eleventh annual report of the bureau of civil service

1905/06 includes also "Appendix...containing laws relating to the Philippine civil service, civil service rules, examination repuirements...opinions of the attorney-general, resolutions of the Philippine commission, statistics of examinations and appointments. Bureau of insular affairs, War Dept. Washington, 1907."

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Página 29 - No officer in any branch of the public service, or any other person whose salary, pay, or emoluments are fixed by law or regulations, shall receive any additional pay, extra allowance, or compensation in any form whatever for the disbursement of public money, or for any other service or duty whatever, unless the same is authorized by law, and the appropriation therefor explicitly states that it is for such additional pay, extra allowance, or compensation...
Página 49 - No officer or employee of the United States mentioned in this act shall discharge, or promote, or degrade, or in [any] manner change the official rank or compensation of any other officer or employee, or promise or threaten so to do, for giving or withholding or neglecting to make any contribution of money or other valuable thing for any political purpose.
Página 38 - ... who is physically so disabled as to be rendered unfit for the performance of the duties of the position to which he seeks appointment...
Página 30 - ... board. SEC. 3. The public good requiring the speedy enactment of this bill, the passage of the same is hereby expedited in accordance with section two of "An act prescribing the order of procedure by the Commission in the enactment of laws, passed September twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred.
Página 39 - The duties performed by members of examining committees and special examiners shall be considered part of the duties of the office in which they are serving, and time shall be allowed for the performance of such duties during the office hours of said office.
Página 20 - For the preparation and holding in Manila and in the provinces of open competitive examinations of a practical character for testing the fitness of applicants for appointment to the classified service, and for the preparation and the holding of examinations in the United States under the auspices of the United States Civil Service Commission.
Página 29 - No allowance or compensation shall be made to any officer or clerk, by reason of the discharge of duties which belong to any other officer or clerk in the same or any other Department ; and no allowance or compensation shall be made for any extra services whatever, which any officer or clerk may be required to perform, unless expressly authorized by law.
Página 22 - ... and of the date thereof, and a record of the same shall be kept by said commission.
Página 24 - I, , solemnly swear (or affirm) that I recognize and accept the supreme authority of the United States of America in the Philippine Islands and will maintain true faith and allegiance thereto; that I impose upon myself this obligation voluntarily without mental reservation or purpose of evasion. So help me God.
Página 40 - That certification for temporary appointment shall not be counted as one of the three certifications to which an eligible is entitled : And provided further, That whenever the request for certification, or any law, rule, or regulation, shall call for persons of one sex, those of that sex shall be certified ; otherwise sex shall be disregarded in certification.

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