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(Successor to BICKNELL & COMSTOCK,)





678 Broadway, New York,



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And Dealer in Drawing Instruments, Artists' Materials, etc,

No. 6 Astor Place,

New York.


285 B

6245 252 H





Printed consecutively on gummed paper and sold in even hundreds, viz.: Size 21, per 100, 30c.; Size "285," per 100, 20C.; Size 252," per 100, 10c.;6245," per 100, 8c. Sizes 21 and 285 also on white card-board, at same price. Letters size "S" alfabet, 5c.; "B" 2 alfabets, 5c.; 'H," 4 alfabets, 5c. Send for full list and free samples. P. F. VAN EVEREN, 116 Nassau St., N. Y.

Los Gillotts Steel Lens

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J. & J. CASH,

Tape Manufacturers,


Strands-13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 25.
Send for Samples and Prices to


The undersigned would respectfully inform Publishers, Authors, Manufactur

ers, Tradesmen, and all others in want of Cash's Coventry Tapes for Stationers' Use. Illustrations, that he will make a specialty of supplying Electrotypes of Engravings from foreign and home markets, on the most favorable terms. Correspondence solicited.

Colors-White, Pink, Blue, Cardinal, and Fancies.

DE WITT C. LENT, Publishers' Agent, 80 PARK PLACE (Cor. of Church St.), NEW YORK. 69 Mercer St.,

J. & J. CASH,



Of Providence, R. I., will be sold by Auction


Messrs. GEO. A. LEAVITT & CO.,

Astor Place, New York City,

April 30, 1883, and the following days.

It is exceedingly rich in early English Dramatic and Poetical Literature, comprising original editions of nearly all the great English writers. An enumeration of some of them may be thus stated:

Richard Braithwait's Honest Ghost, 1658; Brant's Ship of Fools, folio, second edition, 1570, in crimson turkey morocco; Alexander and Richard Brome's Songs, 1661, and Plays, 1651; the works of Sir Egerton Brydges, comprising no less than twelve lots. The Kilmarnock Burns, 1786, which came from the Menzies library; Butler's Hudibras, the edition of 1744 and of 1819, the latter on large paper with many plates inserted; the writings of Byron as they were originally issued, comprising twenty-three lots; the poems of Thomas Carew, 1640; Cartwright's Plays, 1651. Mrs. Centlivre's Plays, 1761, which forms one of a large collection of the Works of the British Minor Dramatic writers in uniform binding and of superlative excellence; Colley Cibber's Plays, many of which are originals; the writings of Coleridge, comprising seventeen lots in the finest condition, of exceeding scarcity. A fac-simile of the first German edition of the Letters of Columbus, of which but five copies were made. Congreve's Plays, 1694; Dante's Divine Comedy, 1544: Darcie's Annales of Elizabeth, 1629; Sir William Davenant's Plays, 1651. Sir John Davies Nosce Teipsum, 1599; the Plays of John Dennis; the writings of T. F. Dibdin, all the principal ones of which are on large paper and in superb condition; the Poems of Donne, 1633. The Dramatic and Poetical Writings of John Dryden, represented in fifty-five lots. Eliot's Indian Bible and Indian New Testament, 1661, 1663. Farquhar's Plays, earliest editions. Hernando Cortez, his second and third Letters, 1523, of excessive rarity and in the finest possible condition. Fletcher's Plays, 1634-1640, and the Plays of Foote, originals. The Pleasauntest Workes of George Gascoigne, 1587, an excellent copy, once owned by Thomas Warton. John Gower's Confessio Amantis, folio, 1554: Gray's Elegy, 1751, which Lowndes says was first published in a Magazine in 1752; Hakluyt's Principal Navigators, 3 vols., folio, 198-1600. Heywood's Hierarchie, folio, 1635. A collected set of Hogarth's engravings, 84 in number, of which 80 were purchased from Mrs. Hogarth immediately after her husband's death. Holbein's Images of the Old Testament, 1519, and a superb original copy of the Portraits of the court of Henry the Eighth, 1792. Hpynerotomachia, printed by Aldus Manutius, 1499. one of the finest among the early printed books. The works of Washington Irving, first editions. The first collected edition of Ben Jonson, folio, 1616, and the first collected edition of Beaumont and Fletcher, folio, 1647, in the finest bindings. The Plays of Nat Lee, originals. Six Manuscript Missals on vellum, and also on vellum a Legal Treatise of the 13th century.

Cotton Mather's Tryal's of the Witches, 1693. Milton's Poems, 1643, the first publication bearing the name of John Milton. The Paradise Lost, original edition, 1669. Mirrour for Magistrates, 1610, in crimson turkey morocco, by Pratt a superb copy. More's Utopia, Dibdin's edition, on large paper. Musée Française and Musée Royal, original editions. Painter's Pallace of Pleasure Beautified, 1569-1580, second editions, of exceeding rarity and in the finest condition. Peacham's Minerva Britanica, 1612. Pope's Essay on Man, first edition, Mather's Psalternim Americanum, 1718. The Works of Joseph Ritson, 36 Titles, one of which is unique. An Original Manuscript Journal kept by an officer of Rochambeau's Army, 1781. Romant de la Rose, Paris, 1538, with beautiful woodcuts, and of extreme rarity. The Plays of Nicholas Rowe, first editions. A superb copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle, very large, clean, and beautifully bound. The Plays of Elkanah Settle, 1675-1694, originals. The Plays of Thomas Shadwell, first editions, 1675-1696: The first four folio editions of Shakespeare, in superb condition, and the Halliwell folio Shakespeare. The Plays of James Shirley, all original editions, 1638-1655. Spenser's Fairy Queen, both the first and the second editions, 1500-1596. Spenser's Complaints, 1591. Spenser's Colin Clouts, 1595, and also the first folio editions of Spenser, all in beautiful condition. Stirling's Annals of the Artists of Spain, uncut. Sturt's Book of Common Prayer, a magnificent work, every page of which is engraved on copper; large paper, very rare. Taylor, the Water Poet, folio, 1630. Thomson's Seasons, original editions, 1728. A copy of Millar's quarto edition of Thomson's Poetical Works, 1736, enriched by the addition of precious original documents, among which are the assignment, by Thomson, of the Poem, Spring, and the Tragedy, Sophonisba; also the sale of Thomson to Millar of the entire property in Summer, Winter, and many other poems, and various other most valuable papers; a unique book. Vaughan's Golden Fleece, 1626. Waller's Poems, 1645, a beautiful copy of a very rare book. Besides these which are enumerated, there are a great many others just as worthy of enumeration. The publications of Pickering and of Baskerville are here in large numbers, and many specimens of printing and engraving previous to 1500.

No attempt at display has been made in printing the Catalogue. We have aimed at a description of the books for sale, in the plainest and simplest manner, and we believe we have erred, if indeed it be an error, in giving too poor an account of the splendid treasures which we now offer. Such treasures, we think, as have never before been offered to American buyers.

Catalogues may be had by application to the Auctioneers, or to SIDNEY S. RIDER, Providence, R. I.

VOL. XXIII., No. 15.


With which is incorporated the American Literary Gazette and Publishers' Circular


Entered at the Post-Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter.

NEW YORK, April 14, 1883..

WHOLE NO. 586.




From 1815 to 1883.

By S. C. HALL. With portraits of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Hall. One vol., crown 8vo, 612 pp., $2.50.

Mr. Hall, who is well known as editor for many years of the London Art Journal, was at one time a parliamentary reporter; he succeeded Campbell as editor of The New Monthly Magazine, and he filled other editorial positions; and was the author, in conjunction with Mrs. S. C. Hall, of numerous publications. During his long connection with letters he met many men of note; in fact, he has something to say in this book of almost every person in England who has occupied public attention during the past sixty years.

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers,

I, 3, and 5 Bond Street, New York,




Dr. McCosh's Philosophical Series.



No. 1. CRITERIA OF DIVERSE KINDS OF TRUTH. As opposed to Agnosticism. Being a Treatise on Applied Logic.


By JAMES MCCOSн, D.D., LL.D. Each, I vol., 12mo, paper, 50 cents.

"It is not unlikely to prove true in the end, that the most useful popular service which Dr. McCosh has rendered to the cause of right thinking, and to a sound philosophy of life, is his proposed Philosophic Series.”—The Independent.


English Style in Public Discourse.

With special relation to the usages of the pulpit. By Professor AUSTIN PHELPS, D.D., author of "The Theory of Preaching," ""Men and Books," etc. I vol., 12mo, $2.

The well-rounded and graceful culture of the author of "Men and Books" is too well known to need mention, and the subject of which this book treats has been so exemplified in his previous writings that it would be difficult to name another writer who could so surely be selected as an authority in all that pertains to the correct and elegant use of the English language.


Old Testament Revision.

A Hand-book for English readers. By ALEXANDER ROBERTS, D.D., author of " Companion to the Revised Version of the English New Testament." I vol., 12mo, $1.

In his preface Dr. ROBERTS says: "My object in the present work has been to present in easy untechnical language, a considerable amount of general information, which may enable ordinary English readers to peruse with greater interest and intelligence the Scriptures of the Old Testament when these are set before them in the Revised Version."


A CRITIQUE OF DESIGN-ARGUMENTS. A Historical Review and Free Examination of the Methods of Reasoning in Natural Theology. By L. E. HICKS, Professor of Geology in Denison University, Granville, Ohio. I vol., crown 8vo, $2.

Professor Hicks has prepared a work of great value upon a subject which has assumed a new importance of late, and upon which the arguments of the advocates of a Divine causality must hinge.

IN THE SHADOW OF THE PYRENEES. From Basque-Land to Carcassonne. By MARVIN R. VINCENT, D.D. I vol., 12mo, with etchings and maps, $2.

Dr. Vincent's description of the Basque people, in their stronghold Guipuzcoa, that strange race whose very origin is a matter of conjecture, and whose language is the unique remnant of a prehistoric dialect; and his poetical account of Anglet, with its convent and retreat, of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Pasages, San Sébastian, Azpetia, and other Spanish towns, ending with Lourdes, Toulouse, and Carcassonne, together form one of the most fascinating narratives of travel, espe cially noteworthy for its freshness and novelty.


GATES INTO THE PSALM-COUNTRY. BY MARVIN R. VINCENT, D.D. I vol., 12mo, $1. "The book may be cordially recommended to the perusal of young men especially, who will find in it the soundest views of life, and the most elevated religious conceptions, enforced with equal kindness, eloquence, and power."-New A NEW EDITION REISSUED FOR 1883-84.

York Tribune.

THE INDEX-GUIDE TO TRAVEL AND ART-STUDY IN EUROPE. By LAFAYETTE C. LOOMIS, A. M. With Plans and Catalogues of the Chief Art Galleries, Maps, Tables of Routes, and 160 illustrations. I vol., 16m0, 600 pages, $3.50.

PART I.-Scenery, Art, History, Legends, and Myths, including descriptions of places, buildings, monuments, works of art, and the historical facts, legends, and myths connected with these. PART II-Plans and Catalogues of the Art Galleries in Europe. PART III.-Maps, Tables, and Directions for all the leading Routes of Travel.

In this new edition of "The Index-Guide," the catalogues of the great art galleries, particularly those of Dresden, Munich, Venice, and Milan, have been revised and corrected, in consequence of extensive changes recently made in them, and in all particulars the guide is now correct to date.


743 and 745 Broadway, New York.

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American Sunday-school Union...
Appleton (D.) & Co......
Bangs & Co......

Books Wanted, etc....

Crosscup & West.........
Esterbrook Steel Pen Co.
Harris (C. Fiske), Library Sale..
Holman (A. J.) & Co.....
Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co.
Literary News (The)......
N. Y. Silicate Book Slate Co.
Potter (J. E.) & Co.....
Presbyterian Bd. of Pub...
Putnam's (G. P.) Sons..
Scribner's (Charles) Sons..
Society for Political Education.
Trade Cards.

Worthington (R.).......

$18 00

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4 00

Special rates for yearly or other contracts.


A deduction of $3 per page for standing matter.
for re-insertion must be ordered kept standing.
Special positions, $5 per page extra. Applications for
special pages will be honored in order of receipt.
One year, postage prepaid..
Three months, postage prepaid..
Single copies, 8 cents; postpaid, 10 cents.
Address P. O. Box 943, N. Y.
31 & 32 PARK Row, N. Y.




Annual Summary Number, Jan. 27.

Index to Annual Summaries (detatched), Feb. 10.
Educational (Supplementary) Number, Feb. 24.
Spring Announcement Number, March 24.
Index to November Books, Jan. 6. -December Books, Jan.
13.-January Books, Feb. 10.-February Books, March

10.-March Books, April 14.

List of New English Books, Jan. 27, Feb. 10, March 3,
March 17, March 24.
Literary Property (Bibliography), Jan. 13, Feb. 3, April 7,
April 14.

Topical Cues, Feb. 17, April 7.

U. S. Government Publications, March 17.


ANSON D. F. RANDOLPH & Co. have now nearly ready the " Hand-book of the English Versions of the Bible," with examples illustrat、 ing the ancestry and relationship of the several versions, and comparative tables, by Rev. J. I、 Mombert, D.D. This volume, on which the author has spent years of laborious research and study, presents an exhaustive view of the English versions from Anglo-Saxon times to the revision of 1881, brings information not contained in any single work extant, and will no doubt become a valuable work of reference to readers of the Bible. They will publish immediately a new edition, carefully revised, of

The Ancient Church: Its History, Doctrine, Worship, and Constitution," traced from the first three hundred years, by W. D. Killen, D.D.,. Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Pastoral 460 Theology in the Irish Assembly College. It will contain a preface by the Rev. Dr. John Hall.









the Young," a guide for parents and teachers, by C. M. Hewins, Librarian of the Hartford Library Association, meeting the demand for carefully selected lists, and containing also valuable and interesting counsel.


462 JAMES R. OSGOOD & Co. announce three
455 biographies, which promise to be of unusual
462 interest, since the biographers as well as the sub-
jects are popular and well-known writers. The
first in order of publication will be the "Life cf
Longfellow," by his brother, the Rev. Samuel
Longellow, who is the only one authorized by
the family to write the life of the poet; The
Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne," by his talented.
son, Julian Hawthorne, will follow; and the last,
and perhaps the most eagerly looked for, will be
the ..
Life of George Eliot," written by her hus-
band, Mr. Cross, who has been at work upon
this biography since the death of the great
novelist and whose relation to the events he


D. APPLETON & Co. publish this week a work of great interest in S. C. Hall's " Retrospect of a Long Life," embracing the years from 1815 to 1883, during which period Mr. Hall came in contact with almost every person who has occupied public attention.




LEE & SHEPARD will publish early next week Rev. Charles F. Thwing's volume on Reading of Books-its Pleasures, Profits, and Perils ;" Germany Seen without Spectacles; or, Random Sketches of Various Subjects as Penned Henry Ruggles. late U. S. Consul at Malta; the from Different Standpoints in the Empire, by second and concluding part of "New England Bird-Life," revised and edited from the MS. of W. A. Stearns, by Dr. Elliott Coues; and a new edition of Amanda M. Douglass' novel, " There's no Place Like Home," the title of which now is "The Old Woman that Lived in a Shoe."

F. LEYPOLDT publishes this week the following little volumes, specially calculated to interest readers, bookbuyers, and teachers : Libraries and Readers," by William E. Foster, Librarian of the Providence Public Library, being chapters devoted to the subject of reading, the use of books and of libraries; Libraries and Schools," addresses and papers by Charles Francis Adams, Jr., Samuel S. Green, R. C. Metcalf, and W. E. Foster, selected by S. S. Green, Librarian of the Worcester Free Public Library; and "Books for

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458 463


456, 464 chronicles cannot fail to make the promised
book one of most peculiar interest. Another line.
of readers will be gratified to know that Mrs.
Burnett's story," Through One Administration,"
in parts, rewritten by the author, since its ap-
will shortly be issued, thoroughly revised and,.
peared as serial in the Century; and summer
tourists will find " Osgood's Maritime Provinces"
a reliable and authentic guide, it having been
thoroughly revised and brought up to date.
Over 400 circulars were sent to postmasters and
others in various towns, to make sure of the ac-
curacy of detail in its descriptions and statistics..
Lovers of poetry and fine book-making will look
forward to the publication of Tennyson's
'Princess," which will be uniform in size and
style with their sumptuous edition of "The
Lady of the Lake;" a cheap edition of the latter
is promised and also an illustrated school edition,
with notes by Mr. W. J. Rolfe, whose name is.
synonymous with good work.

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