The Nautical Magazine: A Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected with Maritime Affairs, Volumen12

Brown, Son and Ferguson, 1843

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Página 748 - Regarding the punishment of English criminals, the English Government will enact the laws necessary to attain that end, and the Consul will be empowered to put them in force ; and regarding the punishment of Chinese criminals, these will be tried and punished by their own laws, in the way provided for by the correspondence which took place at Nanking, after the concluding of the peace.
Página 195 - ... at a time and place mentioned in such summons, and to administer to him an oath to testify the truth in such matter ; and if any person so summoned shall, without reasonable excuse, refuse or neglect to appear at the time and place appointed for that purpose, having been paid or tendered...
Página 185 - House" shall mean the master, wardens and assistants of the guild, fraternity, or brotherhood of the most glorious and undivided Trinity and of St. Clement in the Parish of Deptford Strond, in the county of Kent...
Página 195 - Distress itself shall not be deemed unlawful, nor .shall any Party making the same be deemed a Trespasser, on account of any Defect or Want of Form in the Summons', Conviction, Warrant, Distress, or other Proceeding relating thereto, nor shall such Party be deemed a Trespasser ab initio...
Página 748 - Consul will inquire into the merits of the case, and do his utmost to arrange it amicably. In like manner, if a Chinese have reason to complain of a British subject, the Consul shall no less listen to his complaint, and endeavour to settle it in a friendly manner. If disputes take place of such a nature that the Consul cannot arrange them amicably, then he shall request the assistance of...
Página 195 - That no proceeding in pursuance of this Act shall be quashed or vacated for want of form, nor shall the same be removed by certiorari or otherwise into any of the Superior Courts, except as hereinbefore specially provided.
Página 195 - ... shall, by warrant, cause such offender to be committed to gaol, there to remain without bail for any term not exceeding three months, unless such penalty or forfeiture, and costs, be sooner paid and satisfied.
Página 515 - Syrian seas, when the night is so dark as to conceal from view the stars which might direct their course, according to the position of the four cardinal points, take a basin full of water, which they shelter from...
Página 55 - I have the honour to acquaint you, for the information of my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that at 5 o'clock PM on the 6th of August last, in latitude 24° 44...
Página 196 - ... notice in writing of such appeal, stating the nature and grounds thereof, be given to the party against whom the appeal shall be brought, nor unless the appellant forthwith after such notice enter into recognizances, •with two sufficient sureties, before a justice, conditioned duly to prosecute such appeal, and to abide the order of the court thereon.

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