The History of England: From the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Death of George the Third, Volumen15


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Página 169 - Tenure whatever, for the unexpired Residue, whatever it may be, of any Term originally created for a Period of not less than...
Página 347 - ... and to take all such measures as may be necessary to disappoint or defeat any enterprises or designs of his enemies, and as the exigencies of affairs may require.
Página 332 - ... such as even the best men of the kingdom had never before the courage to avow. They considered that many of these unhappy creatures, so wretched in themselves, and so productive of mischief to society, had been seduced to vice in their tender years by the perfidious artifice of the other sex, or the violence of unruly passion, before they had acquired experience to guard against the one, or foresight to perceive the fatal consequences of the other: that the jewel, reputation, being thus irretrievably...
Página 347 - ... chargeable on the first aids that should be given in the next session. This produced a bill enabling his majesty to raise the sum of one million, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned, comprehending a clause, allowing the bank of England to advance on the credit of the loan therein mentioned, any sum not exceeding a million notwithstanding the act of the fifth and sixth years in the reign of William and Mary, by which the bank was established.
Página 422 - Ireland to exert their well known zeal and spirit in support of 'his majesty's government, and in defence of all that was dear: to them, by timely preparation to resist and frustrate any attempts of the enemy to disturb the quiet and shake the security of this kingdom: he, therefore, in the strongest manner...
Página 338 - Exert not your curiosity too early : it is in your power to make me grateful on certain terms. I have friends who are faithful ; but they do not bark before they bite.
Página 227 - He, therefore, early next morning, sent his engineer across the river on the opposite side of the fort, to reconnoitre the enemy's intrenchments ; and he reported that the works being still unfinished, might be attempted with a good prospect of success.
Página 100 - That her imperial majesty, the empress-queen, could not, with indifference, see England, instead of giving the succours due to her by the most solemn treaties, enter into an alliance with her enemy the King of Prussia, and actually afford him all manner of assistance, assembling armies to oppose those which the most Christian king, her ally, had sent to her aid, and suffering privateers to exercise open violence...
Página 414 - Boscawen had been stationed off Toulon, and the coast of Vannes was scoured by a small squadron detached from sir Edward Hawke, who had, during the summer, blocked up the harbour of Brest, where Conflans lay with his fleet, in order to be joined by the other divisions of the armament.
Página 346 - ... year ; and to take all such measures as might be necessary to disappoint or defeat any enterprises or designs of his enemies, as the exigency of affairs might require. The committee of supply forthwith granted a very large sum for these purposes, includir,,r +i," Charge of German mercenaries.

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