descriptions of publishing methods and arrangethe press, etc.



THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES of the Booksellers' and Stationers' Provident Association is straining every nerve to increase the membership of the society before the next meeting. There is reason why the membership of our association should not be doubled before another yearan easy matter if every member will consider it his duty to obtain at least one candidate. The officers now are doing better than this-let the rank and file look to their honors.


H. C. BAIRD & Co. have just published "The Assayer's Manual," an abridged treatise on the Docimastic examination of ores and furnaces, and other artificial products, by Prof. Bruno Kerl, translated from the German of Wm. G. Brannt, edited by Wm. H. Wahl.


HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & Co. will publish next week Mr. Browning's new volume "Jocoseria, which contains his recent poems, and of which eleven hundred were sold in London within three days after its publication. At the same time will appear James Freeman Clarke's "Ten Great Religions," Part II., which is devoted to a comparison of the various religious systems in regard to the leading religious ideas, viz., of God, of immortality, of creation, of evil, and ethics. It admirably supplements Mr. Clarke's previous book, which has been in steady demand, and regarded as an authority ever since it appeared. A handy volume edition of Holmes' "Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table" will be issued in the same style with the tasteful handy volume Edition of Holmes' Poems; and two little volumes, one containing" Evangeline," the other Whittier's " 'Snow-Bound" and " Hills," the initial volumes of a new series inAmong the tended for schools, entitled The Riverside Literature Series.

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