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J. B. LIPPINCOTT & Co. publish a circular letter from R. M. Johnston and William Hand Browne, protesting against the publication of the unauthorized and unreliable biographies of the late A. H. Stephens. The biography prepared by them and published by Messrs. Lippincott, was gotten up with the consent of .Mr. Stephens, received his approval, and was declared by him to be entirely in consonance with the facts of his history.

DE WOLFE, FISKE & Co., Boston. have ready new issues of their Popular Illustrated Edition (12 vols.) and of their Illustrated Library Edition (24 vols) of Waverley, the former in a new dress. The demand for these popular editions of Waverley is so large that they will soon go to press with another much larger edition, and hope during the coming season to be able to fill all orders promptly. They have also just ready a new and enlarged edition of "Hoyle's Games," "Hartley's Ladies' Etiquette" and "Gentle men's Etiquette," and "Daily Food."




THOMAS WHITTAKER has nearly ready "Stories from English History," by Louise Creighton, to be illustrated with twenty or more quaintlooking woodcuts copied from old prints, historic frescos, and from other authentic sources. The same publisher will issue early in April

the first volume of a new series of sermons for the Christian year, entitled "Coals from the Altar," by the Rev. Joseph Cross, D.D. The volume covers the season from Advent to

Ascension; the concluding volume to appear

a month hence.

THE Congregationalist has the following item: Having seen the statement which we quoted lately to the effect that Ralph Waldo Emerson never received any money from his works until his Representative Men' appeared, Mr. W. H. Dennet, the surviving partner of Messrs. James Monroe & Co., who were Mr. Emerson's publishers before the book mentioned was issued, writes us that Mr. Emerson received one or two thousand dollars from Messrs. Monroe & Co. Mr. Emerson, it is very evident from his own utterances, as well as from this instance of his forgetfulness, had no head for money


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ROOT & TINKER, art publishers, N. Y., have published for the N. Y. Life Insurance Co. an illuminated plate (21x28 inches), designed to illustrate the origin of the American flag in the coat-of-arms of the Washingtons. It gives, in colors, the Washington shield, the Washington arms and crest, the general's seal, book-plate, last watch-seal, and the emblazoning on his coach,

and the obverse and reverse of an American

penny of 1791. There are, also, fac-similes of an old brass tablet in Great Brington Church, Northamptonshire, and in Solgrave Church, the same county; and a chart showing the descent

of the first American President from Laurence Washington, Mayor of Northampton in 1533 and 1546. A pamphlet on "The Origin of the Stars and Stripes," which accompanies the plate, was prepared for the publishers by Edward W. Tuffley, of Northampton, England.

HENRY HOLT & Co. will publish at once "Outlines of the Constitutional History of the United States," by Luther H. Porter. This work is on a different plan from any of the histories, commentaries, or text-books now before the public. In the first part it gives a brief sketch of the government of the colonies, and the text of one of

each of the three kinds of colonial charters in order to show the basis of our form of government. It then outlines the causes which led to the formation of the Constitution. In Part II. the Constitution is given and treated in detail and the nature and object of each clause explained in a simple manner. Part III. narrates concisely the origin and growth of political parties, and traces the outlines of constitutional and party questions. It does not claim to be an ambitious work, but simply an attempt to put into convenient form, for the first use of students or other readers, a connected account of the main facts of the origin, nature, and operation of the Constitution.

CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS have just issued the "Letters and. Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle," which her husband annotated and arranged for publication many years ago, and which are now brought out under the editorial supervision of James Anthony Froude, to whom Carlyle himself intrusted this work. the record of the life These letters contain and associations of a brilliant, sensitive woman, and are stamped with the impress of a strong individuality, giving evidence of a gay, bright, affectionate disposition, and every sentence betraying the wit, sarcasm, pathos, and passion for which the writer was so remarkable. Many of the letters are to literary men, but the majority are to Carlyle himself, and are letters that only a woman could write, full of self-devotion, keen criticism, graphic delineation and sometimes of almost tragic intensity. They are a unique addition to the annals of literature. Another work month is "A Critique of Design-Arguments,"" of peculiar interest promised on the 14th of this by L. E. Hicks, Professor of Geology in Denison University, Ohio, an historical review and free examination of the methods of reasoning in natural theology, a subject which has assumed It is not merely a regreat importance of late. view of previous arguments, but has a claim to originality, especially in its acute discrimination between the received forms of reasoning. Mr. Hicks has undertaken to sort out and label the instead of heaping new material upon the mass. elements of the material already accumulated, It promises to be a remarkable book. On the same day will be published "In the Shadow of the Pyrenees," a description of the Basque provinces, along the frontiers of France and Spain, with the most telling characteristics of the strange, unconventional inhabitants of a region as yet almost unknown to European tourists, by Rev. W. R. Vincent, D.D., whose narrative has quite exceptional claims to attention, and is rendered even more fascinating by etchings by R. Swain Gifford, J. D. Smillie, and Dr. Leroy M. Yale. Besides these new and valuable works, new editions are forthcoming of Dr. Vincent's "Gates into the Psalm Country," and "The Index Guide to Travel and Art," by Lafayette C. Loomis, which latter has been thoroughly revised, and rendered complete up to date.

THE sale of "John Inglesant" has now reached fourteen thousand copies.

THE firm of Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co. has been made a limited liability company.

THE first fascicule of a "Dictionnaire des Finances," edited by M. Léon Say, will be published by Messrs. Berger-Levrault on March 15.

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been confined to the growth of the present relations between the sovereign, the ministry, the two Houses of Parliament, and the people, and the history of their development has been placed before the reader in a plain narrative form.

SARAH BERNHARDT'S "Ma Vie de Théâtre,” with illustrations by Mlle. Abbéma and the painter Roybet, will be published next month. The edition is octavo, but 500 copies will be printed on broad Whatman paper, with the name of the subscriber on the binding and the autograph of the author. A still smaller edition of 250 copies will have covers like the old missals, and have Bernhardt after a portrait by Louise Abbéma designs by Roybet. A steel engraving of Sarah will go with each volume.


M. EM. TERQUEM, 15 Boulevard St. Martin, Paris, began last month the publication by subscription of a Bibliographie des Bibliographies," by M. Léon Vallée, of the National logue, with complete titles, checked where posLibrary. The first part will be an author-catasible by the works themselves at the compiler's command. The second part is arranged by subjects, with references from the abridged titles to the fuller. The edition will be small; the size of the book, 900 pages 8vo; and the price 20 francs.

M. QUANTIN has begun the publication, in Paris, of a series of brief biographies of "Célébrités Contemporains." The text is furnished by clever writers, such as Jules Claretie; and each of the neatly printed little pamphlets is embellished with a fine engraving of the subject of the sketch, and with a fac-simile of his autograph. Victor Hugo, President Grévy, Louis Blanc, Augier, and the late Léon Gambetta are among the notabilities who have already been served up in this series, and the list will be extended to include perhaps a hundred names.

THE "Drei-Mark-Bibliothek," announced by Schottländer, of Breslau, says the London Academy, is an innovation in the German book trade. "The publisher intends to issue a series of new works by some of the best-known German novelists, in a good binding, at the cost of three marks a volume, each volume to contain a complete work.' They are to be as cheap as the French novel·literature, and as handsome as the English.' The series will open with two novels by Heinrich Laube. Paul Lindau, Felix Dahn, Alfred Meissner, Elise Polko, Karl Braun-Weisbaden, and C. Schröder have promised contributions,'

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MACMILLAN & Co. will issue shortly in two. volumes in their new Four and Sixpenny series, Frederic Meyer's essays on literary subjects, both ancient and modern, which he has contributed of late years to periodical literature. The first volume will contain, among others, articles on Mazzini, Renan, Victor Hugo, George Sand, George Eliot and Rossetti, and the second will include an essay on Greek oracles, some recent papers on Virgil, and an essay on Marcus_Aurelius. To the same series will be added Prof. Seeley's forthcoming volume of lectures on "The Expansion of England;" Miss Hoppus' story of the American War of Independence, entitled "A Great Treason ;" and a volume of Folk-Tales of Bengal," by the Rev. Lal Behari Day, author of "Bengal Peasant Life."

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THE following is a translation of the formula. in which books are condemned by the Sacred

Congregation of the Index, which we take from the London Literary World: "No person, of whatever age or station, may, in any place or in any language, either publish in the future, or read, or keep the aforesaid works here condemned and proscribed; but every person ought to deliver them to the ordinary or to the inquisitors of heresy, under the penalties specified in the Index of Prohibited Works." latest anathema of this kind has been launched against three education primers, inculcating moral and political duties, written by M. Paul Bert, Prof. Gabriel Comnavré, and Mme. Henry Gréville.


THE London Academy is begging for an English publisher to introduce the Riverside edition of Hawthorne's complete works into England. "It therefore does not know," says the N. Y. Times-" or did not when its paragraph was written that Kegan Paul, Trench & Co. have already purchased an edition from the American publishers. It may be added here that the etchings with which the edition is adorned are to be issued by Houghton, Mifflin & Co. in portfolio form on Japanese paper. This decision has been made in response to numerous requests from the subscribers to the édition de luxe. Only 100 copies of the portfolio will be publish

ed, and some 50 of these have already been subscribed for."

W. SWAN SONNENSCHEIN & Co., London, have in press an account, by Dr. Coppinger, of the voyage of circumnavigation and discovery of H. M. S. Alert, commissioned at Sheerness in August, 1878, under Capt. Sir G. S. Nares,


Under the heading " Books Wanted," subsoribers are entitled to a free insertion of five lines, exclusive of address, in each issue. Repeated matter, however, must be charged for at the rate of 10 cents per line.

Copy for this Department must reach us Thursday Morning to be in time for insertion in same week's issue.

JOHN ALLYN, 30 Franklin St., Boston. Gmelin's Hand-Book of Chemistry, tr. by Watts, v. 1 to 6, inclusive.

JAMES ANGLIM & Co., 1424 F ST., WASHINGTON, D. C. The Story of Avis, by Miss Phelps.

H. D. CHAPIN, Madison and Dearborn Sts., CHICAGO, Steel engravings of any kind and any size. I want ten thousand of them. State what you have, and price. Subscription works, odd parts or complete sets, unbound, of

any kind, containing steel engravings.

A float and Ashore, Cooper, Townsend's ed., 1859-'60.

Glendenning on the Tonnage of Yachts.

A Summer Cruise on the Coast of New England, by R.

Men of the Times, Routledge, last ed.
W. T. Thornton on Labor.


In answering, please state edition, condition and Physics and Politics. Appletons' Int. Sci. S
Studies in Spectrum Analysis.
The Crayfish.



The Atomic Theory.

Will pay $3 a v.

THOS. W. DURSTON & Co., SYRACUSE, N. Y. Flint's Grasses and Forage Plants. Stowe's History of the Books of the Bible. ERNST & BRILL, ST. JOSEPH, Mo. Culprit Fay, by J. R. Drake.


who had previously commanded her in the Polar Expedition of 1875-6, but who was succeeded by Capt. John Maclear, formerly of the Challenger Exploring Expedition. Dr. Coppinger was the naturalist on board. The greater part of the first two years of the commission was spent among the channels on the western shores of Patagonia. On leaving this coast, the Alert proceeded across the South Pacific, touching at the interesting islands St. Ambrose and Tahiti, as well as at the Union, Fiji, and Tongan groups in the same ocean. Later on, a long stay was made on the eastern and northern coasts of Australia, and also in Torres Straits, where collections were made which have greatly augmented our knowledge of the marine From Port Darwin, on the north-west coast of Australia-a zoology of these coral seas. place which is best known as the terminus of the submarine cable, as well as of the great overland telegraph from South Australia-the Alert proceeded to Singapore, and thence, after refitting to the Amirantes, a group of low coral islets in being completed about the beginning of the the South Indian Ocean, the survey of which past summer, the Alert returned home vid the Cape of Good Hope, reaching the shores of England on the 3d September ult., after an absence of nearly four years. Dr. Coppinger's account, which will be published probably in January next, will be illustrated by a large number of woodcuts from photographs made upon the spot, including several reproductions of curious aboriginal drawings of considerable anthropological interest. The whole work promises to be of high interest and scientific value.

JANSEN, MCCLURG & Co., 117 STATE ST., CHICAGO. Lawrence (Eugene), Historical Studies, 8°. Harpers. Gray (Barry), Married Life at Hillside. Willard, Manual N. A. Birds. Lippincott. Graham, English Synonymes. Appleton. Alfriend, Life Jeff. Davis. Marshall, Federal Constitution. Hedges, Sugat-Cane and its Products. Thompson, Psychology of Criminals. Schmucker, Modern Jews. Russell, Infectious Diseases.

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Would be a Gentleman, by Lover. In the Kitchen.

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Norman Macleod's Scotch Parish.

History of Conscript, by Erckman-Chatrian. Flotsam and Jetsam (poetry), by Wm. Dowett. Ultima Thule, 1880 ed.

Thallassa, Book of Poems.

Early Days of the Mussulman.
Cranford. Cloth.

Woman's Pique, by Mrs. Porter.
Webb on Swimming.

False Heirs, H. S. N., pap.
Brakespeare, H. S. N., pap.
Katie Stewart, Oliphant.

Early Amber Sugar-Cane, by Kenney.
Jas. Gordon's Wife.

W. B. Powell's Canoe Travelling.
Sintram, V. P. ser.

Abridged ed. of Memoirs of St. Simon,
Heidelberg, H. S. N., pap.
John Jerningham's Journal.
Evangeline, by Longfellow, 1847 ed.
Gambler's Wife, H. S. N., pap.
Autobiography of an Actress, by Mrs. Mowatt.
Harper's Magazine, May, 1877.
Popular Monthly, January, 1883.

H. C. GUTHRie, Penn Yan, N. Y.

Transl. of the New Testament from the Syriac version, by Jas. Murdock, D.D., 8°. cl., pub. in 1855 by Stanford & Swords, N. Y. Any later ed. will do.

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The good-will of the above business, together with the remnant of stock saved from my late fire (pianos, organs, sheet-music, music and miscellaneous books, stationery, etc.), and a number of pianos and organs, advantageously rented, is FOR SALE, if applied for before repairs to building are completed and new stock laid in, and building can be rented on reasonable terms and fitted up to suit purchaser. Capital required from $3000 to $5000, though $10,000 can be used to advantage. Satisfactory reasons for selling to applicants who mean business. A Great BARGAIN for some one, as other interests are requiring my immediate attention. T. D. WOODRUFF, Music Dealer and Bookseller, Quincy, Ill.

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Edited by PARKE GODWIN. lished. Cloth, gilt top, $6.


The Poetical Works of William Cullen Bryant.

In 2 vols., square 8vo, uniform with the Biography," just pub

This is a wholly new and exhaustive edition of Bryant's Poetical Works, printed with unusual elegance. It contains: 1. All Mr. Bryant's poems that have hitherto appeared, with his latest corrections. 2. Sixty or more never before collected, including some thirty beautiful hymns, and a companion piece to "Sella" and "The Little People of the Snow.' Copious notes by Parke Godwin, giving various changes in the more important poems, an account of their origin, and other interesting information.


This edition of the Poetical Works of William Cullen Bryant forms Volumes III. and IV. of the elegant library edition of his complete works, now in course of publication. Previously published:


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A Biography of William Cullen Bryant.

With Extracts from his Private Correspondence. By PARKE GODWIN. With two portraits on steel: one from a painting by Morse, taken in 1825; and one from a photograph, taken in 1873. In 2 vols., square 8vo, cloth, gilt top, $6.


Gay's Fables.

FABLES. BY JOHN GAY. With a Memoir by Austin Dobson, and a Portrait etched from an oil-sketch by Sir Godfrey Kneller. 'Parchment Series." Vellum, gilt top, $1.25.



The Parchment Shakspere.

Volume V., containing Richard II.; Henry IV., Part I.; Henry IV., Part II. To be completed in 12 vols. Vellum, gilt top, $1.25 per vol.

The Church-Book.

Hymns and Tunes for the Uses of Christian Worship. Prepared by LEONARd Woolsey Bacon. Large 12mo, cloth, $1.50.


This book is distinguished from others of its class by important characteristics. A description of it, with specimen pages, and with the "Confessions of a Reformed Hymn-and-Tune-Book Maker," will be sent to any address on application.

Correspondence solicited from churches or choirs contemplating the introduction of a new church-book.

Herbert Spencer's Descriptive Sociology.

THE SOCIAL HISTORY OF FRANCE: In which the Elements of French Social Development for Two Thousand Years are classified and tabulated for the most Convenient Study. Forming Part VIII. of "Herbert Spencer's Descriptive Sociology: A Cyclopædia of Social Facts. Representing the Constitution of every Type and Grade of Human Society, Past and Present, Stationary and Progressive." Large folio (double number), $7.

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers, 1, 3, and 5 Bond Street, New York.

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