Punch, Volúmenes34-35

Punch Publications Limited, 1858

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un giornale con belle immagini satiriche

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Página 56 - Any Person who shall wilfully and falsely pretend to be or take or use the Name or Title of a Physician, Doctor of Medicine, Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine, Surgeon, General Practitioner or Apothecary, or any Name, Title, Addition, or Description implying that he is registered under this Act...
Página 95 - How fleet is a glance of the mind ! Compared with the speed of its flight, The tempest itself lags behind, And the swift-winged arrows of light. When I think of my own native land, In a moment I seem to be there; But alas! recollection at hand Soon hurries me back to despair.
Página 22 - Strew not on the hero's hearse Garlands of a herald's verse : Let us hear no words of Fame Sounding loud a deathless name : Tell us of no vauntful Glory Shouting forth her haughty story. All life long his homage rose To far other shrine than those.
Página 68 - Before her, fancy's gilded clouds decay, And all its varying rainbows die away. Wit shoots in vain its momentary fires. The meteor drops, and in a flash expires. As one by one, at dread Medea's strain, The sickening stars fade off the ethereal plain; As Argus
Página 188 - ... tea, inhaling through a short pipe the fragrant tobacco of Japan, he resigns himself to the ministrations of a bevy of fair damsels, who glide rapidly and noiselessly about, the most zealous and skilful of attendants.
Página 153 - Encumber the Earth is JOHN CHINAMAN. Sing YEH, my cruel JOHN CHINAMAN, Sing Yeo, my stubborn JOHN CHINAMAN; Not COBDEN himself can take off the ban By humanity laid on JOHN CHINAMAN. With their little pig-eyes and their large pig-tails. And their diet of rats, dogs, slugs, and snails, All seems to be game in the frying-pan Of that nasty feeder, JOHN CHINAMAN. Sing lie-tea, my sly JOHN CHINAMAN, No fightee, my coward JOHN CHINAMAN; JOHN BULL has a chance — let him, if he can, Somewhat open the eyes...
Página 223 - ... in a period of what we are assured by the honourable mover of the Address is one of profound peace. My second resolution — of course I am not pretending to give the language I shall lay upon the table of the House — will be, that the House should express its opinion that the settlement of 1853 of the right honourable gentleman the Member for the University of Oxford should in spirit be adhered to.
Página 131 - One philanthropist builds a fever hospital, another drains a town. One crimepreventer trains the boy, another hangs the man. One statesman would raise money by augmenting a duty, or by a direct tax, and finds the revenue not increased in the expected ratio. Another diminishes a tax, or abolishes a duty, and through foreseen consequences the revenue is improved.

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