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BERY, at the Bible and Sun in St. Paul's
Church-yard, London.

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1. A


TIANITY, taken from the ancient Prophecies, applied to the most remarkable Events in the Life and Character of Jesus Christ. By the Author of an Argument taken from the Concefsions of the most ancient Adverfaries. Price 5s. bound. .

2. CHRONOLOGICAL Tables of UNIVERSAL HisTORY, Sacred and Profane, Ecclesiastical and Civil, from the Creation of the World, to the Year one Thoufand seven Hundred and Forty-three; with a Preliminary Discourse on the

short Method of studying History, and a Catalogue of Books necessary for that Purpose; with some Remarks on them. By Abbe Lenglet Dufresnoy. In 'two Parts. Translated from the last French Edition, and continued down to the Death of King George II. Price 12s. bound.

3. The EVANGELICAL HISTORY of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, harmonized, explained, and illustrated, with Variety of Notes Practical, Historical, and Critical. To which is fubjoined, an Account of the Propagation of Christianity, and the original Settlements and State of the Church. Together with proper Prefaces, and a compleat Index. The whole dedicated to the Lords Spiritual and Teniporal, and Commons in Parliament assembled. By a Society of Gentlemen,who are greatly alarmned at the prefent shameful Ne-, glect of Religion and Virtue, and earnestly concerned for the Temporal and Eternal Happiness of Mankind, In 2 Vol. Price 8s. bound.

4. The COMPLETE Duty of Man: Or, a Syftem of doctrinal and practical Christianity. To which are added, Forms of Prayer, and Offices of Devotion for the various Circumstances of Life. Designed for the Use of Families. By H. Venn, A. M. Vicar of Huddersfield, in Yorkshire, and late Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge. Price 5s. bound.

5. The


The CHRISTIAN's New-YEAR'S GIFT: Containing a Companion for the Feasts and Fafts of the Church of England; Prayers and Meditations for the Use of the Holy Communions and a Manual of Devotions for the Closet and the Family. By a Clergyman of the Church of England. Price 2s, bound.

6. Reflections on Death. By William Dodd, M. A. Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of St. David's. Price 35. bound.

7. A FAMILIAR EXPLANATION of the Poetical Works of Milton. To which is prefixed, Mr. Addison's Criticism on Paradise Loft

. With a Preface by the Rev. Mr. Dodd. Price 25. 6d. bound.

8. The English Works of Roger Afcham, Preceptor to Queen Elizabeth : Containing, 1. A Report of the Affairs of Germany, and the Emperor Charles's Court. 2. Toxophilus, or the School of Shouting. 3. The Schoolmaster, or perfect Way of bringing up Youth, illustrated by the late learned Mr. Upton. 4. Letters to Queen Elizabeth and others, now first publithed from the Manuscripts, with Notes and Observations, and the Author's Life. By James Bennet, Master of the Boarding School at Hoddesdon in. Hertfordshire. Price 10s. 6d. sewed in 4to.

9. The Law of NATIONS; or Principles of the Law of Nature, applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns. By M. de Vattel. A Work tending to display the true Interest of Powers. In one Vol. 4to. Price 12s. bound.

10. PHILOSOPHIA BRITANNICA: Or, A new and Comprehensive System of the Newtonian Philosophy, Astronomy and Geography, in a Course of twelve Lectures with Notes : Containing the Physical, Mechanical, Geometrical, and Experimental Proofs and Illustrations of natural Science. Also a particular Account of the Invention, Structure, Improvement, and Uses of all the considerable Instruments, Engines, and Machines ; with new Calculations relating to their Nature, Power, and Operation. The whole collected and methodized



from all the principal Authors, and public Memoirs, to the present Year. By B. Martin. The second Edition. In 3 Vol. Price 18s, bound.

II. New PRINCIPLES of GEOGRAPHY and NAVI QATION. In two Parts. Part I. Containing the Theory of the true Figure and Dimensions of the Earth, deduced from actual Mensuration, and applied to a just Construction of Maps and Charts for Land and Sea Vse, exemplified in a new Geographical Chart for Europe and a large Sen Chart to seventy Degrees of Latitude. Part II. Containing a Table of Meridional Parts, calculated for the Spheroid to every Minute of Latitude, from the Measure of a Degree at the Equator. Also new Astronomical Principles of Navigation. By Benjamin Martin. Price 1os. 6d. half bound.

12. Lingua Britannica Reformata : Or, A new Universal Dictionary, under the following Titles: 1. Universal; containing a Definition and Explication of all the Words now used in the English Tongue, in every Art, Science, Faculty, or 'I rade. 2. Etymologi

. cal; exhibiting and explaining the true Etymon, or, original of Words from their respective Mother Tongues, the Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Saxon; and their Idioms, the French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, &c. 3. Orthographical ; teaching the true and rational Method of writing Words, according to the Usage of the most approved modern Authors. 4. Orthoepical ; directing the true Pronunciation of Words by single and double Accents, and by indicating the Number of Syllables in Words where they are doubtful, by a numerical Figure. 5. Diacritical ; enumerating the various Significations of Words in a proper Order, viz. Etymological, common, figurative, poetical, humorous, technical, &c. in a Manner not before attempted. 6. Philological ; explaining all the Words and Terms, according to the modern Improvements, in the various Philological Sciences, viz. Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Metaphysics, Mythology, Theology, Ethics, &c. 7. Mathematical ; not only explaining all

the 2.

the Words in Arithmetic, Algebra, Logarithms, Fluxe ons, Geometry, Conics, Dialling, Navigation, &c. according to the modern Newtonian Mathefis ; but the Terms of Art are illuftrated by proper Examples and Copper-plate Figures. 8. Philofophical ; explaining all Words and Terms in Astronomy, Geograpy, Optics, Hydrostatics, Acaustics, Mechanics, Perspective, &c. according to the latest Discoveries and Improvements in this part of Literature. By Benjamin Martin. The second Edition, greatly improved and augmented. Price 6s, bound.

13. A New and Accurate SYSTEM of NATURAL HISTORY: Containing, 1. The History of Quadrupedes, including amphibious Animals, Frogs and Lizards, with their Properties and Uses in Medicine. The History of Birds, with the Method of bringing up those of the singing Kind. 3. The History of Fishes and Serpents, including Sea-Turtles, Crustaceous and Shell-fishes, with their Medicinal Uses. 4. The Hif. tory of Insects with their Properties and Uses in Medicine. 5. The History of Waters, Earths, Stones, Foffits, and Minerals, with their Virtues, Properties, and medicinal Uses : To which is added, the Method in which Linnæus has treated these Subjects. 6. The History of Vegetables, as well Foreign as Indigenous, including an Account of the Roots, Barks, Woods, Leaves, Flowers, Fruits, Seeds, Resins, Gums, and concreted Juices; as also their Properties, Virtues and Uses in Medicine : Together with the Method of cultivating those planted in Gardens. By R. Brookes, M. D. In 6 Vol. Price 18s. sewed, or 11. 1s. bound.

14. The GENERAL GAZETTEER: Or, Compendious Geographical Dictionary ; Containing a Defcription of all the Empires, Kingdoms, States, Republics, Provinces, Cities, Chief Towns, Fortrefles, Castles, Citadels, Seas, Harbours, Bays, Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Capes, and Promontorics in the known World ; together with the Government, Policy, Cuftoms, Manners, and the Religion of the inhabitants. The Extent, Bounds,


and natural Productions of each Country: And the Trade, Manufactures and Curiosities of the Cities and Towns; their Longitude, Latitude, Bearing and Distances in English Miles from remarkable Places; as also the Sieges they have undergone, and the Battles that have been fought near them, down to this present Year. Including an authentic Account of the Counties, Cities and Market-Towns in England and Wales; as also the Villages, with Fairs, the Days on which they are kept, according to the New Style; - as well as the Cattle, Goods, and Merchandizes that are sold thereat. By R. Brookes, M. D. Price 6s. bound.

15. A GENERAL HISTORY of the WORLD, from the Creation to the present Time. Including all the Empires, Kingdoms, and States; their Revolutions, Forms of Government, Laws, Religions, Customs, and Manners; the Progress of their Learning, Arts, Sciences, Commerce and Trade; together with their Chronology, Antiquities, public Buildings, and Curiofities of Nature and Art. By William Guthrie, Efq; John Gray, Esq; and others eminent in this Branch of Literature. In 12 Vol. 8vo. at 55. each, in boards.

16. The STUDENT, or the Oxford and Cambridge Monthly Miscellany. 2 Vol. 8vo. Price 125. bound.

17. Thoughts of CICERO, on the following Subjects, viz. 1. Religion. 2. Man. 3. Conscience. 4. The Pallions. 5. Wisdom. 6. Probity. 7. Eloquence. 8. Friendship. 9. Old Age. 10. Death. II. Scipio's Dream. 12. Miscellaneous Thoughts, First published in Latin and French by the Abbe d'Olivet, and now translated into English, with Notes. Price 25. 6d. bound.

18. An HISTORY OF ENGLAND, in a Series of Letters from a Nobleman to his Son. In 2 Vol. Price 6s. bound.

19. The Idler. By the Author of the Rambler. In 2 Vol. Price 6s. bound.


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