Right at Last: And Other Tales

Harper & brothers, 1860 - 305 páginas

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Página 142 - Cousin Manasseh! Cousin Manasseh! " cried Lois after him, as he was leaving the room,'' come back. I cannot put it in strong enough words. Manasseh, there is no power in heaven or earth that can make me love thee enough to marry thee, or to wed thee without such love. And this I say solemnly, because it is better that this should end at once." For a moment he was staggered : then he lifted up his hands and said : " God forgive thee thy blasphemy! Remember Hazael, who said, ' Is thy servant a dog,...
Página 237 - ... humbly requested the merciful God would pardon whatsoever sin, error, or mistake was in the application of justice, through our merciful High Priest, who knoweth how to have compassion on the ignorant, and those that are out of the way." He also said that Prudence Hickson — now woman grown — had made a most touching and pungent declaration of sorrow and repentance before the whole church, for the false and mistaken testimony she had given in several instances, among which ehe particularly...
Página 200 - At one time they would bark like dogs, at another purr like cats; yea, they would fly like geese, and be carried with an incredible swiftness, having but just their toes now and then upon the ground, sometimes not once in twenty feet, and their arms waved like those of a bird.

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