Explore the Brain for the Soul and Overcome the World: To Conquer the World We Must Explore Beyond the World

AuthorHouse, 2008 - 252 páginas
This book hopes to encourage the reader to: Clear the mind, get rid of presuppositions and prejudices, awaken the soul, prove that God exists, and learn that soul growth is the goal. This is the way to overcome the world. The brain functions much like a group pf computers, but a computer does not have feelings nor does it know right from wrong. All morality and ethics are revealed in God's word. The greatest tragedy and failure of the religious leaders of the last fifty years is that of widespread Biblical Illiteracy. We are now beyond post-modernism. The secular world has pushed us in a counter-counter reformation. The swords of religious liberty are used by non-religious minds against religion. (They support immoral religious leadership, pornography, abortion for all, homosexuality, non-baptized babies go to hell and even worse, Biblical Illiteracy.) Our leaders who have abandoned the proper teaching of the Scriptures have led us into a world of unbelief. One has to know the Scriptures in order to believe them. Vandals publicize more on walls than we do in church. The concept of God's righteousness has become man's ignorance. With ignorance of a subject, there is no way to defend that subject. Ignorance produces more ignorance. It grows like a fungus. The problem is no longer disbelief, but is no belief. Our leaders preach to one another and by so doing support the concept of "Let's just love one another and let the world go to hell." Every leader now knows about Biblical Illiteracy, but it must be at the bottom of their priorities. When Biblical ignorance occurs we become infiltrated with corrupted and heretical beliefs like Calvinism, the way to heaven is to be good-looking and rich, alcoholism is a disease, women can't be ministers, but men ministers can be immoral, and on and on and on. Read the section in this book that shows the true character and heresy of John Calvin. Heresy and ignorance crowds out the eternal. Many people check the questionnaire that they believe in God, but do not know the Biblical God. Understanding the God that described Himself in Exodus 3:14,15 is central to understanding the Christian beliefs. The Bible is not a record of God's Word. It is God's word. The best proof of God is presented in this book. One cannot prove God by words or things; if they try they make God a thing. Dead souls don't produce. With widespread Biblical Illiteracy among Christians there are dead souls somewhere in the process of education. This book reveals what part of man goes to heaven and what part does not. I promise you that you will enjoy and be blessed in following along with me in the search for the soul and thus overcoming the world.

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